This is my walkthrough achievements where you can see my latest and old achievements I have made it so far. Each day and each night, I make some new and some old must have throw it away that it doesn’t achieve so far. But I deserved what I got from my life. Maybe a yes if it’s worth it, but if it’s a no, then it’s not worth it. Somehow along the road, I find lessons that I have to learn. You have to earn it through experiences you can get. Just like when you are playing an role playing game, you can select the character and choose the road of pilgrimage of your character.


Hmm…it really sounds like a game if you really want it to make so interesting. But here in the walkthrough you can read, it is about me and my success stories. Well some of small and some of big successful stories may have come in your ears to hear and eyes to read it.




1. My first acting experience


Maybe this was a little chance when I got an acting debut back in my elementary days. Well of course, acting was little curious for me. Yes, we always have had a program back in our elementary days. I played as a small role and that was a soldier that my classmates have had a skit play about Ferdinand Magellan and Lapu-Lapu. And I’ve really remembered that. As I was slowly staring in the audience dying like if I was care. The audience really gave us a winning masterpiece. So I did my best. (This was when I was still in fifth grade.)


2. My first dancing experience


Also back in my elementary days when I have had a chance to dance with my classmates in front of my schoolmates. We didn’t have a studio or theatre back then. So I’ve really had a chance to dance. Practicing to dance was a hard for me in the start. But along the road, I’ve learned the tactics and techniques how to dance very well. (This was when I was still in sixth grade.)


3. My talent in drawing


Of course, anybody have a chance to draw in a sketch pad. But not from me, I don’t have a skill in drawing. Ever since I was in elementary, I drew a lot of Science drawings from plants, animals or human that made me encountering with a pencil and a paper. So I did an amazingly idea when I showed it to my Science teacher. Then she surprised when she gave me a perfect score in I.W. (or individual work). Somehow I’ve managed my grades well in Science but I’ve always failed other than academic subjects. Somehow I wasn’t able to get attention to my other talents was. (This was when I was still in sixth grade.)


4. Dance number in my grandparents’ reunion


Along the road when I’ve learned how to dance, my maturity in dancing improved a little. But I wasn’t having serious dance number. Me and my cousins did a dance number before. And I thought having dancing in front of my relatives was giving me a chance to prove that I don’t have stage fright. Well some of my cousins also gave me a chance to have a solo flight back then, I was little curious and I did my best. (This was when it happened during March 29, 1998.)


5. Love for literature


Soon after I’ve fell in love in acting, dancing and drawing, I’ve also encountered writing in literature. It gave me a passionate to do some poems, songs and sonnets. Back then, my grammar and sentences didn’t improve so much. Because I was able to get some lessons how to write well. But I did my best. Although my first poem was dated back in December 10, 1998 and that was Thursday. Somehow I’ve remembered carefully how I can write properly. It has to be simple. That was how my mother always said to me that it has to be on you how you to write. (This was when I was still in junior year high school of 1998.)


6. Graduating colors in high school


I was little confused, complicated, dazed and eager to graduate during my senior year in high school. Along the road I’ve accomplished, it was very thankful for me that I really did my best as a student. It was very sad story for me that I’ve to graduate during my senior year in high school. But it was a good chapter for me. My improvements have had me so far that I finally got managing to graduate colors in high school. High school was very hard to graduate in that level. Every subject you have to learn whether it’s elective or not, you have to do it by your own or by help from your parents or relatives. High school is important in education. So if you don’t get in high school, you wouldn’t get college career. My highest grade in high school as far as I’m concerned was Economics with an average of 88. I was very proud of it. Because I wasn’t get an attention to any other of my subjects. I was able to have finish on time. All of subjects were on the line of 8 except for one subject, the High School Math: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. It was really hard but it was important subject when you entered in college. It’s either you go in engineering, animation, or any related course, it is always there as a college math. You have to deal with it and have to challenge. And somehow I’ve managed to get a high school diploma through my hardship of working in my subjects. In graduation ceremony, I got an outstanding ovation from the audience because of my father’s speech. He was a guest speaker for my high school graduation ceremony. I was very happy that I’ve really enjoyed studying in high school. (This was when I was still senior year in high school of 2000 graduation year.)


