Seventieth-Ninth English Quote:


I ask a little favor

then I think

that is a doubtful question

of what I lose a ground

and where I should

standing now.


Maybe it doesn’t fall

or didn’t count the way

it matters, it speaks

and it think for itself.


You laugh for no jokes

to get serious

or cry for not sentimental

but I guess,

it’s not really meant

to be that way.


Two hundred hurdles,

and one lap takes you

more to discipline

and to mind over heart.


It’s officially there is

an answer

and I won’t take it away,

for you to know

is a better quality than quantity.


Eightieth English Quote:


Well done, my friend

for I am not here for you

then I am nothing as a

fiercely beast you can see

and prove it if you’re wrong.


You seek the land to see

better reason to ask me

as an ugliest answer,

better not tell me if you

are not really ready to battle.


Fine, as I say to you,

for I am here to battle you

and tomorrow

there will be no war

between of us and I don’t care

for your utter words.


And I create the fiercely wind

when you don’t know how

to speak the emotional feelings

for your wife don’t know

about the meaning of kingdom.


People of this land won’t

even care for your speech

for you’re not a king,

but you’re a worthless man

who doesn’t know the pride

and courage to stand.


So better to speak and truth

will come out eventually

that you are the same man

as you are in the past

and leave the kingdom to me.




The well-known quote poems are better to read in short. Sometimes when you read some longest quote poems is sometimes hard to understand. It seems a few quite invisible lines are hardest to get to understand. Somehow in my way, I also, too, can understand my feelings drawn in my literary works. Maybe a few poets have manage to make and create some popular quotes, poems, and sometimes a sonnets. One of my favorite writer is William Shakespeare. Somehow he draws my feelings whenever I write it down the poems, songs, sonnets and even the quotes. I’ve a hundred literary works but until now I’ve never found a single literary work to publish here. Maybe in the future can manage me to open the new door of opportunities for me. Luckily, all my literary works were kept secretly in my friend’s house. Hmm…if I could only go there and retrieve all my belongings one by one.


79th English Quote:

One of my biggest inspiration in my life has written in short quote poem. But in the same way, it has same feelings whenever I write new one. But this 79th English quote poem was a year older already. So I’ve decided to write and publish here in my studio. In this quote poem, it describes the pattern of emotional quote poem. This particular lines are pretty well written whenever I’ve encounter one of my past life. The way how I feel and whatever I feel sometimes makes me comfortable when writing an older version or creates new ones. And I believe that every sentimental in the world is really exists. It has something material or memories that you collect in the past. Maybe you don’t want to forget the memories in the past. So the last line was, better quality than quantity have said, “it is something that you receive your innermost feelings than to count the blessings you can count.” It’s a bit strange of feeling but I can tell you it’s the way of feeling I can tell.


80th English Quote:

This is the medieval quote poem. And it is my first time to write screenplay that turns into a quote poem. Somehow it excites me. But in the same way of feeling, I’ve undergone through my emotional patterns that it’s eager me to write new one. And this quote poem is exactly I’ve made it today. First of firsts is the first feeling of expression you want to write new quote poem. But in order to have that, you must have to clear your mind of nothing to think. Just be yourself and clear your thoughts. Somehow it is better to write new quote poems of new meanings of new life. In this medieval quote poem, it’s also have an anger management issues. There are two people in this quote poems. One was the king and one was the right-hand knight who is able to sacrifice to rule the kingdom in case the king dies. They were both arguing the kingdom to defend against enemies around the kingdom. In their neighborhood countries have strongest forces in weapons, but in their last hope was to defend and honor their kingdom as well. Both king and right-hand knight have had the same feelings in king’s wife. well of course the right-hand knight have relationship with the king’s wife. It is similar to the story of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot in Arthur stories. But the king knew that his friend has relationship with his wife. He have seen them getting in sexual intercourse, but both of them didn’t bring up the issue of sexual intercourse. But in the end, they won their territorial disputes against three countries who wanted to claim their land. The king died in his old age and the right-hand knight became the king. The right-hand knight have four sons that his friend’s wife conceived with his relationship. So the good ending was truly happily ever after.



This is the newest addition for my quote poems, AT THE END OF THE DAY. AT THE END OF THE DAY is similar of IN THE NUTSHELL. Well of course, it proves me something that I could write a different version of my quote poems. Here in 36th part of English quotes have different point of views. And of course, the 80th English quote is the new version of series of medieval quote poems. It will be added something that has to change in my literary works. And of course, my inspiration in writing comes a bit of new generation poets and writers. And I’m not a good writer. I just love to write.