Red clouds have been passed and flow

each and every memories have to scatter and

might be good for you to stand,

every Sunday has a gap to forget and not law.

Mornings have come in your way

but each time I’ve remember him, I just look,

each time sorrow feels on to you, and it shook

remember him is what we have to sway.

I’ll never forget the day and night,

never forget his face or acting, but

grieving you is not on my list to forget.


You, my only last hope to get,

only one star above has never been to shut

under million of galaxy stars have been to sight.


I’ve really adore you and so are we, remain

silently when you speak.


My last breath to take, my hope and my main

youth is surely not a meat, just like a steak.


Lean on me, my friend,

all the times we have been together

sincerely, and my heart is on her

then the last time has to be end.


My dying youth, my clouds endlessly, mine

even won’t to look for the thing

might encounter for the world for everything,

only feast of food is ready and to be thine,

remember him closely and I’m surely will bring

you and I have never been closely like a ring.




Five days from now, it has been 11 years of his death anniversary. I was surely remembered him and so are you. But the thing I wrote in this way of being captivity in sonnet. I’ve delivered all the words from the back of my head. So I might be a good clear one memory from him: Don’t forget his name when the times have to be clear. To tell you the truth honestly, Rico Yan was the only actor who brought Star Magic to ABS-CBN conquest. So I’ve might known for years or for you, my fellow readers. Then for surely, time is essence.


Why Sunday Sonnet IV, and not Remembrance Sonnet for Rico Yan? Well of course, I’ve never been decide yet what to name. And so I will put Sunday Sonnet IV instead of the long title. It might a good title. And this is a great series of Sunday Sonnets. Sunday Sonnets are not based on any particular of day. It must be a Sunday, because of the day. But it’s really kind of weird and crazy. It must be a laid off from me.


Today is a special day for me because for the next days are gone for me. I will be going to our province early this week and I might not be able to update some of my articles. And so here I am, starting to wonder what to write next.