Here’s my introduction. It has been a year now, and the countdown starts now. We have 16 days left as you don’t know. This studio began a year ago, on March 16, 2012, Friday afternoon. Of course, you don’t know this either of the trivia I will be giving out. It was the same day when Ferdinand Magellan found the Philippines on March 16, 1521, on a Sunday afternoon where he fought Lapu-Lapu on a Mactan Island in Cebu province. Philippines now have 491 years old when it discovered by Magellan. As you know, nobody knew when was the day Magellan and Lapu-Lapu fought. Look at the picture where you saw these two gentlemen fought for their pride and courage. Lapu-Lapu, on the other side, gave an outstanding award in his tribe. And you didn’t know that time, he was Datu Lapu-Lapu as we spoke about the historic date.


This February celebrants have gone a number who celebrated this month, including me of course as I turned three decades and two years old. Shakira‘s birthday lies on February 2. John Pratts, Heart Evangelista and Kris Aquino lies on February 14. Both Paris Hilton and Denise Richards lies on February 17. While I am having to celebrate my birthday with Empress Schuck on February 19. Rihanna and Cindy Crawford lies on February 20. Jennifer Love Hewitt lies on February 21. Drew Barrymore lies on February 22. Dakota Fanning lies on February 23. Who would expect to have birthday this month? Because we are all May babies, not to mention June babies or July babies if you are premature babies.


Now let me give straight to the topic article for today. It is not about the literature I am writing for today. But honestly, I write who I really am. And giving literature from day-to-day gives more basic information around the world. And I have 32 followers here in my studio. Plus I also have 12 twitter followers. (Note: I am only using twitter for my studio posts that is posting for today’s articles.) No wonder I already have 14 new followers for this month of February. To tell the truth, I am no magician. It really sparks my day if it happens I am posting about my literature side. Maybe I am too much posting about: “What I know about…“, “Entertainment articles“, “Movie articles“, “Education articles“, and other articles to mention. My attention to this studio is writing about literature and short stories. But I stop writing about short stories which it reminds me some of my friends have said to me, “I usually don’t write short stories because it might get caught in plagiarism.” Well of course, I believe on that ethic. Many of you should know about this shortcomings. Otherwise, it might stop you writing your blog.


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) ~ An interview with the entrepreneur of ItmikkiStudio


Why did you call this as studio instead blog? Normally I don’t call this as blog section. If you are writing to a newspaper section, that’s an newspaper article. Mostly freelance writers in newspaper articles writes about their section. And I realize that I have to put some different section here in my studio instead calling blog. Blog is freely writing your article and your wisdom stays on your mind.


When did you start writing? Oh yes, this comes a long time ago. When I was a kid, I usually write phrases and short-broken word phrases such as, “give damn the writing”, “believe me you wrong are person,” or “me shout you can.” Literally I wrote anything when I was a kid. But my relative who my uncle was a writer now in the newspaper. He was the one pursuing his dreams as a journalism writer. But on the other side, I also come from my love of writing. Nobody knew what I was doing when I was still a kid. Honestly, I didn’t know how to use grammar and spelling marks. I learned afterwards I’ve graduated in college. I’ve had poor remarks in my English way back when I was in elementary, high school and college. It got my tongue out as I bit it. So I thought learn some more when you advanced your age to another level. I was not a whiz kid, a nerd or a summa cum laude honor. But I have different path. I have with special needs, or to be called having with Down syndrome.


Why did you choose Mikki and where did it come from? The name of Mikki derived from a character word from Khan Online, Micko. Micko was an archer-healer. She was responsible to heal the party’s needs health points or HP. She uses the mana point or MP to heal health points’ player. I have had a long run playing the Khan Online for almost three years. After the deteriorating hardcore online game fell in 2006, I finally reached Level 144. I wasn’t giving an attention to my life before. It was all about the games. So every time I used another online game in another hardcore online game Perfect World. I’ve used the name numerous times. But after that, that word stuck in my head as if that was my nickname. Let me give a straight answer. Yes, it has a meaning. Mikki, in American dictionary is Mickey Mouse, which I derived the name from happiness. That is why I come up a beautiful name and create the name.


