I was a bit confused what girls wanted for the guys have to know about them. Normally if I like the girl, I would do anything just to see her. But if the money buys for happiness, sometimes I think twice. Because it won’t give me an inch for the girl’s heart. Yes, I’ve been heartbroken not once, not twice, not thrice but many times already. What they didn’t know about me? It’s because they have to know me better. When I look girl’s intentions in her face, I always think at the back of my head that if she would like me better. I would tell her about my love life and if I have a girlfriend before. To tell you honestly, it was completely zero.


Why? For some reasons why, I don’t know them why they don’t like me getting to know me better.


Maybe it wasn’t so bad that I fell in love every time she dumped me. And at the end of the day, you can’t win the girl’s heart all the time. Are they looking for the guy’s standards? Maybe yes. Or maybe not. Yes, sometimes girls are looking for their standards to meet to their guidelines.


Number one rule on them: Tall. I’m 5 feet and 3 inches 1/2. Well I am not that taller for their standard guidelines. Maybe so, I won’t accept the guidelines on them. It’s definitely not a guideline, it’s their wants.


Number two rule on them: Dark. Hmm…I wasn’t sure they are looking for a guy who is white or dark. Sometimes they prefer darker because on them are white chicks. Well, it’s not also a guideline, it’s their wants.


And number three rule on them: Handsome. Everyone on the earth are all handsomest men. Maybe they are speaking the guidelines again. It’s absolutely not a guideline, it’s their wants also.


But I have the list if their guidelines are on their list on mine: tall, dark, handsome, funny, down-to-earth, friendly, not jealous and adventurous


Let me give you a straight answer. When girls are seriously looking for a guy’s intentions, sometimes they have intentionally giving the guys having a hard time to think. Of course, I am afraid that’s true. For some reasons why, girls are not all the same. We, men, are their wants when the times in their age needs a little attention to get married. Why are you looking for a guy who looks like Sam Milby, Piolo Pascual, Taylor Lautner, Rob Pattinson or Sam Concepcion perhaps? Are they looking for a guy who have abs on their body? Hmm…that’s a question already.


I have no girlfriend, or even a fling throughout my life. It is because every time I think that way, girls have already their standards to make guidelines. What for? I am looking for girl who is aware about the guy’s dark secrets. Maybe I do have dark secrets. But I won’t telling anything dark secrets here in the article. Because it is more personal you are asking already.


Let me give you a recap in my past love life. I have one crush. She was on the 5th grade. But it wasn’t intentionally I have had a crush on her. I’ve admired her because of her beauty. Then on the sixth grade, I have had two crushes. One was celebrity crush and one was on sixth grade. I will tell you later the story. Because this article is worth to know the girl’s intentions. The first celebrity crush I have had was none other than, Antoinette Taus. She was attending and studying in OB Montessori together with Aiza Seguerra. I was about seeing Antoinette Taus in various roles of her life before she was still in ABS-CBN before transferring to GMA-7.


Having crushes in your life is partly growing up in your life whether you are still a child, a teenager or an adult already. Because that’s what all about the lessons in love life. (Well, I will discuss that later also here in my article.) Yes, I’ve been counting my crushes until college life. Then after the college life, it’s already countless. Because I am already admiring for who is inspiring me to continue improving my life better. That is why I am still continuing to keep me better whenever I have love life from time to time.


Here’s a continuation in my love life where I stop in my elementary life. In seventh grade, I already have had one crush that added in my list. She was the fourth. And I won’t mentioning her name. She might be reading my article although I’ve been hiding this for my life. It is one of the love conflicts in my life on her until today. Because you never know some of my lyrics I’ve been making are still on her name. And I have the short stories that it’s also on her name. That is why it might be have love conflicts. Well of course, I still have her updated picture. Definitely I won’t mentioning her name or give out some initials. No, I won’t.


Then after elementary life comes high school life. Of course, everyone loves high school life. When one person remembered anything it was special, it would be definitely a high school life. Well not everybody I know they have the same. I have had two crushes in my freshman year. But to tell you the truth honestly, I lost the paper that have their names on my love life later when we transferred for the second time. Although I was fuming in mad, I didn’t know what to do. But that’s life, then you have to go on your life. Then at the sophomore year, I still have added two or three crushes. I think, maybe that’s two. I really can’t remembered after I lost the paper. All of their names in my previous crushes have the same names but in different surnames. During my sophomore year, that was when I found out I have had being having with Down syndrome. (I also have to discuss later here also part of this article.) Around when I was entering junior year, that was when my year was blooming in love. I still didn’t get to know why do I have blooming years. Does the guys count on that blooming years? Maybe so. Or maybe not. Added in my junior year were three crushes. One of them was also a celebrity crush. And I might be hurting so much. So I won’t bother to mention her anyway. She was also part in Tabing Ilog‘s set.


During my junior year, that was when I’ve started to write my first poem dated back on December 10, 1998, Thursday afternoon. That my very first poem marked my first in-love making in writing. It became one of my interests instantly. When you are making one, you will definitely falling in love writing anything under the sun, a limitless. Hmm…that junior year was also marking my blooming year because of the junior prom. My very first prom made it clearly to remember. And my first partner before was none other than my younger auntie. She was one year younger than me. When I was dating her in my junior prom, on the start I was definitely have had a crush on her. But it didn’t give a hint because that was my relative. So it doesn’t count anyway. Sorry, it was a false alarm. Then at fourth year, the graduating year in high school, made clearly at the back of my head. I was definitely looking for a partner before the senior prom was started on February. Then at the first love at sight made instantly to a freshman year girl. But it failed me just to impress her. Because later, that I’ve found out that she was having a boyfriend at her young age. Was that a puppy love or romance love? Maybe so, maybe not.


