Going to Rico Yan’s place made me to move. But somehow, a strange white thin air just like a flash appeared in your eyes. It doesn’t have to be in shape, but somehow a restless soul wander around inside my room. Yes, if I sound crazy, I hear sometimes an eerie voice inside at the back of my head. I would like somebody to hear sounds crazy.


When I was younger as a kid, I used to get scared at horror movies like Chucky, Halloween stories or like Shake, Rattle and Roll series. But now, whenever I hear something, I will keep my secret that I can hear and sense if there is really a spirit around you. If there’s really a compound of air, a sudden rain, or something that it can fall, it reminds you that is something get strange in your way. We all have sixth sense, the intuition. Intuition reminds you not to do it anymore. Or maybe it reminds me not to do it anymore. I used to get something when I was a kid and not returned to the item’s owner. Somehow along the way in my growing period, it really stop in my stage that I learn my lessons. Lessons along your road to success sometimes makes you growing stronger.


Well, this is definitely the part three about Rico Yan. Rico Yan is the shape of my inspiration in all corners of my life. He really shapes me up. He somehow build me up from my wrongdoings. Whenever I never think of him, he reminds me to think of him. For somehow at the back of my head, this guy is something to do in my life before. Of course, I watched his movies before. He have had 12 movie appearances and 10 television appearances including where he worked together with my uncle in ‘Sang Linggo nAPO Sila. It was really amazing for somehow in shape of universe.


Okay, let me talk about the heaven. You haven’t see the heaven yet. But for somehow, my dreams are like big heaven sequences. And this is not the psychologically answer to your thesis or whatever it is. I’ve had two accidents before. It was when before I entered fourth grade. It was summer. During that time, it was President Corazon Aquino years. Those times were having difficult in electricity. And we’ve had florescent lamps before. Or if you could remembered the generators. Those things were lighting inside of your house. When we were together, me and my siblings were playing around the house. But when we were going out occasionally to Quezon Memorial Circle, that was where we used to play bicycles. Honestly, I didn’t know how to drive bicycle in two wheels. So my parents made me to rent a pedicab that had three wheels. Then at the moment we were at home, I rushed down to the dining room and the area was dark and wet. But my feet was cold as an ice. I threw my slippers or shoes, if I could remembered during those times, in the living area. And of course as I almost could reached the plug to the socket, the plug had a broken issues. And there, I’ve been electrocuted in my first accident.


Rushing to the hospital, of course, I woke up inside the hospital room but it was definitely a total blackout mind. It was a blur, dark and nothing to remember. Those times, I heard some angels speaking in our language in Filipino. I’ve already explained to my parents but they refused to believe that I can see spirits in my mind. Everywhere you go, somehow there are no signs or nothing to see to believe it. But in my case, I keep my secrets. Here in the article, let me remind you that this is no longer a secret because I’ve already explaining what is going on to me. That was my first accident.


And there was a second accident before going to enter in high school. I was in sixth grade. Before graduating in March 1994, I saw Rico’s commercial already. If I made it clearly or not, just comment me if I am wrong. Rico’s commercial was Master Eskinol facial product, his most first commercial. Of course, everyone have laughed at me because I haven’t get a pimples yet. But I was teenager already as I’ve passed my birthday in February. So I’ve made it clear.


Rico’s legacy grew bigger in my life. He might be in heaven or he might be reading my article as I am writing down this article down to my fingers. Believe me if I am wrong. And I might get confused or misinterpret if you are going to tell something to me. But this before graduation in elementary, my mom and I’ve supposedly going to AISA (formerly Academe School) to get an entrance exams. She have been my great mom. She was. And she was my support all throughout my years until now. It was because she conceived a birth and that it was me. I am a third child in five siblings. After all, throughout these years made it clear with Rico’s legacy.


But there was a terrible accident along the road of Sumulong Highway. And I thought that it was near in Cogeo or Lower Antipolo. My eyes were shut. And I couldn’t resisted to sleep longer in a long trip to Antipolo. And our home was in Quezon City. So I was going to have photo shoot in the studio to get one-by-one identification photos. And one moment I woke up, it was when I’ve ended up in hospital again. The truth was when the jeepney bumped my shoulder bone to break. So that was why I’ve ended up in hospital. My classmates were worrying about me because I didn’t attend graduation practices. It was days. Or maybe a week less before graduating made it clear to me. So I’ve graduated twice during my elementary days. One was when I was in sixth grade. And the last one was during my seventh grade. Honestly being having graduating twice from elementary days, it made me clear and stronger. Because when you are going to high school, you have to get ready. High school days were tougher. It means you have to get study more. Less peer, more study. But I was not as an intelligent as a valedictorian was.


