Seventieth-Fifth English Quote:


Come forward and let it go,

come backward and let it flow

but things are not

the same anymore.


Come slowly and let it move,

come faster and let it stop

but things are not

the same anymore.


Look right and find someone,

thinking of you

makes me worrying

but I’ve never fall

in love twice in my life,

cast me and shadow

me to your heart.


Bury me in deep

of your artery,

leave that to your scar

and I open the wound

to leave my message

to you.


Don’t come to me

moving closer and go forward,

don’t come to me

moving slowly and go backward.


Pierce me with your

deadly knife,

and I take the chances to cut

and open the new scar

inside of my heart.


Show me the way

and I will get to you

when I lie and sleep

for the rest of my life,

and this will be my

last breath

to take another day.


Seventieth-Sixth English Quote:


Quiet as it come,

true silence somehow breaks

in the night

but noise is much happier

to share

than being a dull and silent.


Life is too short to tell

but you never know

how it tells,

life is mystery and

there are full of surprises to come.


Can’t you tell that I am existed

if you’re ever thought

it would never be a hero,

then a man shall stand

to his mistakes.


Never doubt the weakness

of a man where

the person makes more

than to realize and to expect,

what more can it become

rather to be selfish

or to be alone.




Becoming a poet somehow makes harder to think what to write in a paper or type in the computer. Well it makes me stronger somehow when thinking at the back of my head tells me what to do in the paper. I remembered during those days I was writing non-stop in the day. I could write three times a day or five times a day. That makes me doing literary works in a month with a total of 90-100 literary works. During those times are the peak of my life. Sometimes when I am that emotional or feelings I always feel the same intentions I have.


In 75th English quote poem where it said, “Look right and find someone, thinking of you makes me worrying but I’ve never fall in love twice in my life, cast me and shadow me to your heart.” It really defines the line what I’ve said in that line. It makes me consciously thinking when I am talking about the love. Of course not, I won’t be able look like William Shakespeare in this literary works what I am doing. But in the other hand, I would like different from him. Maybe a little Emily Browning I am working on my own perspective works. 75th English quote poem tells about crazy and love poem. It makes sense when you are writing one. And this is one of the quote poems I’ve ever done before.


76th English quote poem is about short love and short-tempered poem. If you notice one of the lines are somehow having one weakness. And that one weakness seems to be lost and unweary. But in the same way, I feel I like really lost. Well not everybody I know is lost. If your heart somehow loses of any directions, it gives way to go back from where it starts. Nobody really knows the secret of directions. Street smart if you ask? This is not really about where are you going to your direction. It’s about the spontaneous love when you are seeking for the right partner in your life.


And perhaps it would be like more different and more perspective in your life. I write of this way making quote poems is just like you are writing forever in your life. I love writing and nobody stops me to write. Because writing somehow never stops me going to your passion driving to your success.