I love you in a different shapes

I love you in a sweetest sayings in the world

but no one will take my heart away

it’s just only you and

I decide to put up

a beautiful evening for you,

only a thousand of hugs

you can send it to me,

only a thousand of kisses

flies to me to kiss

and I hope the day will never forget

the day you are born in my heart.


Being as born in the world

knowing you is a better choice

loving you the best,

being as the craziest I have

at the back of my head

is because I love you

no matter what it can replaces

nothing, but only you.


You control me,

you single the day with me,

you hope the day is coming

and I stand at the hallway

waiting for you to kiss,

the only truth I have in my heart

is to be with you

until we go old,

until we have white hair

and until the eternity lasts

in our relationship.


You laugh at the times

I need you to cry with you,

when you cry to watch

romantic movies,

I am simply staring you

and I decide not to be a foolish

around for you.


Yes, it is really

what you need to know

and yes, I’ve been

following you everywhere

you go and my heart stays

as long as we are together

in the eternity where

the rainbow never ends

in the skies,

I love you in a longer

times I still can reach for you.


Comfort me in your shoulders

as we dance together,

dream me in your sleep

as we travel around the world

full of surprises and love anxiety

we have together,

and as long as I have been through

is to be with you all the time.


All I can say to you

if I can spend with you,

all the time in my heart

traveling around the world

is the chances we kiss,

we make up and we hug,

so I ask you one more time

is to marry me in this

day of Valentines.


I love you when you are sick,

I love you when you are angry,

I love you when you drive me insane,

I love you when you choose

not to be one of them

and I love you when no matter

what the days chooses us

to have a date with you,

so I love you again and again.




This is the only time I’ve been writing once in my life. I write about this the only girl in my heart and only that carries my heart. So I’ve been expressing the stanzas with a melody tune. It’s not really a poem, but it’s rather a musical love song. More like a Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables song I’ve been writing about this. Well, I haven’t see a musical event in my life. Honestly, I also love theatrical songs to write about the love. Sometimes I also think Miss Saigon at the back of my head.


Valentines is everywhere especially the beautiful and romantic cities. If you are in Paris of love, or in City of Vienna, Italy, it’s really beautiful to have a date someone you’ve really like. Out of curiosity, I say everywhere you count is the place you are born in love to. Maybe a little demo of Romeo and Juliet from the novel of William Shakespeare will unfold the story you are loving the person with. And I might be thinking that if you want dearly the partner so much, go for it and never stop loving her or him. It’s the love of gratitude, or love of eternity. Maybe I am too much of melodramatic.


With a lot of girls I’ve been not into relationship, but almost of that inch, I could get a relationship with her. But honestly, I never got her. She was taken and someone loved her. Tens of quotes, poems, sonnets or songs I wrote in my notebook before, it was a simply one of my token in my life. Well, it was more like a treasure for me. I’ve never intend to have a girlfriend in an instant way. So what about the singers who sings the love songs all the time? Perhaps David Pomeranz singing, Got to Believe in Magic, that was adapted in the movie of Got 2 Believe where Claudine Barretto was paired with Rico Yan. I always tell myself love is always special for everyone. Including for me who I haven’t love a girl almost more than years already. I really don’t have a serious relationships or a flick-and-fast relationship. Or maybe it doesn’t sound that way. Because this song of Valentines 101 is kind of mysterious song for everyone who might sing of this.


Valentines 101 is a romantic song. A very classical tune of melody that hasn’t compare to any kind of songs is not written from anybody else. To tell you the truth, this classy and romantic song will surely melt your heart away. It’s just there one area, different angles of video-taking and different time of a day. When you think more likely in the past William Shakespeare plays, you will realize how important play is still existed until today. Well, I like the kind of way I want to write about this. Sooner or later, you really can’t imagine how the world is important for us to have a family. And a family considers the best example of love. And that love sometimes takes place of unconditional love, care, sincerity and understanding. What you don’t know is that I can see in my future with all love I can carry with or without a partner.