I’ve graduated with highest colors in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. So if you don’t get study in Grade 7, it means you jump and don’t want to get part of finishing part of the school. Most of the private schools have seven levels in elementary. But some of that I know have six levels. Don’t make me wrong. This is my explanation. Seven levels are more important in life than going to six levels. Because complete education of fourteen levels from preschool to high school made you tougher and stronger. And I really loved my schools I went to. Tough education is my home to hone my knowledge. In face, I’ve missed my school a lot. Since I’ve got graduating from high school and college, things were different. Tough chapter I’ve been through was the backbone in my life.


As I’ve telling you about this, this kind of illusion of crazy moments went at the back of my head again. They were blurry, dark and crazy feelings that I saw some angels. And this time, I saw some reflections of my past loved ones who already passed away. It was both in my father’s side and my mother’s side. And I didn’t know which one was my relative in my father’s side or mother’s side. It was a bit of complicated. And I think you wouldn’t believe me either I am going to write this craziest thoughts.


Back to the Rico’s subject, it was morning. I woke up around 5:45 am in the morning. But I’ve managed to get some sleep. Because I drank coffee before going to sleep. It was around before midnight. And I couldn’t get to go to sleep. I’ve opened my computer and surfed a little in facebook. Finding out there was a little active users in my list. Some of my relatives were in Canada. Most of them I think at the back of my head. To tell you the truth honestly, I really don’t know. Just because I was awake, I’ve been trying to get awake in the entire trip going to Rico Yan’s place in Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque. And I’ve been told my mom that I will be going a week before. Or maybe that was two weeks ago. Because some of my dreams have said to me, Rico was reminding me that he needed to say, “thank you for visiting me. Please visit me again in my birthday.” It was because I went there alone last month. And that was February 10, 2013, Sunday morning. I’ve lasted for around 45 minutes. I put down some two candles and prayed over him about 15 minutes rosary. Then later, I was telling what it was going on my life right now.


Then at the back of my head, I was telling him, “I will visit you next time.” That next time was his birthday. And that was last Thursday, March 14, 2013, the fruitful first visit in his birthday. Because of the firsts became my first visit in his birthday. I gave him whole day just to think of him and speak of him. I’ve spent two or maybe one and a half hour just talking to her. I also brought candles again and lighted them up. And I prayed a fifteen minutes rosary for him. Just a strange white thin compound air or white gust quick flash light appeared in my face. Then I’ve been realized there was no white butterflies anywhere. And I thought it was really of him. He made me thinking of him again. In my thoughts, he have been said again, “thank you for visiting me. Please bring some of your closest friends and I will return some blessings to you.”


Quite amazing. But somehow it didn’t click my thoughts. So at the back of my head again telling me, I’ve been dreaming of him again. Last March 1, 2013, I went to Enchanted prom night. And it was so memorable prom I’ve ever been experienced. That girl was the same lineage where Juan Luna and Antonio Luna was in the lineage, the famous historic names in the Philippines. So I’ve guessed it was right. And I’ve asked her the right question. During that night, I’ve said to Rico Yan, “thank you for bringing me to this wonderful association. It made me clearer one step at a time to become one of the artists just like you, Rico.” So the next day, I’ve asked my mom if I can go to his place in his birthday. And I did.


I went home sailing in my mind and dreaming of him once again. If there was a chance to visit him again, I would probably go to visit him again. Countless times and countless days are the moment to remember.


March 14, 2013. Thursday. His birthday. And I would probably not write this if I am not stronger to become a perfect human. Well, not as a perfect human, but I am doing this on my own. I am fixing my life from the scratch to the top of my success story. Believe me if I am wrong. He once said to my dream sequences, “John Paul, I am proud of you of being standing out of your own. You did your all expectations this year. You proved to everybody that you are the perfect example person somebody have to look on. If you are following me, allow me to say this. You will go there in your dreams just like I do in my years in showbiz years. Just believe in your dreams. If you are still following your dreams, follow in your heart. People are sometimes in the world of entertainment industry will look to you as a perfect example. And perfect example that will change the government and the entertainment industry around the world.” After he said it to me, I’ve becoming thinking clearly at the back of my head.


When will I become an artist to hone of my talents in acting? Of course, I love music. I write my own songs. Sometimes I write for the artist who can interpret my lyrics. When I heard the Himig Handog music contest, I almost lost my way but I didn’t want to have affected to me. There will be more distractions along the way on my road. Distractions somehow are the big examples of challenges I will confront later in my life chapters. And I’ve still remember my first huge crush, Antoinette Taus. If you are reading my article, Antoinette, I would hoping to meet you someday. It was when I saw you in Thai restaurant in Katipunan area. And I don’t have guts back then. This time or somehow, someday I will meet you. And of course, my ultimate celebrity crush today is Toni Gonzaga. I really love her. Although I’ve met some artists before from Nikki Valdez, Giselle Toengi and among others I’ve seen it already.


This sign for you, Rico, I would dedicate my article just to share to my fellow readers and followers. And I hope we will meet in eternity life. Thank you for compromising me to become success someday. And this is where I must to say goodbye for now in this article. And I write again in next topic.