Spanish Seventh Quote:


Nunca vea el oceano,

nunca ven los cielos,

nunca se cruzan en su mente

que entrego su alma

la mia lo que es.


Puesto que usted es mi amor

entonces ques es eterno

y un beso vardadero del amor

existe en un mundo tenemos

y juro ese amor

todavia tenemos restos

en nuestro corazon.


El amor puro, alma pura,

toda se ha tomado

el amor doloroso, alma dolorosa

siempre que realmente exista

esa manera adentro de mi.


Y entrego eso

un dia nosotros voluntad

que tiene nuestra propia boda,

en el dia que la resolvemos

repararemos mi corazon

para que usted pemanezca.


Spanish Eighth Quote:


No patronice

cuando usted esta enojado a mi,

no consiguen mirada fea

cuando le ensucian encima de

pero llavere su lugar

otro donde usted

no puede ver los extremos del dia.


Vea abajo, vea sobre

porque los mares estan mas claros en azul

ven en su izquierda, ven en la su derecha

porque las direcciones son usted que pierde

de usted

en lugar de otro que ase mi atencion

lejos de usted,

no vacilan gritar siempre que

mencione su nombre

demasiadas veces.


Adios, mi amigo

sino el no salir no es mi respuesta

adios, mi amante

sino el no salir no es lo que usted ve

y ados el mundo

en lugar de otro usted esta creando las ilusiones

donde usted puede ver los pajaros

el volar a traves del oceano al settle.


Pagueme detras o

usted pudo no desea oir que

todo lo demas de su amara unos

porque usted sentira

algun dia la misma manera que

soy colera de la sensacion, el odio y la lujuria.




This is where the part of my journey as my segment for my Spanish literary works. I haven’t post a seventh and eighth quote poems. Nonetheless, it is quite interesting for me when I write this quote poems. I learned a few on the start. Because I really need a Spanish lessons. Although my auntie passed away already. This is where I must continue writing Spanish literary works where she really loves me replying in Spanish e-mails before she died. Well not everyone does, but I’m sure it is really quite amazing. But somehow, I bring another set of my literary works in Spanish and some translated in English. Have fun reading, my fellow readers.


Seventh quote poem:


The real story behind the seventh quote poem is when you seems lost and desperately looking for the true love. But in the sense I am writing about this, it seems there are three people in the story. Why? Because the other partner has already a child which it is a female with her a male child. This is really quite interesting for me when I am writing down about this. Well of course, you have seen a lot of television series about this. But this one is quite different from others. One true love is what the male doing in his part, but on the other half is the female with her male child. They have been living in their own lives.


When they discovered on each other, not the child, but the couple are. They saw each other after six years after. But the lady didn’t tell the man she love have their own child on her life. But later, the partner realized that their child is not belong on them. The lady is having a third party between the person she loved and the person was supposed to get married. They seems lost. And why are they stopping? Because they didn’t want the child to see the pain that the lady have had in her life. It was really pain and sorrow when you see that way.


And this seventh quote poem is about love and hatred quote poem. You may never know your partner is having an affair to another partner. Because this is not the television series. This is in fact, a self-made story that I’ve made.


Eighth quote poem:


This eighth quote poem is also about hatred. But it never mentioned here the true love. Why? Maybe it doesn’t appear too much of this quote poem I’ve made. Well of course, every time I am writing down a new quote poem, it is really quite disturbing. Maybe it’s not intentionally hurting someone, but it’s really there already. Once you hate someone you really don’t see him or her, it is automatically determining you don’t see him or her again in the future. Yes, it might be harm to them.


This quote poem doesn’t have own story. Maybe it has too much harsh words I am writing down. Maybe somehow when I look the way the world sees anything, it could be anything. Maybe an end of the world would be an interesting story. Or maybe an interesting topic about Day After Tomorrow would be quite disturbing story.


Seventh Spanish quote is translated from English version:


Never see the ocean,

never see the skies,

never cross in your mind

that I surrender your soul

to mine whatever it is.


Since you are my love

then it is everlasting

and one true love kiss

exists in one world we have

and I swear that love

we have still remains

in our heart.


Pure love, pure soul,

everything has been taken

painful love, painful soul

whenever it really exists

that way inside of me.


And I surrender that

one day we will

having our own wedding,

on the day we meet

it shall mend my heart

for you to remain.


Eighth Spanish quote is translated from English version:


Don’t patronize

when you are angry to me,

don’t get look ugly

when you are messed up

but I shall take your place

to another where you

cannot see the day ends.


See below, see above

why the seas are clearer in blue

see on your left, see on your right

why the directions are you losing

from you

instead grabbing my attention

away from you,

don’t hesitate to cry whenever

I mention your name

too many times.


Goodbye, my friend

but not going away is not my answer

goodbye, my lover

but not going away is not what you see

and goodbye world

instead you are creating illusions

where you can see the birds

flying across the ocean to settle.


Pay me back or

you might don’t want to hear

anything else from your loved ones

because someday you will

feel the same way

I am feeling anger, hatred and lust.