Seventieth-First English Quote:


Growing up with you

is not the least

I have expectations,

but in times somehow

it becomes a darker version.


It is that you love me

more than anybody,

for I am weaker

and you are stronger than I am.


Maybe the last time

we separate,

we look in different path of living

and I know my life isn’t perfect

for I am different person

from everybody in the world.


It’s hurt to be telling

you the truth

that we have different lives

and I want to be with you

if you love me

more for who I am

and I will love you

if I can still live with you.


Seventieth-Second English Quote:


Keep me 1 day

to loving you,

dance with me today

and 2 makes you smile

when 3 steps are allow

to keep it you warm.


Suddenly I have never forget

4 you to keeping me

then 5 more songs

to rescue you.


6 nights I have

been judging you

when 7 letters are still

sealed in the box of love.


8 letters contained to say

I love you,

the 9 yards I am running

so fast

then you are dearly

to be with me

in 10 more months

to loving you.


Go back from 10

to 1 more day

as you will discover

that I am the richest

person you love me more.




When writing quotes are sometimes is written in short or even longer contained with a large number of words. But to tell you honestly, I always write in longer group of words. So instead of quotes is short, I make it like a quote poems. This is the way how I am simply writing literature on my ways.


The 71st English quote poem is a romantic-versed quotes. Versed paragraph lines are sometimes written longer. But writing on this way may look like a poem. And this is one of the saddest quotes I have written about the one couple. When the man married the lady of his life, what he didn’t know was the lady have had sickness she kept for longing years. But this lady he married is 6 years older than him. She gave a birth to two children before she married her second husband. Then later on when she became ill, this man doesn’t want to burden that she will be gone too soon. After four more years, the lady died in her illness in leukemia and leaving her two children to her second husband.


It’s not from the television series that I picked up this story. This story is different any from others have written already. But what you can see the last testament that the wife he married leaving him rich with her one son and one daughter where she conceived from her first husband.


The 72nd English quote is a number-style quote poem. Well you read it carefully, the numbers are shown in each line and paragraph. I’ve already done this before. It really amaze me when it comes writing anything I can express at the back of my head. Except that I don’t express something I really don’t like. And that’s a bad habit for me.