Love is everything and it’s about bringing

only one heart,

vain is not the answer but

everyone must know singing.


Is it over that the art

soars the skies going to shut.


All about the love remain and

respond one common goal

only to remain to stand

under your eyes that makes you foal,

not in your name,

dreams must make everything to be fame.


Love is also how to make to feel

only one heart has to remain like a steel,

very fascinating, isn’t that obvious to faint

every night makes how to sleep well.


Is your love real or is it just like a bell

singing in the church, well it’s more like you paint.


Each love has bring

very confused to hear

each time I create the day

rather you answer the cellphone ring.

Yet you never have to bear

when dreams have to be there everyday.

How you never grow up to wake

each time your heart is like a fake.

Reach the place you have been

entertaining and sell your beans.


All the love is not the same when you fear

nothing has to be pain and have to be understanding

dreams are real when you feel the love is torn.


And I don’t want to be hurt when my ear

listening to your voice makes me feeling to be standing.

When you believe the love has to be forlorn

all the love receive to be woman

you are going to be the best man,

since everyone will going to be wedded.


So the love will be bedded

in times we love each other and eternity

never confuse me with nothing to lose.


It is time we are going to the city

the love we bring to choose.




It makes time whenever I have the love will grow. Sometimes when writing a sonnet takes to be experiencing what your feelings have to grow. Well of course, everyone has to know that sonnets is hard to make. And I have to be the best poet to write a good sonnet. But on the other side, I am not a good writer. It has something it really makes me to be passionate poet. Poet sometimes also feel whatever it encounters the love surrounding you bitter. It’s nothing have to be the day you choose, but I always choose Sundays because it makes me feeling in love writing in sonnets.


Why Sunday Sonnet? Sundays are exceptional for us. It feels for us to have experiencing with the love ones we bring. And sonnets including the Sunday makes me more exceptional because it is freely to release your experiences from your daily lives.


Why Sunday Sonnet III instead Sunday Sonnet 3? Of course I have been writing quote poems in numbers. Whatever it makes comfortable, I write Sunday Sonnet, Sunday Sonnet II and Sunday Sonnet III in roman numerals. In roman numerals, I make the same feelings growing everyday whatever it’s Sunday, Monday or any day you would like to write about love, pain, depressed, frustrated, jaded or any kind of emotional feelings there are.


Have you giving to publish this someday? Yes, of course. I would love to do this in terms of conditions I have to disclose the terms of publication. On the other hand, if you are not credited my literary works, you will make the hard decisions to reprimand about the plagiarism.