Let your day begin to deliver

it’s not you whenever you are going to live

velocity is one to pass and to forgive

even one person has sleep and shriver.


You only acknowledge your job to shine

only that it matters you is to frown

unless you don’t want but to become a clown,

remember one thing that you are going to be fine.


Day has gone by and nothing to eat

all it matters is your pride and pain

yet you always to push forward and gain.


Acknowledge your day has to become and defeat

since the day you run out and to walk.


Then one thing has to believe and talk

however you can’t pursue to operate

every time you think the night is the light.


My memorable days has gone by and one sinner

only thinks for itself or to be thinner

says it all that it’s always bright

then you guess it’s right has to be rate.


Become one by yourself to roast

even the day itself has become a cloud

all things are miserable and have to start

unless you don’t to become my heart.

Ten times as the music goes loud

it’s always been you to be boast

for every time you ride a boat

unless there is no doubt to float,

let your day fills with a swirl.


Dreams are made not to be real, but a shave

always been a flaw but

you never have what it really feels like a girl.


There has been a thousand miles with a cave

how the two worlds have never been to shut

and it always have never be the same that you’re too cute

then I always said that it’s never be a black.


Choosing a world with a reality that you lack

remembering how to play the flute,

envy me that you never want me to puncture

all the way that it matters to pass

that whenever there’s always two worlds of class

enter into a reality that has to be sure.




When love enters one world of happiness, love is always that matters the most important in our lives then it has to be happiness all the time. But it always succeeds you in the most promising of your career in something has to return for your dreams. And it always have the same meaning of life to live entering full of happiness.”


Tears of joy is actually that I really want to express. It’s that I always how I explain one of my series of Sunday Sonnet VII. It now becomes one of my favorite day of the week that how I choose the day of Sunday. First of all, in this kind of series whenever it’s emotional stress, relationship stress, commitment, medieval, or something how I really want it to write it down. Somehow it excites me how important of Sunday means to me. Sunday to me has a meaning, it means a freedom to write independently and how it forms from my emotional life. Yes, I may be a little sentimental. But to tell you the truth honestly, being having with a condition of Down syndrome doesn’t stop me there. But it’s telling how I am really important in each form of human lives. And there’s always a light in each of the tunnel that it will lead me to a brighter future.


Sunday Sonnet VII is the seventh sonnet of Sunday Sonnets. The first Sunday Sonnet was released last February 3, 2013. And the Sunday Sonnet II came on February 10. And so the other Sunday Sonnet III on March 3, 2013, Sunday Sonnet IV on March 24, Sunday Sonnet V on March 31 and Sunday Sonnet VI on April 7.


How did it form of Sunday Sonnets? Simple. It was perfectly for me to create choosing Sunday. At first, I was a little of mesmerizing of medieval times and also the mixture of William Shakespeare and Emily Browning. But William Shakespeare was one of my forms to express for my sonnets. He have had a thousands, or I believe in numerous sonnets that he had released in his past biography. So it really came to me fourteen (14) years ago. It was one of my first sonnet I wrote fourteen years ago although I started to write literature in 10th day of December 1998, day of Thursday afternoon. And it is mixing my feelings how I really perform to write Sunday Sonnets. And the part of my inspiration was William Shakespeare. There were many times I felt desperation, frustration and depression of my mixed feelings during later of late 2000’s. And so I was feeling a little bit of going back where I was started. And so I started to write again in literature. First, it came the English quotes series, Tagalog quotes series and Spanish quote series, then it came for me the Sunday Sonnet series.


Sunday Sonnet VII is all about of love, commitment and relationship. When you really read some of the lines, it expresses your feelings down to the lines. Each time I read it back again, I feel it about from my experiences or from what I’ve seen from television or movies. But it tells you how you are going to be stronger in your relationship. Relationship bonds your partnership whether you have the days a little depressed or mixed reactions towards to your love interest. I may be not an expert. But the love speaks for the sonnet. And literature sometimes speaks from your heart that you have to express. Every time I read it back again, it reminds me how I really want to have a girlfriend in my life although none of them becomes my girlfriend. Girlfriend you have say, it’s one of my moves if I really want to become like me. But it really expresses my way to become like a literature. Literature in my life becomes one person to become in literature. And so how to express your feelings of how you deal with your mixed reactions.