7. Dancing for the first and second time in AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo


Why dancing again? But I was getting a culinary degree in college. I’ve faced my challenges. In fact, I did two times already in the year of Summer 2002 and Summer 2003. Before I’ve graduated in Center for Culinary Arts, I’ve asked my parents if I can study and take dancing lessons in Airdance in Quezon Avenue beside the National Bookstore branch. So they did me registering in dance lessons. At first, I have had with my brother in 2002. It was a great experience. But somehow on next Summer 2003, he didn’t join but I forced to continue my habits in dancing. And so I did continuing. I’ve managed to dance in a whole crowd for the first and second time in AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo. Our dance teacher was formerly member of Philippine All-Star dance group. (This was when I learned how to dance prettily well in Summer 2002 and Summer 2003.)


8. Graduating colors in Center for Culinary Arts


Maybe it gave me a span of years to finish a culinary certificate in Center for Culinary Arts. About when I started on May 2000, I gave a little fresh start to get a summer cooking classes before going in a college in Center for Culinary Arts. And I got a passing grade of 75. Well to cut the story in short, I’ve given a two colleges to get into. One was Montessori College near our home and one was in Center for Culinary Arts. Both of them have given a passing grades to me. But in Montessori College, I’ve got a highest score of 88. No wonder I can beat the scorer. I wasn’t an intelligent person but I’ve given as a smart-thinking person. So I’ve graduated in CCA on July 4, 2003, Friday afternoon. (This was when I was 22 years old in the year of 2003.)


9. Accepted being having with Down syndrome


It was so many years to cut in short. I’ve given a chance to think what would my life be in the future? To cut in short, I’ve always denied and denied of what I have being with Down syndrome. So in fact, I’ve a given opportunity to get out of the shell of my story. I saw a wide crowd. They were saying, “abnormal ba kayo kung yayaman kayo? (Are you abnormal if you are given as a rich person?)” This was when I started going out in networking job. But I’ve realized they were wrong. Being as a rich person makes you so wrong. Communication tool is a powerful tool to use in a good way, but not in a bad way. But along the way, I’ve discovered my both family roots from my father and my mother’s side. Both of them have had a rich history in family roots. So I’ve decide to step backward to push forward in a good direction. I’ve found Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or to cut in short, DSAPI. It was in my father’s side where one relative’s friend was a volunteer of DSAPI in Davao Chapter. And later, I’ve joined in February 2012, the 20 years of celebration of Happy Walk. It was my first time to join in an organization. And so I did my best to cut my negative sides of my life being having with Down syndrome. But it was already 2 years already that I was ready to accept it with my heart whole-heartedly.


10. First delivering short inspirational speech in UST, Alberto Magnus Bldg.


It was a greater experience I’ve ever had in my life. And it was my first time that I spoke clearly and slowly in my first delivering short inspirational speech in University of Santo Tomas, Alberto Magnus Building on November 19, 2012 in Monday morning. I was thankful I’ve had a given chance to speak in a crowd. But I barely knew anyone in the crowd except for the one who invited me in UST grounds, it was Jennica Gan. I’ve never had a good time of this experience. To cut in short, it was a blessing.


11. First of firsts


I’ve had a first organization ID card in December 2012 when I became a part of DSAPI. It was my first. After that, I’ve also got a first postal ID that I got since September 26, 2012, Wednesday afternoon. And after that, I’ve also got my first PWD ID card last March 19, 2013. It was first of everything. But getting a NBI clearance was the second time already. But I’ve managed to get my first police clearance last January 2013. And it was also my first time I’ve got applying my own getting a passport last January. Like I’ve said, it was first of the first of everything.


12. Third memorable prom of the year


Being at my age of 32 years of age doesn’t mean you were old already. And it was my first experience to have a partner as a not relative, but an occasionally part was having with a La Salle partner. Past of my two prom experiences was also my part of my life. But this was the greatest adventure. I’ve even had a date with a distant relative of Juan Luna and Antonio Luna. Because her name was Luna. Like I’ve said, it was a great third memorable prom of the year and in my life.


The main goal of my achievements is one remaining goal in my life. I have to get into the entertainment industry as an artist. Despite I’ve being with Down syndrome is not an excuse, but to share in the Philippines that I also have a talents in acting and dancing. If I were given a chance to sing, maybe I’ve to take a vocal training. These 12 facts of me is a great honor to tell you that this have to be honest feelings as a writer. Like I’ve said in the past articles, I’m not a good writer but I love to write. Because writing proves me having with a passionate to write.