Three decade years have been passed. From when the martial law has been lifted during February 17 to 21, 1981, Pope John Paul II have visited the Philippines for the first time. His second visit marked during his stay during 1995. And I could barely remembered during the times he was visited the Philippines. Despite President Ferdinand Marcos was still running as a president during my time of my birth, I couldn’t stood the fact that I was conceived from my mother. On the day of 19th of February, 1981, Pope John Paul II have had his mass around 8 am in the morning in Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.


Many people have believed the blessings from Pope John Paul II. After six months, Music Television or MTV gave a debut on August 1, 1981. And many events happened in the year of 1981. Including have parted from NBA Finals 1981 when Boston Celtics clinched their 14th championship ring in the span of 34 years of NBA. With 595,444 of attendance in Boston Garden, Larry Bird led 21.9 in point percentage, 14.0 in rebound percentage and 2.3 in steal percentage and Tiny Archibald led as many in assist percentage in 6.3. Alongside with the Boston stars were Cedric Maxwell, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale.


Then after two years later, the dreams almost broke when my parents found out that I was having Down syndrome earlier in my babyhood. I was two years old back then. It was almost as if they were given up about me. So they decided to send me in Cupertino Special Children School in La Vista Subdivision, Quezon City near Maryknoll (now Miriam College) and Ateneo de Manila University. Mrs. Macapagal was the school directress back then and now. Somehow Ms. Tina Maraviles, the school administrator, still remembered me and I still didn’t remembering anything because I was still a baby back then. The teachers worked on very well for the early intervention to grow my potential talents. Then my parents tested me in Philippine Children’s Hospital for my continuing my early intervention. I was a mosaic Down syndrome.


Early of my childhood was blurred and I couldn’t remembered anything. But to clear my vision made me very clearly. So I thought having to write what was written according from the stories and events. And my family went to United States with me as still as a child. During February 1986, it was horrible during that time. Because the Philippines was facing a People Power revolution where President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino made clear as a next president of the Philippines during the snap election when President Marcos lost a bid running for presidency against Cory Aquino. It was all because Ninoy Aquino was assassinated during August 21, 1983 in Manila International Airport where he died on the spot stepping down from the airplane.


Fast-forwarding to the teenage years when I was already 13 years old. It made clearly for me that I could now talked, listened, heard, touched and felt the senses that I was now. It picked me right up where I learned from Science, Arts and Music during my high school years. I was 13 years old when I was in 6th grade turning right to be graduated in the year of 1994. But it lost the way when I got an accident from a jeepney that bumped my shoulder bone break slightly. So I stayed one more year in elementary for 7th grade and all of my classmates before were all in 6th grade. I was the last and only 7th grader back during that time in school year 1994-1995.


Upon entering the high school in 1996 in freshman year (first-year high school), my interests grew and gained more knowledge as I loved History and other favorite subjects. But the Recess and Lunch subject was all my classmates’ favorite. I was different from them. Then I have said to myself that I could achieving some lessons to be learn soon. But during sophomore year (second-year high school) was the year that I have found having with Down syndrome case in my life when our Science teacher told me so about the genetically disorder. But it wasn’t that bad or good. The good news came later in my life. But the bad news also came in my life. I’ve asked my parents after I got home. They said it was true. It was turning not bad or good but that I’ve to accept the fact of being having Down syndrome in my life.


People have found me different and I found them challenge in my later of my life. So I was chosen to be pick from God’s creation as an instrumental. And yes, many challenges came later in my life. I’ve even danced my auntie (a year younger than me) during my junior year and I was claiming my best dress title back then. Being despite having with Down syndrome doesn’t gave some troubles that year. I also loved Literature during that time. That was when 10th of December 1998, Thursday lunch afternoon I’ve decided to make my first poem. And I was petrified back then because my classmate turned down my literary work been almost to be published.  But I’ve never gave up.


As I graduated from high school from the year of 2000, the two schools out of four of my choices gave me a passing grades in Maria Montessori College or MMC and Center for Culinary Arts or CCA. I’ve never got a chance to get an entrance exam in University of the Philippines or University of Santo Tomas. I’ve almost gave up between my years in culinary. But I gave a fight fulfilling to graduate in prestigious first culinary school in the Philippines, the Center for Culinary Arts. I have had celebrity friends back then. It was Danica Sotto and Diego Castro (first cousin to Rico Yan). There was also some two near showbiz personalities I almost have had connections with. It was Rico Yan‘s female cousin and Agot Isidro‘s cousin during that time.


After I’ve graduated from my attending college of Center for Culinary Arts, I thought I almost gave up. But during that days in summer 2002 and 2003, I’ve also joined in summer dancing camps in Airdance. Before the Philippine All-Stars dance group was not yet introduced yet, some of them I’ve knew were my dance mates and instructors. I’ve almost becoming a dancer back then. All of my choices were turning down as if my dreams almost gave up. I’ve pushed myself after a longing five-years hiatus from being having addicted in games. I’ve been hooked in games ever since I was graduated from my college days in five years. It was 2006 when my mom gave some business that I still have had business up to the present, the cellphone loading business in D-Loads. I’ve also entered in First Academy in Computer Arts studying in digital arts but haven’t finished in digital school yet because of the incident of losing of my two flash drives.


In the span of doing the loading business in 6 years, 7 months and 19 days have given a way for me pursuing what dreams may come true in the future. To live and to accept is my two keys of existence fighting to achieve my dreams. Despite having with Down syndrome wasn’t an issue in my life. It was already a year and a half that I’ve accepting myself having with Down syndrome in my life. So I thought I challenge myself to a brighter future living and accepting the facts today.