Britney Spears was also known as the Princess of Pop before during my time. Although some of her songs I’ve always listened to, she reminded me as my childhood days. Just because I mention her, it is because about what I know about her. Britney Jean Spears or also known as Britney Spears, was one of my favorite artists before. I have had a music tapes that I bought from a music store legally. Unlike to some broke illegal vendors, they are really pissed off the image of some artists who are trying to sell their music products. People like them are called plagiarism or also known as the fake vendors, or in short, pirated vendors.


She started in the Mickey Mouse club before in Walt Disney. Although I may sound I know her, it’s just a little information I get from her. Britney was already in the year that I was also born. Both of us are in the Year of the Rooster, and count the years if you are correct. I was in the zodiac sign of between Pisces and Aquarius and she was in Sagittarius. A lot of people really don’t care of the superstition stuff. Because in my opinion, they are my illegally beliefs of being superstitious.


Despite of her hiatus because of her marriage and the kids she conceived were her priorities being as the young mother. But I have seen the worst when she delivered like Madonna and Janet Jackson. That was her huge inspirations she was looking after them. Maybe I didn’t know in the first place were being politely asking the same matters.


Her songs in her first album Baby One More Time was released in 1999. The gap of those years were also the same for N’Sync, Back Street Boys, All-4-One, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, Boyzone, Westlife and some to mention boy-band and girl-band were introduced in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Her first single Baby One More Time gave her breakthrough in the music industry. And so the other songs also that I loved to hear such as (You Drive Me) Crazy, Sometimes, Born To Be Make You Happy, From the Bottom of my Heart and The Beats Goes On. I loved hearing her songs and driving me nuts as if I wildly danced all night long before. But to tell you the truth, I really loved her as an artist.


Then the next album she release was Oops! I Did It Again that released in the year of 2000. Her pop-beat dance song Oops! I Did It Again was all-time dance song I’ve ever listened back before. It repeatedly played in my cassette player. So much I realized that the music generation really achieved something. But insanely to tell you the truth, her other to-hit songs was also here such as Stronger, Lucky and Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know. Four of her songs went in my top list. But I didn’t remember in the past if she made it to the top number 1. Maybe so or maybe not, I just don’t know the answer.


Her third studio album Britney came in the year of 2001, two years before my college graduation. And I remembered the time Destiny’s Child was also in the top list in videos and billboard. Every song counted in was a competition between Beyonce, Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera. Christina Aguilera was her friend she used to be with back of the old days in Mickey Mouse Club. What I have had seen it before, it was the year that I really loved that year. Her most top hits was I’m a Slave 4 U, Boys, Anticipating and I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman. I defined her as the goddess of pop music. Well you don’t want to be judge anyway as I would love to be a music judge. And it was the year that American Idol introduced in the television series. What can I do if I remember those music industry? I just love to hear their soulful and sometimes a joyful singing voice.


The funny thing I remembered about Britney Spears was kissing a fellow and old musician Madonna in one of the famous awarding ceremony. It was the act. That was the time I firstly heard the single Me Against The Music that she was paired with Madonna in a music video. That song was the first released from her fourth studio album In The Zone. And the controversy music video song she released Toxic came through back of my head. I didn’t know why I gave her this song she sang was very controversy. It was all about the nudity she claimed for her fourth studio album. Hopefully I wasn’t able seeing her loud voice singing to my back of my head. One of her songs was very one of the huge controversies I have ever heard was Touch of My Hand. It had a meaning as masturbating. Oh no, there goes a mind blacking out of my back of my mind telling not recreating something very awful that I heard. Anyway, it was a word.


Then her history was already over. Her hiatus became dropping her fame so fast. Being despite she married to her childhood friend came to her music fame as a dead artist. Then later, she divorced her husband after 55 hours. Hmm…that was so fast for two days and seven hours of marriage. Was she out of her mind? Maybe so or maybe she doesn’t cared of her music fame. Then came along the name of Kevin Federline. She married him and conceived two children. Then again later, she pulled out of her wedding ring and just said, “this is over.” Maybe she didn’t give the world knowing and understanding her music fame. Anyway back to the topic I was saying, her fifth studio album Blackout carried a little of curiosity and anxiety of all her fans was. And I remembered during the year 2007 was a disastrous to me. Even so, it was chaotic to me. Two of her songs went top-hits such as Gimme More and Radar. Those were the two songs I watched in the music videos before. Well it doesn’t surprisingly that she appeared so late in her life.


Her sixth studio album Circus gave her another breakthrough despite having another music video controversy again that was released in November 2008. It was the Womanizer music video gave critics knowing she was too hot knowing as the next Madonna as I presumed. Her two other songs Circus and If U Seek Amy also gave a top-hit songs. But I guessed her songs were not the same Britney I knew before. I know her because of the type of pop music. And it was because of all the hiatus being as a mother and a critically-acclaimed status during those years.


And the seventh studio album Femme Fatale was released two years ago, 2011. And it was the only song I remembered was Criminal, also one of her critically-acclaimed controversy. Even so, maybe Britney that I know now is already dead for me. She is all over the Philippine news. Maybe I am wrong if you might correcting me, (if you mind), but the thing is Britney not the same anymore. I still consider her as one of my favorite artist until now together with Back Street Boys and other boy-band hiatus. And the funny thing in this generation I hear about some of the songs, it is because of the korean pop invasion songs. Before, the boy-band and girl-band material is already taking over the American airwaves and also here in the Philippines airwaves. The korean pop invasion songs are similar in American airwaves. At the back of my head, Koreans are more like Americans. Don’t judge me yet, this is only the article but I am so sorry bringing up this issue. But I also love other Korean pop invasion songs. The girl-band Korean groups I’ve really like are Girls’ Generation and 2NE1. Not to mention I also like Park Shin Hye. To tell you the truth, it’s all about the music I’ve really like. And the last thing you have to know why I am writing some of my articles of What I know about…(Unnamed Artist), it is all because I love to write about them I know. It’s not that I judge them, but to hear properly some of the good stories they have and not the bad stories. Artists are also humans just like us as the part of the human society.