I have made tons of literary works before. But none of them becomes unpublished. Writing for me becomes very addictive nowadays. Since I came back a year almost here in my blog. Maybe I am planning to get in right of direction. And I’ve almost lost in my way of living in life. I have business literally, most of my extra income comes from cellphone loading station. But through the years, I become depressed and frustrated. One of my biggest challenge in my life is considering to get up in shape and get in a right track – to become a writer instead. Yes, I have end up as a writer. But honestly, I’m not a good writer. I am not professional. I love to write.


Why writing becomes addictive? Normally when I write, making an articles about me are almost considering done in the past. But what I am telling to you is my future. Yes, writing becomes addictive for me. Let me give you a recap in my past forms of my life. I’ve almost gave up studying and finished the culinary course when I was in my college years. But to tell you the truth, it was the hardest decision to make. But during my high school, I’ve always wanting to finish my education. Perhaps education is one of the richest you will achieve in the future. And I’ve remembered that I’ve got a good grade in my senior year. That was Economics and it was a grade of 88. Normally of my grades were not that high. I was delivering my best of my best when I was still in high school.


My high school years was when I started like to write. Mostly around sophomore year when I began like to read books about William Shakespeare. And I’ve ended up as a poet during my high school years and college years. Yes, during my college years in culinary, I’ve never gave up writing. Writing is one of the forms that I would become wanting to write a good article. But not in the way I want to become a writer. But I did last year.


The original anniversary that I’ve continued my legacy in writing was December 10, 1998. Let me give you a trivia. John Lennon died on December 9, 1998 in United States on Wednesday in US time. But it was December 10, 1998 in Philippine time when he died around the globe time zone. To tell you the truth, music is also one of the forms I really like to write. Writing with music makes sense creating a numerous lyrics you would to compose of. But none of my works become famous.


The first anniversary of my studio will be starting on March 16, 2013 and that is on next Saturday. Not today. But there is another trivia I will be telling about. Did you know March 16 is memorable for all Filipinos? Why? It is because that day of March 16, 1521. The Philippines was first discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in March 16 in a bloody battle with Lapu-Lapu in Mactan Island, Cebu province of the Philippines. And I’ve discovered last year. Of course I also really like history and literature plus the interests in music.


The first blog site I have had it before was blogspot.com, but I’ve to deactivated after making to 100 posts. Mostly are irrelevant topics in my blog. This blog word is considering to me as studio. Mostly here in the studio I’ve been making are literature, entertainment, education and some other stuff. I want it to be look like a newspaper archives when I need it to be look like. In my matured age and right time, I’ve improved a bit. Mostly I consider when I have mistakes. I let my critics are consider my challenges to improve more of my English. Inside and out is sometimes hard to accept although I’m not a type of the guy who would love to go out and spend money somewhere. I’ve rather stay at home, selling cellphone loads to customer, watching in the television and making an articles.


Writing becomes my habit. And habit becomes sometimes my diary. Speaking of diary, I’ve lost my diaries before. I also made some of my diaries before during my high school time. That it considers one of my improvements to go beyond of my limitations.


Why writing becomes a form in my life? Of course, I read some of the articles in the newspaper whenever it’s headlines, sports section, business section, lifestyle section and entertainment section. One of my favorite articles I’ve reading about in the newspaper are headlines, sports of basketball in United States’ NBA and entertainment sections. Entertainment is really becoming my form of habit to read about the movie section, the section of celebrity status and up-to-date in music industry. And in the other hand, I’ve ending up as a poet, a scriptwriter, a fantasy novel writer and somehow I really want to make up a movie as a part of the production.


Making a movie creates a massive of brainstorming ideas, suggestions and doodling storyboard. It takes a lot of determination, courage, passionate and form of loving to make. Maybe a director, a producer and a writer takes responsibility to make a good movie or television series. Everywhere you go, you really love reading. I also love reading in the sense of my nature. Normally I read most of my likes. And to mention literature is one of my forms becoming to be a writer. Again, I’m not a good writer. I just love to write. End.