Jodi Santa Maria

Jodi Santa Maria

We all know Jodi Santa Maria as Maya in Be Careful With My Heart that top bills every morning in ABS-CBN. Jodi  Chrissie Garcia Santa Maria is the prettiest faces in the entire network of Star Magic alumna. Well of course, I really admire her because of her prettiest face. With known as versatile actress, Jodi remains in the network of ABS-CBN. Or simply we called her as Jodi Santa Maria.


Jodi’s first appearance was Gimik where the inspirational icon Rico Yan worked with her during his years. Jodi is born on June 16, 1982. She is in Year of the Dog in Chinese new year and in zodiac sign of Gemini. Jodi made 39 television appearances in the network while she achieved 18 movie appearances.


With Rico Yan in her first year of appearances, Star Magic circle batch was released that included her and Rico Yan. Both of them were the first among that appeared in ABS-CBN. One of my favorite television series I watched was Gimik (1999), Pangako Sa Iyo (2000), Kung Fu Kids (2008), Tayong Dalawa (2009), Noah (2010-2011), 100 Days to Heaven (2011) and the most successful series, Be Careful With My Heart (2012-2013).


Jodi have worked already with Rico Yan, Dominic Ochoa, Marvin Agustin, Jericho Rosales, Kristine Hermosa, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Piolo Pascual and among others. She may be the prettiest faces in the network that pair with Richard Yap. And she is the most admired person of this generation.


Despite she has a child already, she remain one of my favorite faces in ABS-CBN. Well of course, Be Careful With My Heart co-actors admit that Richard Yap and her have link in romantic scenes in the said of series-hit. Loving her is the most important. No matter what other people have said to me, she is unbeatable. But I am willing to describe her one word and that is, “breakthrough.” She is the most breakthrough artist this year and yet she records the platinum of the album of Be Careful With My Heart series.


Being having work together with Rico Yan, Jodi is in my top list that I consider to work with her. And I haven’t get a chance to meet her yet. But I’ve met Giselle Toengi and Nikki Valdez already during Rico Yan’s years. But to tell you honestly, it is hard to say of this but sometimes I dream of her. It’s an admiration that I’ve really admire of her. Her acting skills is already in next level. Perhaps I would like more to see her in the future. Together with Rico Yan, Giselle Toengi and Nikki Valdez I’ve met already in person, they were all good-looking and down-to-earth. If only Rico Yan is still alive, he would probably replace Richard Yap in his role of Sir Chief in Be Careful With My Heart. Richard and Rico have both chinese lineage, thus the same of their good background.


If you can tell me what story I would to give her as a role, I would probably putting her as one of my main cast of my own story of The Legendary of Fireice. Nobody would claim that title and of course, nobody knows my story. That is why I am still eyeing to be the actor, writer and production staff in the entertainment industry. Like Rico Yan, I also have business that I’m doing for almost 6 years and 9 months already. And I have a lots of story catching in the production world.


Making a television series-hit could be hard to make, but if you love the entertainment industry so much. You would probably love making movies, television series, recording songs, production studio or even higher achievement, the first production theme park in the Philippines just like in United States. Investors would probably invest their money to provide more jobs for all Filipinos and create a largest tourism that can catch up in Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore.