Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

We all know about Michael Jackson as the most successful pop icon in the world. But despite his death on June 25, 2009, everyone have had inspired on him. So his legacy in music still lives on. Michael Joseph Jackson was his real name. He have born on August 29, 1958 where he born in Gary, Indiana, United States. His everyone called him as MJ.


Michael Jackson revolves in my life. During my childhood years, he was the one who introduced how to dance. He inspired me a lot in his dancing skills. So I’ve made an article tribute for him just to write this article. His brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy were the originals of The Jackson 5 until they discovered Michael also have talent in singing. So Michael joined the group of The Jackson 5. Michael’s sisters were Rebbie, La Toya and Janet Jackson. Marlon’s twin brother, Brandon, have died shortly after the birth. So the Jacksons have successfully driven the America audience to their successful performance in the early 1960’s.


It was when The Monkees was in their era of new music of 1960’s. Janet Jackson, Michael’s youngest sister, was later successfully a singing sensation in her generation that entered in 1980’s. Michael’s top-selling album was Thriller that was entered in 1982, shortly a year after I was already conceived from my mother. His top-selling songs, Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough and Rock With You was his first songs that entered him as a solo artist. Michael left The Jackson 5 in 1978 when the Motown Records wanted to give his successful career. Despite The Beatles have fallen in late 1960’s, the Jackson 5 took over the music audience.


Billie Jean, Beat It and Wanna Be Starting Something were also released together in the album of Thriller that released in 1982. Later, the song, We Are The World was released in 1985 where he co-wrote with Lionel Richie for the Africa and US who have difficulties finding a food.


Despite his appearance have changed him, every writers have criticized his behavior. But for me, it doesn’t mean he have changed, his heart have still unchanged for the children around the world. Michael Jackson continued his advocacy to the children who have poor in health. Later in 1988, the Bad album was released in 1988. The songs I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man in the Mirror and Dirty Diana also have made successful one of the top-selling albums in all time.


Michael may have been changed in his appearance and his voice was a bit out of range of his voice but he kept his performance top of his level. His one of his signature dance moves was Moonwalk after the movie of Moonraker that was released in one of James Bonds’ films.


His next eighth album Dangerous was released in 1991. The first song of the eighth album, Black or White, have successfully reached the number one spot in US Billboards. Remember the Time was also released and was successfully reached the top selling of his albums. Later Michael Jackson have founded Heal The World Foundation that was opened in 1992.


After three years, he released his first compilation of his songs in HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1 that was released in 1995. His duet with his sister Janet Jackson in their duet song Scream have debuted in 1993.


After numerous charges against him, Michael have felt nothing but to perform in front of his audience. When he returned in the stage in 2009, his supposed last concert was about to released but it was untimely that he shocked the world. He died on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles, California, US where he left his fans shocking and felt the world would mourn him. I was one of the avid fans of Michael Jackson. If he didn’t die in his age of 50, he would more contributed the world with a peaceful foundation of Heal The World.


In my opinion, he would more discovered more talents everywhere in the world with a resourceful of entertainment industry. I would definitely look up to him but Rico Yan was still one of my first inspirations I’ve been look up to. Michael Jackson was one of the millions who discovered the youth where he saw malnutrition children in Africa and US. Many have believed it was one of the findings that he drank the anti-stress drugs that prescribed by his personal physician Conrad Murray.