There are many confessions to be discuss from my experiences. Or better yet, somehow I feel to express out of my experiences from before up to now. Well, there are many topics that I will be discussing about bullying, temptations and something bothering you since your childhood. My number one is bullying. I’ve always get beat up from my bullies. But since my childhood becomes a little blurry. One of my classmates that were bullies before became my friends. We ended up some child issues that we ended up fixing our problems in our own.


What can I do when somebody picks up a problem and bullying you?


Well, that’s a fact of a problem. Bullying in my life before took a little problem for me. Honestly from my experiences after we have fought a little problem, our homeroom teacher told me once before and said, “no matter what you have been fighting for, please shake your hands gently and sincerely.” Yes, I sometimes take that seriously. But I sometimes offend the person for somehow reasons why. But at the end of the day, we became friends as well. My elementary classmates were very pleasing personalities towards to me. Because they knew that I was a special child student inside the classroom. In fact, I didn’t know that I have had Down syndrome. Until I learned, during my sophomore year (second-year high school), the issue of Down syndrome. In the first place, I have should know that I have to tell the person that I have the case. Whenever I get to disclose the problems, we become friends.


Fast-forwarding to the present, it was last year when I got a chance to have a call center training with other normal people around me. It was my relative (who in my father’s side was relatively helping me a lot) who invited me to come and see if I can pass the training. During that month of February 2012, I got curious about the Down syndrome awareness for the month. And I did celebrating my birthday during the Happy Walk 2012. There it was, I never noticed that I enjoyed the show. I saw some of the special children around me besides me. And there it was none of my feelings. My feelings towards the society somehow I’ve already overcome the bullying factor. Little by little, the society already accepted the feeling I have inside. Then little thoughts at the back of my head have said, “everything is possible.” And after I’ve joined the networking for only five months during June to October 2011. I’ve said to myself that I’ve never quit when there was a problems to myself. In other words, always look for opportunities and open your doors to overcome your problems.


What can I do when I have temptations? How do I overcome?


There are many temptations in our lives including when your special child is tempting something not to do really bad temptations. There were many incidents in my life. I have said to myself that I won’t do it anymore in the future and control your temptations. Well said for me. But to tell you honestly, it is really hard to break the temptations.


1. Games / Technology


I am not still aware why the technology comes first in our education. But the community where we are seeing the temptations really hard to control, and somehow I might overcome it already. During after my years I finished the college life in 2003, it was already there in front of my eyes. I hardly controlled myself playing Ragnarok during that time in 2002. And I have said it that it was really hard tempting to play it again. I played 3-4 hours daily before in online games. There were times that I overplayed the console games for hours not doing anything. Somehow my mind have said that I really didn’t want doing the household chores before. It was really bad for me back then. Awful and hard to control were not meant to break. But until I learned the issue that I have to grow up and be responsible in my life. Maybe that was the reason why game creators and animators were creating the society for being miserable and have poor conditions in health.


Lessons to be learned: discipline and be responsible


2. Television


Cartoons are always there anywhere and everywhere. That also includes the shows from morning, afternoon and evening. Speaking of television evolution, the first channel I hooked on before was Animax. Yes, I loved animation so much. But I didn’t learn anything from the television. What you learn from the television was the language and other to mention issues. Honestly, I become aware about the shows from morning to evening. Whenever you are not watching, please refrain doing something while you are watching. Yes, this is an issue of temptation. But I learned the fact that I have to be responsible for the time and family issues. I always broke the family issues before. But somehow, I managed to fix my own problems. You see that you have to follow your parents’ decisions. Because whenever there’s a household chore to do, finish that part. Then do some routine of physical activities. Physical activities would develop your body to find your exercise everyday.


Lessons to be learned: time management and physical activities


3. Bad deeds


There are always comparisons of temptations between games, technology and television. But somehow when you are watching not good, always tell your child or special child not to do this. Because bad deeds are always finding in your punishments. And punishments have consequences. I learned from this issues numerously in my life. And at the end of the day, you will realize how important that you have to change your actions and be responsible for your deeds. When you find some good deeds, that is the way how to get rid of bad deeds.


Lessons to be learned: attitude, actions to be learned and be responsible


Overcoming the problems somehow finds your way how to become success someday. And I find this issues very clearly and precise. And years that I practice this issues makes me how to handle the issues. And being having with Down syndrome or any genetically disorder you have will find your way how to become behaving yourselves. Because this is what I look myself every time I confront myself in the mirror. And the problems that I see is where I learn from my confessions.