It was my first time that I was making my move to send her numerous poems and sonnets on my part. Every time I passed by on their classroom, I was clearly thinking of her. Asking of her classmates, they were making excuses just to see her. And sometimes, they were humiliating me because of her. Why was I falling in love on her? She wasn’t that intelligent. It was because later I’ve found out she was just the same as me. Sleeping sometimes inside the classroom was the humiliating moment of your life. During my high school years, some of them were younger than me. That was why I was putting them on my list. It was actually passing a record on one dozen already. But I won’t bother that anymore.


After I’ve had graduating Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo where I attended the school throughout my eleven years. The preschool years was not included on that although the owner of preschool, elementary and high school were only one. And I was thankful of them because I learned so much from my school. When I was starting attending a culinary course in Center for Culinary Arts, I became effectively an instant friendlier. Well I moved one batch after I’ve failed on the first subject. Then on the second batch that I’ve joined, it was two celebrity friends that I have had. It was Diego Castro and Danica Sotto. It was when they were both graduated together in 2005. Diego was Rico Yan‘s first cousin to Tita Sita‘s side. Then at the same time, I also have had a cousin where I found out they were both studying in Miriam College before during their high school days. It was also Rico Yan’s cousin to his father. It finally concluded they were both following my instincts. Maybe my intuition to become an actor was one of the signs I was failed to accomplish in my college life. Maybe so, or maybe not.


Then at the back of my head, I’ve gained too many crushes during on my first batch of year 2000, on second batch together with Diego and Danica, on third batch, then finally to fourth batch where I was finally graduating in colors in 2003. Honestly on my way out before college, there was also a sign. It was Agot Isidro‘s cousin who I became friends with him. One of my intuition wanting in my dreams also failed along the road I’ve been through. College life was better than high school life. But sadly, I have had to say it again goodbye to my college the last time I saw them again. It was a tough one.


During my college years in CCA, it was my hardest part of my life. Becoming depressed and frustrated at the same time made me clearly I was failing the moment in school. When you loved someone you dearly wanted to become boyfriend or girlfriend, that was one of my hardest lessons I’ve ever had. It was when I loved somebody. My batch mates sometimes played you for a while, it was a mutual understanding love. Sometimes we were on when we were on college grounds. When we were not on college grounds, we’re not. It was hurting my feelings and my personality. There was once in my life that I ran away from home just to see her for the last time in Taytay. But I failed along the road of my personal love life.


The lessons in your love life have sometimes judgmental life. It was judging you to improve your lifestyle without them. Moving on was one of the hardest part as everyone did it the same I did. Not everyone that I know. Few of them I guessed. Here comes the segment where I’ve to discuss about the lessons in love life. Let me give you a recap from a nutshell in my life.


Seven lessons in love life:


1. Never put yourself to anyone you really love her badly. Yes, sometimes I did it the same it goes in your life.


2. Never agree in your conscience to fall in love on her. It was actually a bad move when I did it the same way. But if you are stronger enough, then you have to win her heart over her mind. Sometimes, some girls also have weaknesses on the softer side.


3. Never put yourself to make her move to fall for you. It was a win-win situation. It really happen for the guys who girls are looking for the guy’s heart to soften their feelings.


4. Never get in a trap when feelings are emotionally stressing you out. I’ve been through this already. And it really hurts me badly. As I’ve been passed on this, then I did getting stronger without her.


5. Never go to sleep when you are thinking her everyday in reality. It is still happening to me all the time. Whenever I am not involve thinking of her, it become instantly when I am thinking of her. Then at the end of the day, we become inseparable when I am thinking of her. And I am not the type of a guy who won’t go eating all day long or won’t sleeping all night long. That’s a bad habit already.


6. Don’t go to relationship if you are not ready. Keeping myself out in relationship sometimes makes me stronger in and out of my personality. Whenever I don’t have experiences, I still have sixth sense, the intuition.


And 7. Don’t go to have fling with her. Sometimes mutual understanding does it count on fling relationship. But on my list, she wasn’t not that serious after all. Because of my college friends played their part if we were in and out of the college campus. It was really hurt me that badly. It was a month when we were together. There was once a one group when you were together on a laboratory work. The laboratory work was where you were working on your responsibility field to do who was on charge on cutting on ingredients, who was cooking and who was taking on charge plating your meal.


Being having with Down syndrome was one of my hardest challenges of my life. Because this girl I was talking about in my college life, she knew about me. Because I was too much like a girl’s attitude. Speaking one of those in markets was one becoming one of my problems. An unstoppable talking you were talking about made you look like a girl. So I learned and moved on my life as well. An issue being having with Down syndrome was one of my problems before. Keeping denying about yourself having with that special needs made you having a mortal sin in your life. Then later on my life, I learned the fact that I have to move on and accept the conditions.


At the end of the article, this is where I have to end my article goes on. Because on the next articles soon I will release, there will be more precise and briefly story you will read about me.