Love that let it go everywhere

only one true love

verifies the meaning of every human,

each love can take its place of a man.


Except for one thing, it’s the dove

xerox my true love that can truly be only there,

it is mine and only daylight

soars in every form of human nature,

then it hurts me like a fracture

since it can be a letter to be a wright.


In one of my everyday

nothing can never cites what I am going to be like.


Each love has a form and sometimes ride a bike,

vain is another term of what I am going to say,

everyone is looking a sun

rather saying a lot of things that can be look like your son

yet better to be a confident.


All Sundays are quite that quiet and simple

not a single word,

dreams like a knight sometimes pull a sword.


Excite me, my love, but I have a pimple

all you are thinking just like a dent,

cherish my heart,

how could you go wrong the love is not abuse.


For all the days I have been thinking

only letters I’m only writing before it’s no longer use and sinking

remember the day that you refuse

might be a chance I will draw you in art.


One heart, one love, one decision, one day

forces you dancing me for you to sway.


Live like a princess,

it only brings a night looking for a moon

forever might be loving you in the time of noon

each love has remain like a priceless.


Together with me, together with you

how many days can pass

all the moment that can be like a class

then it might like a prince thou.


Can you hold me, can you breath, can you achieve

all that it matters,

never create a sin that I take you in the night of eve.


Love can take one moment and one life that shatters

one great world to look for

viewing the options or

each time we stumble, we fight

dreams are always seen for a sight.


One true love and only a love can move

not a single one of my words to listen

each and every time I’ve always been loving you for real.


All days are out when you remove

not a single dent that can be tighten,

on a special occasion that surreal

ten times of every hearts go out,

how our two worlds collide and combine into three

each time I hold like yours thee

remember the day we always love and shout.




“Love always mention in each and every kind of shapes. Sometimes in each night we are always loving, we always look for a brighter chances in our lives.”


This is my second sonnet I am writing about the love for the second Sunday Sonnet. And it’s the Valentines of the month. I always get inspire each time I hold my nose to breathe. But somehow I always get a chance again to write one of my best written notes. Well it’s not perfect, but sometimes I always look for a brighter sonnets in the future.


This one sonnet I have been writing and bringing to you is all the best I can do. But remember, this comes with a little credentials I have make. When you are making the best you can make sometimes takes years to practice a better ones. But when I decide that I am going to add. It’s just a matter of what I have say. And the catch sentence for a Sunday Sonnet II is, “Love exists in every and each form of life that can be loved one another.” I take each letter in each line of every paragraph. That is one big example I create a long time ago. For almost 14 years and 2 months I have been doing this and I love doing this.