There is really something that bothers me every week and now. Although I didn’t tell you about this, it is generally something that I usually write about entertainment, my literature – sonnets, quotes, etc., and some of the articles here in my studio. It is quite interesting for time to time. But didn’t you know that I become more a little sensitive when it comes to writing? Of course not, you didn’t know me about that much.


Writing for me works perfectly just fine to me. I wrote my own first words scribbling just like a trivia when I was a kid. First I started about something I really described myself much as a witty, talkative and funny kid I was. But honestly, this is something I want it to share about this. I’m a music and entertainment person. Maybe that’s why some of my article posts are entertainment and music that is something related to me. And the song goes like this:


I’ve been gone through the walls

that haven’t see me a while ago

but you never see the exact moment

so here I am,

clueless and mesmerized,

so when I talk to myself is about you.


I can explain this in my own version. But to tell you honestly, I’m a Filipino. Being having with special condition of Down syndrome expects my whole image as a different level to any of the special adults and special children. Why? Sometimes I am expressing myself that I really, really want to make it to entertainment world. Writing in Filipino sometimes makes me difficult to express my feelings although I’m a Filipino. Taking of my serious side of this paragraph that I write have said, it takes a while for me to pass through the challenges and the problems. So maybe that’s why it seems a little bit of musical of being I am.


Now to the brighter side, I have showbiz royalty although I want it to make my own name aside from my uncle’s name. His name is Danny Javier, first cousin to my dad. They were really the first born males in our family tree. Although I am a little advantage of myself but I don’t consider as I am talented be. First I have heard about his name was sixteen years ago when my dad and my family have occasionally saw each other with my uncle. I didn’t know at first that my uncle was a singer of APO Hiking Society. And the song I want it to express is:


So here I am nothing to know

what I get to know about you

is a little bit of confusing times

and I don’t know about you

often times.


Exactly I didn’t know about him. But it was an opposite of my feelings although I was a bit of star-struck because of my uncle was. During my high school years, I was bit glued to entertainment and basketball world. Me and my dad have had sometimes we played about the golf in Southwoods. And I’ve remembered quite of fifteen years ago when I was in Southwoods, I saw Angel Aquino in my own eyes. She was there where I was swimming in very early morning around of 7 am. She wasn’t seeing me exactly because she was taping about for the show. I didn’t know about the entertainment of local back then. I was glued in entertainment of foreign artists. But it was Antoinette Taus that I really liked about in local celebrities. Then later in my life when I have entered in college, I saw Antoinette all the time back during my culinary years of college. And then we came move to another place where I saw Angel Aquino for the second time but in our residence area. And so she was lived in the same village I was resided about.


Maxene Magalona for example, she was the child actress when was still a child. Blooming like a princess, Maxene grew potentially becoming more actress when her father died of leukemia. Her other siblings made it into the showbiz such as Saab, Frank, Elmo and Arkie. Arkie was the fifth child of Francis Magalona who gained his name in the showbiz of GMA-7. I knew so much of Maxene’s background. She studied first in Maryknoll (now as called as Miriam College) where she and my cousin were studying in the preschool. Then she transferred in another school of Assumption Antipolo where my sisters were studying and my two cousins also. And of course, my school of Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo became the school ground where the Magalonas studied in the same school I was attending. It was later in my life that I knew about this then. Then she graduated in Ateneo de Manila University where she finished her education. Four schools I knew about Maxene were quite that I was not a stalker. It was that accidentally where my cousins were studying and my sisters were.


How did I know about Maxene, Saab, Frank, Elmo and Arkie Magalona? Because my teachers said during my high school years they were studying the same school I was attending to. But it wasn’t that I was a stalker. It was that I really knew about them. And here goes the song I have perfectly for them:


How did you know the names in my life

where all the times goes by

and the nature of places I’ve been to

in all of my life and

I would take my hands to know about them.


Hahaha, it sounds like that I am running like Martin Nievera’s show in ABS-CBN Martin Late @ Night. It is that I am aware what I am writing about in this article. Although I missed a lot of article postings I really love to write.


How to live like me? Sounds interesting? Of course, you do the same feelings I want it to write it down. But not of all of it, it’s just that I really need to express what I have inside and out. If I really want a song perfectly to be tune, it would be some of the songs I really believe into. It was the song of I Believe I Can Fly where R. Kelly sung the song for the movie of Space Jam. Space Jam was about of Michael Jackson to return to the basketball world.


This article post is about something I really want it to perfectly fit for entire post about lyrical of music and entertainment world. I just want to share because this is how I live exactly. I already wrote about Alodia Gosiengfiao, Beyonce Knowles, Britney Spears, Coco Martin, Dakota Fanning, Jodi Santa Maria, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Marie Digby, Michael Jackson, Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. I wrote 7 celebrities to name of. But did you know why I exactly write about them? It was because they have something returned me a favor. Now it’s time for me how I can execute of how I can earn my money to be able auditioning one of the training dates in the future in ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Circle. Toni Gonzaga is my ultimate crush of my all time now. But it was Antoinette Taus who gave my light to see more for Rico Yan and Toni Gonzaga. And why Rico Yan in the first place of all the names I wrote about? Because he was the first actor who gave insights of becoming an actor. He showed his achievements so much. And I was really adored the way he handled his self. He now became my part of my life. And he inspired me a lot if I really want it to continue my dreams becoming like an actor just like him.


And why six foreign artists that I wrote about them? They have several answers at the back of my head. Michael Jackson inspired me a lot of dancing and so the dancing became my part of my routine how I dance well today. Britney Spears was the first come into my life. It was that because of her music and her songs were really inspired. Now that nobody knew her very well in her music life that was today. And Dakota Fanning was the perfect example kid in the movie of I Am Sam where she played as the daughter of Sam who was having hard time for himself because he have special condition of Down syndrome. Sam played a lot of common interests in my life and so was I. But in terms of reality, it seems that movie is a perfect movie for the family who have special child partly in the family. And I have a perfect few lines of lyrics that I created a while ago:


It hurts me when you said it’s different

now I know the sense of

nobody knows about me

and I guess that it is perfect time

to say that being down in yourself

proves nothing but to say

the world that I can do this

for my family and my friends.


Hmm…it’s a little bit of melodramatic of lyrics. It was perfect timing that I wrote this for those who have special children or special adults related to you. Being having with my special condition of Down syndrome have said that we can also do the same feelings as the normal people does. Do not be afraid of who you are. Stand up for your good reasons why you are not giving up. Well, it’s almost about the time. I am referring about this article post about me and the world I know about.