Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo

We all know about Kathryn Bernardo as Patchot in her latest movie of Must Be…Love. Well at first when I saw her a glimpse in acting, she was very good in her last television series of Princess and I. With Daniel Padilla as her leading man in Must Be…Love, both of them were amazingly the best partners of this generation.


Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo was her real name. Or we also know her as Kathryn Bernardo. Her birthday lies today, March 26, 1996. She is born in Cabanutuan City. Her zodiac sign was Aries and her Chinese new year was Year of the Rat. Kathryn was still studying in OB Montessori where the other actresses Aiza Seguerra and Antoinette Taus came from to study in one school in San Juan. Although Kathryn was the newest addition of this generation, I’ve must said that she was really amazing as a student and an actress. But Antoinette became my first celebrity crush. But Kathryn for me, she is beautiful but I’m not falling for her. Antoinette was really special celebrity for me because we both came from Montessori. She came from OB Montessori and I came from Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo.


Most of her accomplishments went to her as the best teen actress in the television series of Princess and I. Then later from her latest movie appearance in Must Be…Love together with her leading man Daniel Padilla was also a successful hit in the theaters.


Remember the classic drama series of Mara Clara when Judy Ann Santos played as Mara and Gladys Reyes played as Clara. Kathryn and her friend Julia Montes were both real friends in real life. But in the series of Mara Clara 2010, they were playing as the opposite characters. Kathryn played as Mara while her friend Julia played as Clara. Kathryn proved the audience that she was a good actress of this generation. Everyone was telling Kathryn have been comparing to Claudine Barretto. But Kathryn wasn’t Claudine Barretto. Claudine worked her acting skills on her own. But Kathryn Bernardo was Kathryn Bernardo. Claudine was going to turn 34 years old this year. But Kathryn is turning 17 today.


Kathryn have made 10 movie appearances and 24 television appearances. Julia and Kathryn came from the television series of Goin’ Bulilit. The both graduated and turned maturely in their roles. But Julia was one year and one week old than Kathryn was. Julia have been celebrated debut party of her 18th birthday in Fernwood Gardens where my relatives owned the venue that her family have been celebrated in 18th birthday. But in the same way, Kathryn proved the critics and the writers of her acting skills have been leveled up already.


In her last television appearance of Princess and I and her movie appearance of Must Be…Love have gained a wide young audience who really loved Kathryn and Daniel so much. So the KathNiel is born because of their love partners on-screen. I wasn’t sure about if they were going really dating each other. Both Daniel and Kathryn were still young. No matter what they proved for the young audience, the young audience would probably bought the tickets to watch their movie in theaters.


Other Kathryn’s television performances was Super Inggo (2006-2007), Pangarap na Bituin (2007), Prinsesa ng Banyera (2007-2008), Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa (2009-2010), Magkaribal (2010) and Endless Love (2010) before the revival Mara Clara was also released in October 2010.


Kathryn also appeared in the past movie appearances such as Gagamboy (2004) as Tsoknat, Nassan Ka Man (2005), Supahpapalicious (2008) as Young Athena, Way Back Home (2011) as Joana / Ana, Shake, Rattle & Roll 13 (2011), 24/7 in Love (2012) as Jane Dela Cuesta and Sisterakas (2012) as Kathy before the Must Be…Love was released two weeks ago.