Prince Duke  – is the prince of all princes of Duckingham Kingdom. He never gets his pride down not to get marrying with Princess Alexa.


Princess Alexa – the glamorous, beautiful princess ever lived in Duckingham Kingdom. She always gets what she wants and needs to be order according to her assistant, Ofhelia.


Pargo – servant and the only trusted assistant to both of Prince Duke and Princess Alexa. He serves for the kingdom for almost 40 years already. He never gets down of his orders from any of his trusted services from Prince Duke and Princess Alexa.


Ofhelia – assistant and servant to Princess Alexa who gets to serve her only friend, the princess of Duckingham, Princess Alexa. She is the only one who can receives orders from the supreme court, the king and queen of Duckingham.


Screenplay written:


“Missing a lot of impossible things makes worrying me

but it can’t be done what you can think of,

who make shall be complete of my boredom

when I can’t think one single moment,

is that you, Pargo?”


“Oh please, just imagine

if I can mistake it again

but not once, it simply takes me twice already

or you doom already when you done thrice.”


“Pargo, what should I call you thou

to complete me, make me horrible feelings.

Here it comes, the princess of all beauty feelings,

Princess Alexa, where did you go?”


“I am here to pick something you

should not forget, but my burden heart

just never forget what I shall call you,

a miserable, foolish man who ever doubt

calling me a mischievous and terrible lady,

how can he blaming all along?”


“Princess Alexa, it is not you who

makes all of this, this is not the part

you are running all about the things

you can make it again and again.”


“You, Ofhelia, I shall not thou

to remember this day that you

cannot enter my kingdom again.

You shall seek the sorrow of my

heart and I have never tell this

in my whole life,

to be princess like this

dreaming to wait marrying a

man to be married with me.

I shall never see you again, Ofhelia.”


“Here comes, the knight of shining armor,

the one and only, Prince Duke.”


“Pargo, my friend, where are

thou is my Princess Alexa?”


“She is not in the mood to talk

to you because she is not

satisfying what she looks for you,

Look how miserable you are.”


“ME, I’m Prince Duke,

prince of all kingdoms here

in the Duckingham Kingdom,

and how dare you speak to

the prince I am talking to.

You dare not to control

any kind of words to me.”


“Pargo, go out and tell Ofhelia

not to disturb Princess Alexa

anymore because Prince Duke

is here already and he needs

to examine what he needs

to see his lady.”




This is only a dry run what I really like to write about. Well, of course, everybody knows William Shakespeare. I like of his stage plays almost any kinds of his screen plays. But what I like about the most is Merchant of Venice. It is very funny and very comic way you can read of. But I want something readers would love reading my studio site, ItsmikkiStudio. As I am part of my love of writings, I could always what to achieve someday. Maybe a screenplay writer, or a producer, or a director, an actor maybe I can act because I am always dreaming I want to enter the entertainment industry. Entertainment industry is where I want to enter and have able to work everybody in any giant networks. Maybe GMA-7 or ABS-CBN could possibly hire me. But I almost lost the count the years I want to enter badly. But in the good side is that I am not good enough to write all about the screenplay. I could be the creative writer. Or maybe a dancer who could always wanting to dance everyday. Dancing, by the way, is one of my talents and one way to express to dance to be able to squeeze your performance very well.


One of another I write about are English Literature, Filipino Literature and less written Spanish Literature. Well mostly, I really like writing more often this way. I have tons of writings before. And I think I have to find a way to get it from my best friend’s house where I keep it almost a decade now. And for now, this is my first time that I try the screenplay about my untitled screenplay act. There are only four characters in the story, Ofhelia, Pargo, Prince Duke and Princess Alexa. Well it’s not finish yet. Because without a protagonist in the story wouldn’t be a good story. I also love making villians or protagonists. Besides, making comics is also hardest way to achievement in my life. I already have a thousand characters that I have made it already. It is drawn already, have their background check and haven’t put it together in a compilation good story. Although it is more a production set. And my biggest aspiration dreams in my life is that I would to put a first production studio in the Philippines. Because North America two countries and other countries have it own already. What could entertainment industry do the same way do? And I believe each of the dreamers have their dreams. But their unique ideas can’t bought by anyone.


Anyone have their ideas? Tell me your aspiration dreams.