Live another day when you need someone,

in times of strongest day

verdict of a person stay

each and everyday to have a strongest one.


All the times have nothing to kill

nothing have a common in one blow,

drench a water out in the faucet to flow.


Dying for you that I have to be still,

in terms of strongest night

each time I have to go with you in daytime.


World without an end have had a slime

how can you stop the flight

even the strongest enemy have not been knock out,

never surrender or never scout.


You seems nothing to be beat

only two or one have to force a wave

unless an army forces to leave outside of a conclave.


No one in the table leaves to eat

every meal that haven’t gone,

each one has to be a stronger male

dream one goal to have a female.


Only one animal has not return, not a single bone

nothing has to be return

each time you leave.


Forests have been pass and have to heave

only one knight have not been kill and turn

remember one leader has a strongest heart.


Then one last entry has to be in one art

on the day of a strongest sun

might have been a longing moment

of only knight has turned like a mint.

Returning to the castle with only son

receives the last testament of a will’s courage,

on the middle of the afternoon

when one servant of the church is the nun.


Every one’s heart is require not in rage

not a single arm,

desiring wanting to be a king to claim.

It’s not one person have to aim,

never love your day and don’t always be as a charm,

gone too soon and then again

sincere is always what one soldier has to gain.




When one day or night has return, there is always a humble beginning for one knight has gain rights wanting to be a king someday.”


This is exactly what I am doing right now to write another series of Sundays Sonnets. In this Sunday Sonnet V, it is the story about the knight wanting to be a king someday. Well of course everyone likes King Arthur or somehow someone has to like Robin Hood stories. Its’ about the bravery and courage knight. In his journey, he finds difficult in his quest. He killed a thousand enemies on his way and yet he haven’t found a right lady to get married to him. Because his heart is for his kingdom before his father will retire from the throne. But in the end, he finds a beautiful lady who covers her face with a fine lining cloth. When the knight offers a marriage to the lady, then the lady have to say no. Because she is way too beautiful to get married with a knight. She is the most beautiful lady in the kingdom who serves her heart to the Lord. But what the knight discovered, he thought his lady was a nun. So the knight asked the kingdom of God asking permission to get married with a nun. And in the end, it was a happily ending after.


Everyone likes own version of stories. Well in this kind of Sunday Sonnet V is very helpful to discover you want to seek. Well of course, not everyone can really do this as a unique sonnet. This is the kind of sonnet I’ve use to make in the past year of experiences.