Happy Walk is starting soon on February 24, 13 days remaining to be exact. And I’m bringing to another social active of my site. And hopefully something will change soon. Let me explain about this. About a year ago, it was so hard to find an organization that was exactly can suit for me. If you haven’t notice what you are reading, it’s just me. I have curious case and it wasn’t so serious about it. But according in life, we are also humans. And humans are sometimes special. And that being having special is what we called born is disability. I have Down syndrome as I have saying this all over time I want it to say. I am bored for sometimes I can’t do anything really special. But being having special sometimes takes me to another level. And that level of course is where I am belong. I’m not belong some people really don’t care about us. But you know me better not to be judging about us.


I am born in this world not knowing more about me. It is about the people and the special people with special needs. Special children and special adults with special needs sometimes takes time to heal around the society and to accept the fact we are also humans. And dearly, I am beginning to understand the word, the life. Life has different stages. And stages we are speaking about is the human evolution. Let me give you examples:


1. Baby / toddlers stage


When babies are born in this world, we decide to put them with care, understand, love and sincerity. Caring them is one we look challenges as you are being as a parent. Understand them is one we have to know them better as a baby or a toddler.


In this world, I am born in the world not knowing I can’t walk or talk at the age of 2 years. My parents have said that to me when I was in high school up to now. Well, they decided visiting the doctor what was really happening about me. And dearly that year 1983, the hospitals before were not that as an advanced hospitals back then. Well, of course, in this present times, we always look our children growing up with care and understand. Love and sincere is also the elements that we have to look our babies or toddlers. And I can’t remembered everything when I was young baby. So sometimes, I try asking my parents what my life is really about before.


2. Growing child stage (4-12)


As a parent, we always make proud them as we always want for the best. But sometimes, when we are mad, we blame the children for their own mistakes not doing again. As for the special conditions for the special child, we put them in sincere, love, care and understand. We always bring unconditional love for them.


I always asked myself for some reasons why I couldn’t remembered the things in my life back before. It was dark, mushed and pitched-black. Maybe it tells me not to look after my past, but to move forward positively. My family and I used traveling when I was a child. We often went to Los Angeles, Calgary, Vancouver and some places visited in North America. The only I remembered was the People Power during President Ferdinand Marcos was stepping down during the month I was celebrating. One week after, it was really historical. One event after event came forward. And for somehow reasons why, one happiness event I couldn’t remembered anything. It was really pitched-black at the back of my mind. According from my sisters and my parents, they really loved me as they were really comforting me that much. I sometimes gave a look for them as if they wanted to give me something. But I didn’t receive anything. Instead, I have received their unconditional love, sincere, care and understanding. It was the best I could received before.


Around when I was 12 years old, it was the during the age stage of my life I could remembered some of the things I was doing. Back before, I was wearing an eyeglasses with my pants up in my tummy. For somehow, I really looked like a nerd. Going to the school everyday, my classmates always teased me a lot what I was wearing about. And the school children also looked at me. It was a feeling that I was a star in the school. That was during my 4th grade. And my classmates always told me that I was always a mischief kid back then. I have used to play around the classroom. Listening was somehow my distraction. Maybe at home when I was young, the people around me used seeing me always happy as I always visited my father’s work. And that time, my father’s work was 2 minutes walk away from our home. It was really that close. It was just that in front of our house.


When you realized something different to your special child, you sometimes thought what you could bringing up the special child under your care. In my age before, I stopped, looked, listened, played and sometimes horsed around of the house. Yes, life before was really about the happiness. And sometimes happiness broke when I was given punishment. And that punishment sometimes healed me through the years. I’ve used to have tantrums before. And one tantrum I didn’t remembered when I was still a child.


3. Teenage stage(13-19)


Growing up a teenager in your house sometimes have had their own world. This is what we called adolescence. And adolescence sometimes takes time of being having responsibility and discipline under your care, supervision and understanding. Supervising them as you always want to guide them with good manners. Sometimes I have used following my parents’ orders. I brought a lot of issues before when I was still a teenager because sometimes in life took place knowing your life before. You saw your child going to their room and sometimes didn’t want to open conversation with you. Because you always do something busy in your life.

gothic girl


Well, in that case, I share something about from me. I’ve used fighting with bullies before but we ended as good friends as well. My parents was always going up to my school from Quezon City where they were working. And my school was in Antipolo. Whenever there was a reason going up, sometimes there was an issue about me and my involved classmate’s parents. I didn’t remember anything really before. Sometimes, I always took up studying as a not-serious education for me. But well, I continued my life was something different from all the children.


