Seventieth-Third English Quote:


The world is not for the pride

even I am weak inside,

but you ask me

how I survive this,

it is because I stand alone

what I am proud of being Filipino.


Every chance has actions,

every step has more directions,

every million has every heart

and I do my part as a Filipino

to be inspiration

and to everyone.


The world is now freedom to think,

to talk, to give way

and to act,

as a knowledge that

history gives us chance

to be part of every pride

of Filipino.


Life has unique vision,

life is authentic

and life has more to ask

what you look to a brighter future,

a destined world of

talented Filipino.


Seventieth-Fourth English Quote:


You are the sun

of which you are giving the light,

you are the star

of which you are giving dreams

and you are the moon

of which you are the shield

that glows in the night.


I speak the truth

and I always want you

to be the star,

one hope and one faith

that combines a great compassion

to your heart.


Do you think I will ever

give up,

do you think think I will ever

shut up,

or sometimes I don’t have

the problem

over the clouds.


May two stars shine

together in the night,

one above and

one under

as much as I would not

to think too much problem

and I will always think

you will be the best

among the girls I met before.


You are the clouds

of which you are giving worries free,

and you are the skies

of which I think of you always

in my heart,

I love you eternally

in my heart.




When I wake up every morning, each time I dream some the quotes I am writing about. And each time it broke my heart smoothly, sometimes I was inside the dream land. And I was there for a purpose. Each time I woke up each morning, it made realizing that it was for the conscience that I have to put something new and different quote poems I was making. Well I don’t perfectly well in my grammar. But I am still practicing until someday somebody has to realize what I am potential writing my own literature. Literature has evolve me through years I am writing this for long already. It has 14 years, 2 months and 12 days already that I am doing this repeatedly in my life.


The purpose I wrote about 73rd English quote poem, it was more about the Filipino’s dreams has to be written and have to be fate. Well of course, every Filipino is making their dreams worldwide. Let me explain this in a different situation. Manny Pacquiao was our Filipino living champion although he lost to Juan Marquez and to another American boxer, Timothy Bradley. Of course, sometimes we fall in our losing grounds. But we make practicing to prove to be better in the future. Jessica Sanchez in American Idol season 11 lost to Philip Philips where she was a runner-up. Of course, I understand that Americans have to choose their winner in their homeland. But the race we have right now is not the issue I have to discuss. No matter what English or American or Australian or any other races are meant not to discriminate to each other, we are still one human world. If there’s an alien world, we are doomed. But that’s not the point. What I mean here that we have to work together because we are alone in one planet we are living. We are still growing population about four billion and more. But to exact, I don’t know exact the numbers. But we have to prove that any kind of races, we could be friends in terms of one lonely planet.


And lastly the quote poem I wrote about was 74th English quote poem. This quote poem was all about the girl I really loved about. No matter what she is, I am still in love to her. But the question is, “will she love more than I can expect the love I can give?” Maybe somehow it crosses my mind whether I have to give up to have a relationship with her. But to tell you the truth honestly, I have never have a girlfriend before. But I am willing to risk to love a girl. Maybe I am too much to move what my actions are. But considering it, I will win her heart no matter what I am and who I am really. “To love or not to be love“, sometimes that William Shakespeare was telling about that quote. A well-written love quote is a perfect note to give a gift to my girl in the future.