Dakota Fanning as Jane Volturi

Dakota Fanning
have made 32 movies already including her as the child actress in the movie of I Am Sam with Sean Penn. Yes, that movie have made a lot impression for me. Sam and I have the same cases but he has a child in the story but I don’t. Remember when she walked away every time she wanted her father to have beside with her. It was like being attached to your child. She is born on February 23, 1994. But my birthday was 4 days before her birthday was. But she is born on the Year of the Dog. But I am born in the Year of the Rooster.


In her memorable movies was I Am Sam, Twilight: New Moon, Twilight: Eclipse, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Coraline out of her best 32 movies since 2001 until 2012. I am not fan of Edward Cullens and Bella Swan. But I was eager to see her as the protagonist in the Twilight series. Being as Jane Volturi, her character became dark for me. But I love her being as a different character.


Coraline was an animated movie. She played as the voice actress of the same-name movie, Coraline Jones. I thought at the start was very scary but it wasn’t. So I was a bit of liking her character there. Who wouldn’t think about the Charlotte’s Web? She was also there in the movie of Charlotte’s Web playing as Fern Arable. But the favorite children’s animation series before was Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch. She played as Lilo in the movie. Isn’t that great? She played well in various movies.


I love her nature, in fact Dakota Fanning was also in my part of my story. Although I won’t able telling you what her name there. I just wanted to have inspiration from her. Because being her is a good idea to have maintaining figure and the character. She may be not any child actresses before, but with Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart was also became child actor and child actress before they were all becoming famous. Maybe in their lives, she will also becoming one of the favorable bank actress in the future, maybe in the Oscars Awards.


Dakota has a sister, Elle Fanning (four years younger than her), who has been part of the movie also of I Am Sam as the younger Lucy. Well luckily I found some interesting to write about them. Elle was also in the entertainment industry as same with her sister Dakota. But Elle was also a model.


What I love Dakota Fanning? Because she has green eyes, and I couldn’t resist of the color eyes. If I were an American, I would have the same eyes of her. Or maybe I will have red eye on my left and yellow on my right. Maybe I couldn’t resist about eyes of different nations.