I am not a parent although I am already three decades old. But to tell you the truth, being despite having with Down syndrome in my life is not an issue. I have hard decisions to make, but sometimes I look forward to be better person the outcome I am. Here are some my issues whether you have encounter this already in your special child.

1. Hard to break the tantrums issues.


Yes, this is a little expected issue for me. When I was a child, I always wanted for my parents to have attention for me. I have two older sisters and a younger sister before our younger brother is born. Well, to tell you honestly, my parents were too worrying about me how I would be become better person inside and out. I always have had a tantrums before. When I saw something I really wanted, my parents sometimes punished for some reasons why. But throughout my years, when I became an adult already and have had having a little problem about the tantrums. Even before when I was around 23 or 24, I became more impatient and immature. And my older sisters always told me that I have to grow up even my parents were not here all the time.


How can I cope with the tantrum issues?


In my matured age today does completely me change so fast. Yes, I am turning 32 next week. But the deep inside of my heart, I have always tell myself that I don’t have worrying myself anymore. Because I change in times of maturity age and to become responsibility. Being responsibility in your special child takes years to practice to him or herself. For example, if I want something really bad to buy, I can wait and earn it from my money. I really don’t look anymore to my parents as an issue. And I’ve already surpassing the age that I don’t do tantrums anymore.


How do I overcome the tantrum issues?


When I start looking for a partner, or somehow I begin to realize that I am getting older. Other people the way they see me, they intend to look you if you are responsible enough. And yes, I already overcome the tantrums already when I know that it is more immaturely and irresponsible. Being as a disciplined and responsible special adult I am today, I always look to a brighter issues. Particularly, the positivity makes me that I am happy.

2. Hard to break the crying issues.


There is always an issue about this problems. When your child is always crying, he or she needs your attention to help him or her. For example, when your special child doesn’t want to go to the school. There’s a reason an issue going on. Talk to the teacher or the guidance counselor. Or better yet talk to your pediatrician doctor. When I was a teenager, my parents always wanted me to change. They needed me going to the doctor, possibly the psychologist doctor. I always have had a conversation with Dr. Banaag. Dr. Banaag’s office was in Medical City. But back before, the Medical City I knew was near the Richmonde hotel area. My father’s friend was a doctor also. He always asked for me if I was okay to talk to the doctor. And yes, there was a lot issues fighting about the bullies and worrying about my grades. I cried a lot in nights.


How do I overcome the crying issues?


Well, it is really hard to break not to cry. Especially the times when someone in your relatives happened so fast, someone passed away. That was a natural crying. But the crying issue to your special child that was always crying. It was because he or she doesn’t know yet how to understand the crying issues. For me, I overcome this issue a long time ago. It carries to the genetic effect when your child does something wrong or you punish him or her.

3. Hard to break the irresponsible issues.

irresponsible special child

This is one hard to break the irresponsible issues. Well of course, the stage of being irresponsible makes you worrying a lot when your special child doesn’t know you perfectly. Let me give you a straight example. When your special child was attached watching the television series he or she used to watch all the time, then you turned off the television set. The chances was your special child will turning on the television again. Don’t punish the special child. Give a lots of patience, unconditional love and understanding. I hardly break this a lot. But honestly being irresponsible sometimes takes years to practice also. I practice this issue until now. Well, there is no perfect human in the world.