Kahit Konting Pagtingin

Kahit Konting Pagtingin

Kahit Konting Pagtingin or Just One Glance have replaced the top-rating show Aryana in one of the best shows in ABS-CBN. Although it gave a shorten period of the television series, it had 53 episodes that it will end tomorrow. Kahit Konting Pagtingin stars Angeline Quinto plays as Aurora Cantada, Sam Milby plays as Adam Ledesma and Paulo Avelino plays as Lance Ledesma. All of three stars have gone in a successful projects. Angeline firstly acted in the movie of Born to Love You with leading man Coco Martin. Then she gave her breakthrough acting in her first television series of Kahit Konting Pagtingin. While Paulo came from the successful television series of Walang Hanggan that had ended in February 14, 2013.


The supporting cast of the television series were Joonee Gamboa who played as Don Arturo Ledesma, Mylene Dizon as Nerisssa Ledesma-Dimagiba, John Lapus as Milo Santiago, Tommy Abuel as Val Cantada, James Blanco as Jacob Dimagiba, Jordan Herrera as Ivan, Snooky Serna as Faye Ledesma, Alexandra Macanan as Giselle Ledesma, Jon Lucas as Eugene Cantada and Lance Angelo Lucido as Peter. Also part of the television series were Ahron Villena as Eric Ledesma, Bianca Manalo as Mabel Romero, Lloyd Samartino as Philip Ledesma, Coco Martin as the bus passenger and Precious Lara Quigaman as Olga.


In the start of the series, Aurora Cantada was working in the bar where she met drunk man, Eric Ledesma. But despite Eric doesn’t want to ruin his life, he told his girlfriend that he would marrying someone’s else if he saw the first girl in his sight. But he saw Aurora and they exchanged conversation. Eric gave something precious for him to Aurora and Aurora refused to accept the gift. They left the bar in a while. But along the road, Aurora and Eric got in a car accident. Eric died in a car accident while Aurora have survived in the car accident. She woke in a car accident and saw Don Arturo in the hospital. She explained Don Arturo that she wasn’t a girlfriend of Eric. Despite she refused, Don Arturo held his chest and almost gave a mild stroke.


Aurora was given a second chance to live and met Don Arturo in the hospital. So in return, Aurora finally confirmed that she wasn’t able to refuse the conditions. As Aurora came with Don Arturo in his home, she saw the huge mansion in her life thinking what she would do for her family living in the shanty homes. As Aurora almost got a shower in the comfort room, she almost sat on Adam’s body in the sauna but Adam have seen Aurora in the sauna. When Aurora came out of the sauna, she also bumped Lance on her way when Lance and Aurora fell on the floor.


Aurora quickly got up from Lance. And Don Arturo came inside the comfort room and saw Lance, Adam and Aurora. He had introduced Aurora to his sons Lance and Adam. Along from the series, Aurora have never thought Eric has two other brothers. So in a glance, Lance gave a heartwarming welcome to Aurora to Ledesma Family. And Adam didn’t believe that Eric chose Aurora to have wedded. So Adam gave orders to his investigators to investigate Aurora’s background. But Lance gave Aurora a chance to meet the Ledesma family and even in a glance, Lance gave something that Aurora would get a chance to Lance.


But when Aurora was trapped in investigation, she explained to Lance that she would do anything for her family. Aurora lost a job, but eventually Lance gave a second chance for Aurora to get in the Ledesma’s family again. In spite of all decisions, Nerissa have never chose Aurora to be part of Ledesma’s family. Faye also didn’t like Aurora’s intentions to be part of the family. But when Adam got sick, Aurora have had a chance to play as a caregiver in the family. She would even cared for Don Arturo and especially to Adam who have been sick lately. While Adam have been sick for a week, Lance and Jacob took a chances to take over the company while Adam was away from his work.


When Adam finally got up from his sickness from his two weeks absence from his work, he returned to his work and found out that he had finally living up with Aurora. He may never got revived from his sickness, but Aurora did all her best just to cure Adam’s sickness. When Peter showed up in Ledesma’s family, he pointed Adam and Lance as his father but Don Arturo didn’t know what to do with the boy in the family. Instead Aurora came to the rescue and played as Peter’s mother. But Peter loved Aurora so much as it turned around, Peter called Aurora as his mother and Lance and Adam turned as his fathers. Faye also didn’t know about the fact of the boy’s history.


Since Eric have may been gone so long, Aurora’s background have finally revealed when Nerissa showed up with the fake relationship between Aurora and Eric. Nerissa have told Mabel Romero from New York that Eric have already died. In return, Mabel returned home in the Philippines just to provide the news from the Ledesma’s family. When Don Arturo and his family have chances to meet up with other guests and relatives in Eric’s funeral. Nerissa had introduced Mabel to the Ledesma’s family. Don Arturo have found Aurora was a fake person who was having relationship with Eric. So he gave Aurora to get out of his family.


Back where Aurora was living with her brother Eugene and her father Val, Val have reacted in Aurora’s story and showed what was really going wrong in Ledesma’s family. As soon as it reconciled between Aurora and Ledesma’s family, Aurora returned to the Ledesma’s family when Peter really needed Aurora in his side. Don Arturo have forgiven Aurora in all of consciences Aurora have got in. And Faye may have never forgotten of Aurora’s feelings when Aurora gave a puppy to Faye. Faye have a soft spot in dogs but Nerissa didn’t like dogs in the family.


When it troubled between Lance, Adam and Aurora, both brothers have found out that they were both falling in love to Aurora. But Lance was even persistent to get Aurora’s heart. When Lance and Adam got in a trouble, Don Arturo have seen his sons fighting and caused an almost stroke again. Both brothers took their father in the hospital. As they reconciled at the hospital, both of them were already calm and peace in their voices. Instead Adam would take over as CEO in their company, Adam would take Don Arturo in United States to look for a recovery process.


Adam have even felt his feelings to Aurora when Lance got serious this time around with Aurora. He got Aurora in one surprising event that he would wanted Aurora to be wedded as his bride. But Aurora have said yes. So the news have spread including where Adam and Don Arturo was in United States for a fast recovery. Aurora also found that Nerissa have troubles with Jacob. Jacob was having an affair with Jinky. And Jinky was one of Aurora’s friends in the shanty homes. So Aurora reported a problem to Lance and the news have gone in to United States where Don Arturo was having a fast recovery. In the long of period of time, Adam and Don Arturo came home in the Philippines and surprised Aurora.


What would happened in the ending later in the television series and for the tomorrow’s final episode? Is Adam finally telling his interest to Aurora? What would happened in Nerissa’s plans to Aurora when she gave orders to Ivan to dispatch Aurora soon? Find out later and tomorrow’s ending.




In my opinion, Adam would finally showing up for interest to Aurora. But Lance have still on his way to win Aurora’s heart. And Nerissa would end up in jail and she will accuse of all company’s problems. Don Arturo on his part would finally give Aurora and Lance a blessings where Eric is happy to see his brother Lance getting married with Aurora. I’ve never thought this television series gave a wonderful series in 2013. Angeline’s acting was a powerful move for her. Although some of the critics have saying that this series is a flop. But I’ve say that this series, I would give 7.7 out of 10 a thumb mark for this series. I write for my way. And I don’t write negative write-ups. I only write ups with a good stories. No matter what stories will come out is still a story. Angeline’s second acting in her career may have been a surprising audience to look forward in another project. And I hope Angeline, Sam and Paulo would do the same thing for other projects.