English language is my best preference of my first choice language. And of course, I’m a Filipino. Anyone who is trying to make it best, that is me who wants to be the best of all.


Why English is my favorite language? The quick answer is because I love literature and the nature of being spoken of English. English for me is the universal language. Everyone who speaks English can be outspoken to your rights. And why English? Because I’ve really adore Americans, Englishmen, Australian and New Zealand who really speaks English. They were the first countries who really spoke English in the first place. And their unique of speaking their words is highly recommendation. Although my point here is taking advantages about speaking in English and writing in English, I’m really wanting to become who I really want to be. Just to be myself. I may not be a perfect writer, but I always love writing.


Spanish or Portuguese language may come in second hand in language. Because their language have in other countries. They have really rich in history making their language. And why I also love Spanish? Spanish language comes in second language because some of our words in Filipino have transfer from Spanish. And some of our language words have different dialects from other provinces we have.


Chinese language may come in my third choice of language. Although I don’t know how to speak in Chinese or how to write in Chinese, it’s because I believe it is opinion where I come from. My family roots from my mom came from the mainland of China. So to speak, my great great grandfather is half Chinese. I come from a middle-class family. But I don’t want to speak some of the information I have. This is to prevent  from people who want to know me better.


Japanese language may also become my fourth choice of language. It is because I love their nature of discipline and how to become like a Japanese. Japanese drawing or anime is what I’m really in love about. Their nature in anime may become my favorite part of my life. Drawing and writing are my hobbies. And I’ve always love what I’m doing for my best.


And why do I really in love with these four languages? It’s mainly because it is part of our life. Japanese have entered in the Philippines during 1940’s. While Chinese have already part of our nation which mostly have entered since 14th century. Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese have all distributed in our nation. For my part of my love in English literature or English language have already enhance mostly in my life.


Being having with my condition of Down syndrome begins something that I didn’t discover along time ago. But what I discover in myself is that I prove that I am really in love with who I am today. When I was a kid, I always thought that I can’t be myself today. With English, it is mainly considering my favorite part of my life. I am proud what I’ve accomplish. But to tell you the truth honestly, I didn’t know that I can be a poet and a writer. In the start of my life, I didn’t see my life back before. But it’s mostly black as the background is.


It’s rarely for a person who gives this gift where I can enhance more and improve more in this field of English language. And what did I get grades during my elementary and high school before? Hmm…to tell you the truth honestly, it was below the average of 8. And I wasn’t that intelligent back before until I proved that I can improve and enhance through experiences. It was since the 10th day of December 1998, the day of Thursday afternoon, I began myself improving more and more throughout my life. And I can’t stop being having with my condition. But what I really am in love is how to get the girl’s attention that I’m different from other guys. If I have only prove something I want to discover is how I am really bring my life on this way of living.


And do you know why I really been find someone who is willing to open with me? Hmm…it could be someone who’s intelligent. I have friends who have been intelligent. And sometimes they help me in times I need them. And mostly of my crushes are intelligent. But I’ve really stop admiring with someone I know. Because I have to prove myself as a better person. Know yourself better than to anyone. When you really love yourself, sometimes you need to know your side of your nature. My nature is something that I have my own unique. And that unique is sometimes I can help myself for. This English language I am writing about is to prove myself if I’m a better or not. Because you never know if you’re still good or not. Just be yourself and write what is in your side.