Happy 1st studio year anniversary!


Since I haven’t post an article a few days ago. Since this is my first anniversary article, I would take note as a different version for this year. There will be a few adjustments. But in the same way, there will be another set of quote poems soon.


I’ve made 78 English quote poems (English quotes 1-35), 54 Tagalog quote poems (Tagalog quotes 1-26), Sunday Sonnets I-III, 3 short stories (A Sailor’s Code, Road to America Chapter 1 and Winter Islands), 8 Spanish quote poems (Spanish quotes 1-4) and 3 songs (Halfway Around The World, The Sunset and The Girl I Love, and Valentines 101) that made it published already.


Then I’ve made some progressed stories of my own life diary, from Insensitive Side of Me 1-5, 29 chapter life diaries: A Day to Remember, Another Challenge, Anticipated World, Back to Workspace, Bag of hope and faith, Best examples to learn, Changing lives, Civilized world, Computer and food, Difficulty finding a job, Enchanted, First Appearance, Friends that can last, Generations, High Expectations, How I overcome Down syndrome, Learn from confessions 1-2, Learn from experiences, Lessons in love life, Living and accepting, Love and Tragedy, Memorable moments, My 2nd Happy Walk, Passing grades through challenges, Resolution for 2013, Return in Neverland, Series that I watch and World of employment.


And I’ve added some elements for my studio articles such as Business (Where to start to have Business), Entertainment (What I know about Alodia Gosiengfiao, What I know about Britney Spears, What I know about Coco Martin, What I know about Jodi Santa Maria, What I know about Rico Yan and What I know about Toni Gonzaga“) Law article (Freedom of Speech), Music article (Music to my life), Specific article (What I know about President Corazon Aquino) and Tribute article for Rico Yan (Lifetime inspirations, My inspiration for Rico Yan, Numbers of Rico Yan and Special Remembrance for Rico Yan), Education articles (Favorite Subjects, Human Stages and Special child issues) Relationship article (Commitment) and Television article (Aryana, New line of TV shows, Princess and I, and Walang Hanggan “Infinity)


So far I’ve made progressive last year and I’ve made 180 articles. And I topped some of the best comments I’ve received from 19 articles out of 180 articles. The most comments of my articles were A Dog’s Life and NBA Dynasties with 12 comments and 1 like each article. And the most likes of my article was Why writing becomes addictive with 10 likes.


Each time I write an article has making progressively. And last year’s views were 2,840 page views. The last thing I know that my page views this year goes up with 3,098 views. It becomes accurately progressive for me. And I know for the world has to know that I am an exquisite writer. I’m not as good writer as you are. But to tell you honestly, I prefer much to be call as to love write whole-heartedly.


In the beginning, I wrote and I published. But I was diminished. So I stopped 10 years from which I became too much of words to express. And I don’t know much of the SEO, or page ranks either in the beginning of my life. Yes, I’ve become interested to return last year as I regularly write some of the articles I want to publish. Maybe if you are much conscious of your writing, then you will notice it has something that has to change a little improvements in my studio. I have had blog before in blogspot.com nearly 11 years from now. It had nearly 100 article posts. But along the way, I’ve stopped. So I’ve deleted. After numerous of breakdowns, depressions and frustrations came in to my life in the span of 10 years, and so I’ve said that it was time to go back writing again. So my first article was Expecting the unreal world and published on March 16, 2012, a year ago already.


And did you know that day was also the birthday of discovery of the Philippines? And so I think about. And it is so memorable. Like I do mostly in my life is write and write everyday, even in my diaries or store quotes from my cellphones. Those are the most improvements of my life. But the real birth of my addictive in writing was on December 10, 1998 with my first poem. So I’ve remembered and so the history lived on. Philippines turned 492 years old already last March 16, 2013. I also love history, entertainment, sports and some what I want to write about, a limitless in the universal language of English.


And the last favorable I write about is me. I love exchanging and sharing my point views of my life. Although being having with Down syndrome is exceptional, I am deeply in love to girls’ heart. But honestly, none of them become my girlfriend. Only crushes I mostly admire because of them. That is where I put my inspiration in writing and pursue what I’ve to become. People should know someday that my studio will grow bigger and mature in the future.