Beauty is an art,

everything in the world has to live

and the only I have yours is the heart

unless the world has to thrive,

then I would be at the end

in the stretching table has to create

full of dishes have not to bend

undo my stomach with the food I ate,

let the world receives full of love.


It has to be only you to wake

since I will beginning to cook the pork.


The destiny of dove

full of surprises has to stake

even the delicious dishes have to use with the fork.


Beauty is not world of night

every humans have to live in sight

since I only have one hand

then I would be at the end to stand.


Keeping you to gain the weight to eat bread,

every single of memories have not to be told

yet it’s not the right time to have a game.


Of every single night I have the fame

for you don’t need to go bold.


All the love I have is not to be read

let the children need a food from foundation,

it’s not you to have the heart of black

vain is not the easy as I have the purity that I lack

everything that I have is not from you but the nation.




Love was easy as you have been told to love someone you’ve really been in love. But sometimes it rarely gets what you really need to do something, then you don’t what it’s really special between you and your partner is.”


The sixth series of Sunday Sonnets is the part of exclusive contract with the things I’ve really in love writing about. Well of course, anything about the love for the literature sometimes gives me special talents. This is not easy or difficult. It sometimes gives me special about it. Sunday Sonnet VI is the sixth Sunday series I’ve been writing for this year. If you have read Shakespeare Sonnets, and then I guess that I have to make my own uniqueness creating sonnets.


Sunday Sonnet VI offers you the most beautiful meanings in your life. This sonnet is about the love and understanding about the thing you’ve been really in love with. And of course, something has to be exchange with your love in your life. This sixth sonnet reminds you about the beauty around you. And the beauty I’ve been talking about is to live happiness and the world needs to know is about you. Hmm…not quite exactly what I have meant to say that, but rather I will say the simplest words. People around me gives me really special. And that ingredient is about the love. The love I’ve been talking about is unconditional love. Because being with existence of being having with Down syndrome gives me part of new life. And the beauty about myself is how I’ve been carrying through my life is.


Do you know the first words that encrypted in Sunday Sonnet VI? It’s encrypted in, “beauty is the best key of alive.” Do you know why? Because living beauty inside of you reminds the beautiful of living existence. Make of your life with useful informations. Make physical activities. Make a lot of new friends. But beware of things that might ruin you are the people who are not believing you. In my meaning, it’s called “negative people” around you. Those who want to abandon you, ruin you or massively creating negative feelings towards you sometimes makes more proud of what you have. It gives you the new strength. And the strength you have inside, make useful for it. And I believe if you can do that way, you would probably create the world with a turnaround.