Running late

Running late

Life could be really hard if you are not multi-tasking person. Well, in this article topic Time Management will bring you some curious cases about your time. It is easy to say, but it it difficult to juggle your time. What is your problems anyway if you are really hurrying to go to your job? Do you have what it takes to do your time management? Do you go late to your job? Or do you go late going to your son or daughter’s schedule? Errr….it’s really hard mixing up your situations. Your answers will solve in the right time.


First things first, clear all your thoughts at the back of your mind. Then your usual routine time will flow together.


1. When your time spends more in computer and rather you spend other things you really want to do. The problem in this solution is less your activities in your computer, especially for the children. Do more activities by doing your physical activities to avoid eye-contacting with your computer. Too much computer sometimes may lead in wrong health and conditions including your vision. It may includes the condition to your computer stress or computer strain.


Other activities you may want to add: do your habit by a regular simple exercise (bending, moving, yoga, stretching, etc.)


Solutions: Make a schedule. Habit yourself to have time with interacting your children. (To the children: make a schedule of playing for one hour and reading a book for one hour and other activities as well.)


2. Are you getting late in your job? (For children: Are you children getting late to the school?) Sometimes your schedule is really juggling up with your time. Sometimes it may eat your time less doing your other activities.


Other activities you may want to add: do your habit by someone will remind your time schedule.


Solutions: If you have secretary in your job, advise her or him for your schedule. If you’re at home, make a habit reminding yourself by making a calendar reminders. Sometimes you may find your time excessively other things you want to do.


3. Eating your time going to your wrong place sometimes makes you unprofessionally. Sometimes I have time juggling with my own schedule between making articles and doing walk regularly.


Solutions: Make a habit by alarming your cellphone notes to remind you ahead of your time. In this solution, you will returning the excess time into the extra time. Always go to your job for extra three hours. Your traveling time is one hour. So get into actions by going there by early. Early arrival in your job may reward you in the perfect attendance.


4. Easy small jobs are sometimes eating your time when you find playing in the computer rather spending doing your household chores. (This is reminder for both adults and children in this generation.)


Solutions: Don’t play your computer when you are about doing something. Always remind yourself with a note in your cabinet, wall or anywhere you can see the note. So that you will keep noticing yourself do your chores in the house rather playing games.


5. Does your Sunday have difficult juggling with your time to your children or family? Sometimes I do giving myself an extra hour by giving them your time.


Solutions: Go out with your family in the mall. If you have schedule with your meetings, cancel all the meetings in Sundays. Have fun with your family or children by giving your time with them. An excuse is not a problem anymore because you will find yourself as a guilty person.


At the end of the day: Sometimes you find easy juggling your time management with a perfect schedule. Multi-tasking is a big factor for all ages that includes your children. I always get on time when I am on the job. But that’s in my past resume. For now, I am able juggling time with the television and doing other activities as well.

Computer strain

Computer strain