Where did you start writing literature? I began writing literature when I was in high school. Reading Hardy Boys was my first aspiration books I learned how to read during my elementary days. Then later I adapted to learn how to make sonnets, songs and poems during my junior year. Junior year was my biggest happiness stage when I learned how to make poem. It was dated back on December 10, 1998, Thursday lunch afternoon when I was making my first poem. But that a thousand literary works I wrote about have kept through the years. It was really hidden. And I will get it somehow in my friend’s house. But half way across there, the journey really began last year as I came my first come back after 10 years of silence of not writing down a single poem or a sonnet.


What are your hobbies and interests? And why? My original hobbies are dancing, singing, acting if I want it to and drawing. Normally during my peak years, I drew about more than five hundred characters just making it to one hardcore comic book. But at the back of my head tells me that I have to write it down different stories. So whenever I combine them in a good book, it comes out an epic fight between two, three or four characters. Making a story gives a little to exercise your mind to have brainstorming, researching and manipulating your mind to create a good story. Somehow I am still undergoing some of my pending work projects about my publishing house. And I am planning to invest my ideas to a reality work. And my current interests now are writing, volunteering to speak in the public or to help special children and activities to attend some of my articles to work on.


What makes you inspire to write? And where does it come from? I write and I love. Because the real transformation of me becomes a little attention. I want to become a writer. Honestly, I am not a good writer and just an average writer who loves to write everyday your daily life. My goal before was becoming a new poet in 21st generation. But now it comes a little curvy to my road inspiration. I want it to be a different. I want to become an animator, an artist, a writer and a poet. Well it comes from the books I read from Hardy Boys. Then it comes from William Shakespeare and Emily Browning. From animation and as an artist, there is a lot of inspirational people I look up to. I look from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. And I also look from Michael Jackson who loves to dance. That’s where I learn the basic steps of dancing, his signature moon-walk dance.


Do you want to have publish your works to somebody else? It depends if he or she agrees on my terms and conditions. Normally I want to try doing my own way. If it becomes success, then it would have more production to my rate of making stories, quotes, sonnets, songs and poems. I am still dreaming to have as an aspiration building a production studio, publishing studio and sooner if Philippines will agree to this, making a success of own film and production studio. Just like when I see some studios in North America countries and other countries as well. In this way, a lot of Filipinos will come out making new films, new animations and new channels for the better’s economy. I love who I am becoming like an American dream. That is why I am making it to a Filipino dream.


What makes you busy for a daily life? I come out often two or three times in a month for spending a little from my expenses. Normally my business comes first. But when it comes to a reality is God first. Then second place comes family. In third place is my business. Fourth is my retirement. And fifth comes last making my own family. If I break my busy cycle, then I won’t able achieving anything.


Do you have facebook page and twitter account? Yes, I have a facebook page. It’s called ItsmikkiStudio. Just type the whole words in a search bar and it will come out. You will receive and follow what I am doing in my facebook page. It same goes to my twitter account where my facebook page is attach to my twitter account.


Do you plan to get an interview from anybody else? Of course, if there’s an interview. I would come up my best answers to give answer. I am usually afraid getting an interview.


Why? Well, it’s because I don’t give a trust and confidence to myself. Maybe that’s why I put myself in danger answering in not of my condition.


Are you ready to enter show business or politics? In show business, it’s a yes. And in politics, maybe.


Why maybe in politics? Politics is an area for the floor of lawmakers who are aware making it doing good. And some others want to have a power in money. Money sometimes to me is an evil doer. You can do anything in your money if you are rich. So there’s a corruption going on the Philippines and some other countries as well.


Why yes in show business? It was one of my high school dreams. I might get a chance working my own money to grow, to create more projects, help foundation to grow, build businesses and help for unfortunate people. Show business is my area to response one of my dreams. Which it’s actually I am aiming to make film and production studio here in the Philippines.


Wow, you have many dreams. Did you achieve anything? Not yet, but I am planning to make it real someday according to my dream sequences. I dream of this while I am sleeping. Some people considers it boring and not achievable.


Thank you for having an interview with you. Do you have anything to share with your followers? Oh, yes. Please always follow me in my facebook and my twitter account. Both have same contents in ItsmikkiStudio. Just follow and enjoy reading my articles and literary works. And please support me for having cause of foundation in the future.


Until next time.