Seventieth-Seventh English Quote:


The sadness wept tears away

thinking a new day would come,

but somehow my sadness turns

like a drop of water from the faucet.


Tears comes a new way of joy

when I am too overexcited

to see the everlasting smile

and the joy we have share

is the last thing

we would do.


No matter how happy you are,

I am always be with you

even the eternal life

is at the end,

we would be together again

in the next life.


Seventieth-Eighth English Quote:


Shape up for the things

you always love the most 

and I fill your day

to be the wonderful

and happiest moment of time.


Every breath I take

and every time

I’ll need love from you

is what I keep in my heart.


Love breaks in time of suffering

and only time will tell

that I am needing you

for eternity

and I will be watching you.


Don’t you see

until my heart aches from you

and I keep hating you

if you blind me too much

from each corner of my life.


Please go away

if I don’t need you anymore

but to tell you the truth

that it really hurts for me

to leave you alone.


Then if I am with you

that sometimes I feel

in a hundred ways

I am still in love with you

from these years.


And sorry that I

keep worrying you

for me it doesn’t

feel too much

I never take it seriously

if I fall in love again

and just to say

it is never too late

to be in love again.




Love is essential when you are making quotes, sonnets, songs or poems. If you don’t have what it requires, it is sometimes you don’t feel anything. You are like a normal human who doesn’t have experiences. Well I do normally have, but telling in secrets won’t give you a hint here in my quote poems.


The first one I have to discuss you is the 77th English quote poem. This is a short sadness quote poem. It normally requires you to cry but sometimes it doesn’t need to be have one. Well of course, if you feel the way you can feel. It occasionally happen in real life.


The most important tip you have to make is to express something inside of you and something it has to have feelings outside of you. People are sometimes pin-pointing the views of your life. Maybe I am little to guess but sometimes a big crazy poet. Yes, I am not-perfect poet. But to tell you the truth personally, I write anything. When writing something like this quote poems, it feels me the way I am telling the conclusion or the story about the quote poem. Sometimes it doesn’t have stories. But when writing includes the characters, it involves the quote poem into a larger scenario.


This 78th English quote poem is love quote poem. This one have painful, love, sadness and complicated sections of this quote poem. Why? If you find one quick line, you will recognize the sadness, love, painful and complicated sections. Maybe a little misinterpretation give you a complication explanation. That is why when writing comes a second-hand in your life, you will find in your life sometimes it really requires emotional. Love is always there and every time love exists, it requires physical feelings. Well not all of them, but a little few I guess.


If you love literature so much, you will find yourself in a dark room where you can express your feelings. Then a little you know sometimes finds you bigger explanations.