Two years of my age, since when I started to talk and to walk from where I learned in Cupertino Special Children School. It was there where it shook one of my memories breathing in and out of my mind. Then I started thinking what dream sequences were made it real for me. The early intervention made it possibly for me loud and clear. Something in my head tells me if I can’t write or talk, I rather do the same interests exercising my daily life. I could paint if something tells my dreams what’s inside of my brain. I could dance if there is no tomorrow living a daily life just like any ordinary dancer. I’m not born from boom box dancer, but I really love to dance just to exercise. I could walk a thousand miles if I could make it any kind of history.

Cupertino Special Children School

One clear memory, there was a swimming pool and I was afraid how to swim there in a swimming pool. And there was a monkey bars like clinging each bar you could hang on with. Well, there was also a basketball court. And I was pretty sure I also remembered that place. Filled with memories exactly came to my mind each time I still remembered and each time I held on to my dreams.


And one community specially came to my mind, the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. Full of my dreams were not scattering anymore. Full of hopes came back alive. Full of each memory came back one by one. It was this one occasional when I finally opened my facebook account looking for someone I could talk and share with to. One year already, February 15, 2012, Wednesday afternoon around 1 pm, I came inside and went to Clinica Manila in SM Megamall. Two of the hosts spoke, it was Ate Agnes and her daughter Patricia. It clearly came to my mind that I was also a special adult.


16 years of my age, I was not aware what I was doing in my life. Unaware looking for a clue or a piece of dream doesn’t come in my way to achieve. One way to another when I was in elementary days before graduating, I was dreaming to become one of the volcano lover-photographer who loves seeking out and picturing places with wonderful volcanoes. That was my biggest dream up to now. Yes, I may be have a cellphone camera in my hand. But I don’t have evidence to see the volcano explosion because that is too dangerous to watch it from a far.


People have asked me, “what stops you from achieving your dreams?” And I have stopped sighing and said, “well, there is no hope for me anymore.” So being there from a position of the person countless of dream sequences somehow amazes me, that I could think where I should be going now. I was in the world knowing unknowing what I was to be. Being despite having with special needs doesn’t stopped me there when one day I knew in my heart that I was having a little problem, to accept who I was to be and where I should be going now. When I was around in my sophomore year in high school, I learned a little facts. It was me who I found myself later, having with Down syndrome. I was not in my mood during my times were helpless when I needed one friend listening to me. I was having curious what I have to do in my life.


Before back from the times during my high school years, I finally enjoyed my life back then. But it was a black-pitch right there at the back of my head. Thinking I shouldn’t gone dating any girls in my life. Every teenager have had rights to date the partner during my age was. During that time when I was in junior year and senior year in high school, it was memorable for me. I fell in love of my passion what I still did my best that I can, to write and to live in each form of life. I have gone dancing two of my aunties during my junior and senior year. The junior year was when I danced my partner who was my auntie dancing with. I thought of myself that I can do for my best. And I just won award, the best-dressed man of the junior prom. Little knowing in my life have said in myself later during my senior year, I was there hoping I could bag for another award. But my auntie and I have left the prom. But I wasn’t devastated. It was the best I can do to enjoy my life.


14 years that have been passed of my life, I was now 30 years old when I finally knew that acceptance stage was the best for me. From there, I learned the fact I wasn’t ordinary like any other people in the crowd. I was less likely to feel out in the world. But from where I stand, I step right inside the crowd telling myself and said, “I can do this no matter what challenges will come in my way.”


And yesterday it was a huge blessing for me that this organization was also a success to be held in SM North EDSA Skydome, the 21st Happy Walk 2013. This was where I was always go when we used to live here in Quezon City. I have noticed some of the places that I used going here have many improvements. There was no Trinoma before and there was no pedestrian bridge that connected from Trinoma and SM North EDSA. Feeling like that I came home was perfectly coming to my attention, I was very happy. The feelings inside my mind and my heart something have changed a lot to me. And that was I loved and valued my life just to stay single. Being as a single with over 30 years of age is a new chapter, a new hopes and a new challenges will cross in my life. Since I’ve been joined in the organization last February 2012 (this was my first Happy Walk I’ve joined in my birthday, February 19 and the fact I’ve already accepted who I was to be,) and being active since August was all blessings that I’ve accepted.


Love of who you are and accept the blessings that have fate in you. Don’t break it and just wait the blessings to come.” ~ quoted from ItsmikkiStudio