Mobile Phone Evolution

Mobile Phone Evolution

There are many reasons why I am writing about Addiction vs. Discipline. This is to provide children have to avoid addiction in every aspects of life: television, computers, technology, facebook, peer and sports. Well first of all, this is not one of my hard writing topics. This is one have to challenge parents to provide their child or children to help or to keep addiction away just to have activities. And I have one common goal for the children, be more responsible at early age.


1. Television


Who would forget the television is number one addiction? Well first of all, when I was a child, when there was no parents inside the house. I was given a freedom to watch a television series in weekends. But to tell you honestly, I watched television series every night when I was a child. I was very addictive.


Problem: When the child or children have been obsessed watching television series at earliest age as one to three years old, your child or children could have attempt to open the television set. There is still a cure for watching too much of television series.


Solution: Activities you need to teach the child or children: Give them a time with heart and compassionate conversation. Engage them to play board games for an hour.


2. Computers


This is the second hardest addiction that can’t avoid from the children. When I was younger, there was an Atari games, console games such as Family Computer or any kind of games that can distract for the children. But when it entered the 1990’s, everything has changed. The Playstation and Playstation 2 have been already introduced to the society and so the world have been looking forward in the game society. And so the computer lan games have been also introduced such as Warcraft, Counterstrike and among others. In 2000’s, Playstation 3, and other console games have been predicted creating a massive multi-player online role playing game or MMORPG. Ragnarok Online have been launched the first years in 2000’s. And so the other online game fanatics have been offered young audience to play. What’s the use for playing games? And Facebook also have been introduced in America 8 years ago or maybe 9 or 10 years already. I’ve had been watching some of my friends in America who have accounts a very long time ago. And so I thought writing about an article about this. When I’ve graduated from college, I became addicted in computer online games. Since then, it haven’t been stopped me playing online games or console games. But I’ve rarely playing games for now. Because I’ve learned my lessons. And I’ve stopped playing online games and console games since 2009.


Problem: Is your child or children have been obsessed playing computer games or online games? If yes, there’s still a cure for an addiction in games. If your answer is no, then your child is not engaged in computer games.


Solution: Give them a heart-to-heart conversation. Don’t give them a separate solution. Give them an activity in the house, a household chores. Or engage them in the physical activity where you can see them. Give a physical activity to teach them and practice it for one hour. Or you can teach them in one hour mental activity such as “What is this called?”,  “Picture This”, or any kind mental activity you might teach interesting for your child or children. Give them a responsibility time for their needs.


3. Technology / cellphone


There are lot of technology you can equip in your house. It’s either gadgets or cellphone. The first cellphone have been introduced in the society was 1973. The first hand-held Motorola have been a wide experience for everyone who have this a long time ago. But did you know that hand-pocket mobile that it was introduced from walkie-talkie? Hmm…well first of all, cellphones are made to have communication for emergency or to have communicating long distance. So what it’s purpose having this topic for this Addiction vs. Discipline? The purposes are have to keep away from children and to avoid them playing in their hands. Gadgets and cellphones are the same technology built from man-made. My first cellphone I’ve received before was Nokia 6110 back during my college years. I wasn’t tech-savvy type of person. To tell you the truth, I’ve got been hooked and addicted playing games also in the cellphone. It wasn’t that bad or good. But honestly, my cellphone now was Nokia Classic 3120 and I’m looking to buy my own cellphone in the future. Because I normally have cellphone where I got from the gifts in Christmas or in my birthday.


Problem: Is your child or children have been obsessed in technology or cellphones? Playing technology inside your child’s room might be a problem for you. So I’ve decide to put a solution for this topic.


Solution: Give them a schedule to use their appropriate needs in spite of conversation. Sometimes when communicating in each other may cause a conflict. And give a lot of time to them whenever they need you for a special occasion.


4. Facebook


What is more concern of facebook? Sometimes children have been exposed in social media network of Facebook. In terms and conditions sometimes they break rules and regulations. Exactly four years and three months ago when I have my facebook account, I didn’t notice that sometimes this social media network could be really resourceful. But sometimes, it exceeds your overusing the time despite your busy schedule. Facebook places third or fourth in my life. Because when you need something emotional, you chat or communicate with your loved ones. And not for the games you’ve really want to play. In my studies about facebook, in Malaysia the rate of children have accounts of this have been exposed in their earliest age. Before, I’ve also got hooked and addicted in facebook. Not because of the social media network, but I’ve rather play facebook browser games (or application games).


Problem: Do you want to have facebook account for your child? Does it really intervene with your child or children of this facebook? Maybe yes or maybe not. In this issue of Addiction vs. Discipline, parents will find interesting about this topic I’ve bring.


Solution: Give them a schedule about using terms and conditions of the facebook account. Never give them whole day to use the facebook account for a long time. If they overuse the time, give them a priority of physical activities, heart-to-heart conversation and household chores. Don’t give them an exceeding time (or extra hours). If they are going to the internet shop just to use facebook, give them an exact money for their food money and transportation money. Sometimes an exceeding money may trigger in their time to use in the internet shop.


Advices: Give them a schedule to get what they’re really need. Computers places second-hand. And sometimes, reading a book in the library may give them a time. Or researching in the library may give them an extra intelligence.


5. Peer


Sometimes in life when you’re exposed in environment, you intended to have communicate and exchanged notes with a new friend or a new group of friends. Choose wisely to your friends. Of course, the number one rule in life was” don’t talk to strangers when you don’t know them.” I have good friends back in elementary, high school and college. Well everyone knew really about me especially just because being having with Down syndrome was not an excuse. I wanted to have a normal life back then. But I’ve realized family places first in your life. In reality when the child or children don’t have parents, they were the ones who can lean to talk to. 


Problem: Does your child have a peer of friends? Does your child wanting to go out regularly at nights or days? Does your child have poorly education in school? Well this is a perfect opportunity to share here in the article of Addiction vs. Discipline.


Solution: Arrive early at home. Advice them to stay at home and study comes first in your education. If you have give them a good time for education, give also their time in household chores and limited time in television. Give them a schedule in weekends. Don’t scold them. Give them a heart-to-heart conversation when they really need a communication. Give them a curfew time so they will understand the time when they grow up.


Advices: Schedule them in a guidance counselor, a child psychologist doctor or relatives to go to. They will find time in their school and relatives.


THE MAIN GOAL: Your child or children will learn the discipline at the end of the day. Then they will realize when they grow old. They will remember your advices. Somehow I’ve really learned much from my parents. And parents are the gifts from above. They are the ones who will guide you throughout your life. Despite being having with Down syndrome I have, I’ve really learned my lessons when I was still a kid. Throughout my life, somehow along the road gave my best from them.