Commitment is always the word for the meaning of “the committing to oneself.” But did you know the word of commitment? It came from 1611, commit + ment meaning “the committing to oneself” deriving to “an obligation” in 1864.


What is commitment? It also defines to relationship, courtship, advocate or continuing to serve. It is how important what goes at the back of your head. Let me define you a commitment in various meanings.



Relationship in commitment:


1. Sometimes when one male is engage into the conversation, your feelings must overflow to the opposite sex, the female part. But when you create some a commitment, it may lead to another level of relationship. Meaning it may define if you want to have a marriage or a long-term relationship plan with your partner.


2. One young teenage male and one young female doesn’t know the term of commitment. Sometimes, the females has hormones in their early ages, knowing to know the youth wants to get in commitment. But in the same way, teenagers are sometimes different point views of life. Whether it’s a male or a female.


3. When you are going to have commitment to a partner, you usually ask for a date first. Then at the back of your head, you ask her or him out for another dates. In the successful events, sometimes you risk your life ending your relationship to another level. That’s marriage.


Commit + ment sometimes for a different version of meaning, an obligation. You oblige a partner just to court you or to have relationship with him or her. Well for me, I haven’t oblige partner yet. I don’t know how to feel my feelings to express for her. As far as I know, I have had two dozen and a half crushes (and still counting) since I was huge admiring her during my elementary days. Many of us have occasional feelings. But if you can see the world is multiplying an amount of seven billion in population. Commitment is also deriving in other terms to help unfortunate people. In other words, an advocate, comes a third meaning of commitment.

Shake for commitment

Shake for commitment

You commit terms to help people in your community. The community sometimes seeks for a help from you. And the obliged politicians in the local government wants to improve the social needs like medicine, food, shelter and a house to live. In the local government where you can see the busy people in the city proper, politicians and officials are orderly committing to help people in their needs. When you need a job, sometimes a local government sector gives commitment for the people’s needs to give back their financial problems. Sometimes I do have a feeling to help, but none of my actions are not clearly to help. Because in myself, why can’t I help myself first before others? Maybe so or maybe not.


Okay, let’s define commitment. What other synonyms do you want to know about commitment? Is there anything I can discuss about. Just let me know, comment in my article. So I can improve more of future articles to be written.