Sixtieth-Ninth English Quote:


Coming through the night

windows are opened,

now it’s time thinking of you

and you never know what

is life all about.


It is hard to open the issue

whenever there’s nothing

to explain,

and all it is about

the music.


Maybe I haven’t get

a chance to eat,

coming through again

from the night windows,

it is not my choice

to get something.


It is really hard to

cope in the lessons

whenever I am not running

in the fields

filled with full of hope and faith,

and there is nothing

you can be a whirlwind

in your life.


It is over all again

that spends our time

when I swallow the

whole pride I have,

now go and leave me,

this has nothing to do with you.


Seventieth English Quote:


Changing me

if you want to erase me,

falling me

if you want to keep me,

then I think about myself

if I can survive through

all of these.


I am flying,

I am swimming,

I am diving in the air,

so you can catch me

if you fall in love again.


No more hard feelings,

no more crying

like a rain falling apart,

then you trust me

if you ever need me

to your life.


Don’t come out yet,

don’t go near me,

then you should know

that I am hard to get to you.


When I salute you,

when you remember me,

you should carry my name

forever and everywhere.


Then I go to sleep

if you can’t pretend

to be no one

if you fall in love

to me again and again.




It was seven months old already that I have ever written this kind of quote poems I listed down. Well in the first place, why quote-poems? Quotes, according to the dictionary, (1) is to repeat a passage, phrase, etc. or (2) to enclose the quotation marks. But quotes from writers, inspiration, or other aspects in life sometimes as differ to write down as of the quotation marks. Whenever I get a chance writing down on my own version, sometimes it feels like I am different from the rest of the human society. I hear some from the artists, poets, writers and many others to mention. But what I like the mostly is writing down in the very-long paragraph as if I am telling the quote in a manner way of thinking and paraphrasing the words together. Somehow it’s exquisite to many of us, few among to believers is a common term to hear. But I realize the more I write is differing another example of literature. Literature amongst ourselves sometimes needs to understand and to realize how the world needs the language itself. Each nation has one language or sometimes as many of cultural languages. Aside from being having that, poems, maybe songs or other literary may combine a look-a-like quote poems. You might not consider me as a new age of generation poets. But I am willing to open a new generation. And I really like writing down as if there are my own writings of diversion of literature.


The sixtieth-ninth English quote poem discloses a new emotional feelings. But to considering of that sometimes takes places. And places sometimes never exists or exists in real life. Maybe a little non-fiction or fiction I have saying of it. The question there in the quote poem really takes time and place. And the answer somehow is losing in the battlefield. What you don’t know in the story is about the soldier. And the soldier finds no places to hide. In span of five years, he struggles and survives of mishap events. Then a young lady saw a dying soldier trying need for a help. The family of a young lady took him under their care inside their home. She found him  25 miles northeast where he lost in his way as a soldier. Two weeks have passed, the soldier was cured and already have had motion to move. Then the soldier wanted to marry the young lady in her age of 18. But the family refused his offering. Instead he left. He struggled and survived again. Somehow the family were that not generous. About a month later on, they found him lying in the ground filled of smelly clothes in the road where a flock of sheep roamed him. Little they knew, the soldier in the end married the young lady in her certain age and accepted the fact he found his adventures with the young lady he loved.


And lastly the seventieth English quote poem is about the young man’s fate. He always want to be a poet or a writer. But on the negative side, his emotional feelings began to blur. Somehow, he didn’t react the way he always wanted to receive. Anyway, this quote poem is different the rest I have written before. It is much of painful, regretful and a lot deceitful quote poem I have ever written. Well of course, this young man is very timid towards of his actions. And his actions sometimes delivers the wrong perception of his life. Fate that is called sometimes takes place of being responsible and discipline, but he lacks of his standard traits. He was stubborn and hard-to-get coping of his problems. Sometimes, he always want to get what is best for him getting the girl he love. But the girl’s family is refusing him because of being irresponsible in his life. He also refuses what the girl’s family wants him to change. He was also a hard-to-get hard-shelled man. Full of regrets, full of undisciplined actions and full of inattention are his traits. Somehow this young man wants marrying he always get. But the other side, this young lady is considering his actions. She learn how to understand, care and respect of his feelings. Both of them are like a repelling magnet as if they are not meant to be each other. Well of course, I am also aware in the human society happens in this kind of situation. But considering the fact I don’t know all of them sometimes takes place receiving a good points of your life.


I suppose that this won’t be the last English quote poems I write about. When it closes to a maximum of a hundred quote poems, then it is considering I am already thinking at the back of my head making them into a compilation into a book. And there is no the fact I am stopping here because I still am improving the way how I write, where to write, when to publish and what to achieve the challenges someday.