And there it was one event in my school, that was during my sophomore year (second-year high school). During the recess before our subject Biology started, I was happy that day. As our Biology teacher came inside the classroom, she discussed about the genetics. And during that an hour class, she pointed me to stand up. She have asked me something about the genetics, for some reasons why, maybe I was scolded. Instead, she asked me, “Well, did you know you have Down syndrome?” All of my classmates looked at me and stared as if I knew something about me. Well, some of them really knew about me, but not all took seriously looking at me. One of my classmate was always have a paper, a pencil and an marker making something to draw. He was an comic artist as I could looked at him. Then I answered, “No, ma’am, I don’t know.” Then she asked me to sit down. Then the rest of an hour discussion of Down syndrome made me mysteriously. What was Down syndrome really about and took place on me? Was she talking about if I knew coming from my parents? Did my siblings know about this? What about my relatives? Do they know about me? I asked too many questions in myself. So upon I rode a car inside with my bags inside the trunk, the driver and I never talked about myself. It was clearly that I have my own mind thinking the way teenagers thought about. I waited patiently that afternoon  waiting for my sisters to ride in the car. Then at the moment, they rode in the car after minutes the school bell in Assumption Antipolo rang. At night we came and the dinner was over. I went to my parents’ room and asked them if they knew about the Down syndrome stuff. Then the rest followed at the end of the day.


I have a questions about me, for somehow reasons the answers are not meant to be answer. So in the long run of my life after so many years, it finally answers to my questions. Being despite having with Down syndrome doesn’t mean you have to stop and quit your battles right now. You have to fight along with your dreams to your special child. And sometimes dreams could happen after he or she grows up well knowing about his or her self about the conditions. Also being having with disability also don’t make you have to stop. Keep dreaming. And sometimes dreams always build on their own decisions and chances to grow potentially.

4. Adult stage (20-59)


Sometimes in life, some children quit at the prime time in their lives and look already for a job to help family’s needs. I see some of the teenagers right now in their lives. Somehow, why they are quitting and looking on their own lives? And some others are looking to get married right after their high school and settle their own family. I am still single and proud what I have now. If I may looking for a partner, time will come. Some others are still in their prime time who are looking for their career. They are taking up what they have in their dreams. Some dreams are always there, and some others are not meant for you.


Back to the topics I am telling about, special children are no longer to be called. They are now consider as special adults as I am now. I’m already three decades old and counting. I am still waiting when I can prove I can live on my own self. But it considers that I am still living under my parents’ house. Somehow, I provide some of the things can be buy in the house, and they return something for my financial benefits. Well not anything can be buy for your special adults. And I miss so much of my childhood friends during my elementary days. Well, some cases like I do have difficult finding a perfect job. Instead I work on my money to grow. For somehow, I realize in the long-run is something have to be exchange. My parents are already in their age for their retirement work. And I don’t have stable financial income and beneficial needs. I always look up from my parents. Sometimes, I have considering to look after myself.


Many of you might be shocking reading my article. Well of course, anyone does making on their lives. At the age after their college, they are really looking for the job need for their own income sometimes to help family’s needs or need to build your stable financial. I find difficult in each and every form of shape in life. Well, it’s not easy or difficult to find a job, but you have to keep dreaming your best to be best dreams.


5. Retirement age (60+)


This is a bonus stage for everyone who gets old. The more years has to stay, the better it stays in your age. Well not everyone I know are already in the heaven, but some of few I know. I hope I will get old too if I can make it and also have children on my own. One of my relative in Bay, Laguna has also Down syndrome in my father’s side to his mother’s side. I mean my grandmother’s relatives. And somehow I want to help him, it’s just something I can help for return. Because in the world needs help from your hands.


I am not that old yet, I am still young and single. I am three decades old already. As a matter of fact, I am enjoying the stage I am now. I am doing whatever it supposes to be enjoying. Writing a lot, doing a lot and sometimes, take time being having responsibility and discipline. Despite my case is not seriously have illness, I wish it won’t happen for me having an illness. If it happens, I won’t get old. In the world with hopes and wishes sometimes it takes your time to understand the situation of your special adult or special children that was. I knew one person when I was still training hoping to be better in training sessions to be better call center agent. Why I enter in training session to become call center agent? Simple. I won’t work enough for a serious condition I have. Barely I can keep myself healthy in a way of living life. I want to improve more better than anybody could achieve. People like us sometimes takes years to understand the situation we have.


These are five of human evolution. For somehow, I want something that can relate for something to understand. I always write about literature, sports, entertainment and sometimes, education, and among others. This is much different article I write about. If I may bring up something to be discuss, it would be hard for me write about anything. So instead, I follow my instincts what I should have to write. People are who looking something to be different, try anything that could be possible. Blessings sometimes takes time in a day, month or a year to come. It does have a different shapes. But not along with the knowledge I have. Because this is what I have in my knowledge and I decide something to have sharing you about I have.