Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw

Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw

When I saw this television series of Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw in ABS-CBN, I have started the show since the beginning. And it was so great although it had 63 episodes. It was not floppy, but I loved the series so much. Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw or You’re All I Need have started since January 21, 2013. And it will end so soon on April 19, 2013 with 63 episodes.


The top 3 stars of the series were Anne Curtis who played as Ruth Manrique, Kris Aquino as Roxanne Manrique-Dagohoy and Robin Padilla as Gregorio “Bogs” Dagohoy. Kris have two other shows in ABS-CBN, Kris TV and Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4. Anne Curtis on the other hand was in the show of It’s Showtime after the series of Be Careful With My Heart in noontime series. Both actresses were busy in the set. They were seem happily doing the series. Although I loved Kris Aquino so much, this has nothing to do in her controversies here in my article.


Along in the series were Tirso Cruz III playing as Rodrigo Manrique, Gloria Sevilla as Esther Dagohoy, Ian Veneracion as Redentor “Red” Manrique / Hawkeye, Smokey Manoloto as Pogi Kho, Emilio Garcia as Loro, Karla Estrada as Apple Puno, Laureen Uy as Esmy, Miles Ocampo as Precious Dagohoy, Marco Gumabao as Ian and Xyriel Manabat as Cherish Dagohoy. The extending cast in the series were Melissa Mendez as Dina Manrique, Kevin Viard as Gunther Armansi, Tetchie Agbayani as Luisa, Efren Reyes as Ernesto Cruz, Jeffrey Santos as Popoy Almonte, Diane Medina as Sonia, Troy Montero as Aldrich Matias, Guji Lorenzana as Mario, Nick Lizaso as Menandro Matias, Pocholo Montes, Matthew Padilla, Paulo Serrano and Johnny Revilla. The special participation in the series were Daniel Padilla as Young Bogs, Trina Legaspi as young Roxanne, Carlo Lacana as young Red, Alexandra Macanan as young Ruth and Lito Pimentel as Nestor Dagohoy.


It all started when Ruth wanted to go the New York but she gave herself a bright idea by making her fault to steal money from her family. So she decided to kidnap herself and let Manrique family to pay the ransom. But Ruth was cornered by Bogs who caught her at the end of the river. Bogs have never thought Ruth was a sister of Roxanne and daughter of the company of security agency. Rodrigo blamed Ruth when he saw his own daughter to see her just like that. But Roxanne have never realized that Rodrigo would come to see Ruth in the police station.


Ruth was released in the police station the next day, but Rodrigo have accepted the condition Ruth wanted to go to New York to pursue her modeling career. After Ruth did something bad to her family, she did something wrong to Bogs that she got the police badge. So Bogs was persistent when he went to the boxing gym if he can get the police badge from Ruth. Ruth said no and they met again in the bar. So when Ruth and Bogs have met in the bar, they went to Tagaytay where she wanted to have dinner somewhere there in Tagaytay. Bogs never thought Ruth was prettier so he could date Ruth. And at the end of the night, Ruth decided to sleep in the hammock where she needed to sleep for a night. Bogs can’t resisted to protect her because he saw some men wanting to seduce Ruth. So he also stayed with Ruth. After a night, Bogs have returned Ruth to her home. And Bogs have started to recognize something have happened twenty years ago when he saw Rodrigo from the robbery shootout in the bank. Bogs’ father was a security guard in the bank. They thought Nelson was behind of the robbery shootout. It was Rodrigo who put out the bag with money and escaped with the money.


After Rodrigo and Bogs have met in the security company, Rodrigo wanted Bogs out of the building. As soon as Ruth left the Philippines going to New York, Bogs have never thought he could fall in love to Ruth. So Ruth asked to her sister Roxanne to see after Bogs. She could get falling in love to Bogs again, but Ruth never thought Roxanne could also fall in love with the same man they loved. When Roxanne almost got lost and have problems with her car in Antipolo, Roxanne have asked Bogs to come over and helped her in her car problems. So Bogs came over when he saw a group a men trying to harass Roxanne and trying to seduce her. But Bogs came to the rescue and finally helped Roxanne out of her car problems. Now the big question was, can Roxanne tell her sister that she was ready to fall in love with Bogs? But she was afraid to tell her. Bogs have courted Roxanne the entire year. But Ruth secretly went home to the Philippines when she saw Roxanne and Bogs in the church. Bogs was trying to convince Roxanne to marry him for the rest of his life. However, Rodrigo didn’t want Roxanne to be part of Bogs’ life. So he blamed Roxanne to go away and be part of her life away from Manrique’s family. Ruth and Rodrigo saw Roxanne and Bogs’ wedding in their own ways just to see if Roxanne was okay with Bogs.


Ruth was dismayed about Bogs. Because she still felt in love with Bogs but Bogs chose Roxanne to marry instead of her. So Ruth went back to New York and continued her modeling career. Ruth have may lost and Gunther, Ruth’s friend have saw Ruth in pain. So Ruth have decided to leave the Philippines in her back. Gunther have decided to change Ruth’s name to Ruthy Enriquez. And Ruth have fell in love in her modeling career. Ruth have lost home already and tried to survive on her own. But Ruth didn’t know that Red was father to her. So Red sent money to Ruth whenever Ruth have had problems in money. Soon after Ruth have recovered from her modeling career, everyone in the Philippines have also passed their own problems.


Bogs and Roxanne have raised two children on their own and the two girls was conceived from Roxanne have been given birth to them. They were Cherish and Precious. As soon Precious and Cherish were happily with their parents Bogs and Roxanne. It was the time Roxanne have felt terrible ill in herself. So she decided to look for a doctor what was really happened to Roxanne. Then Roxanne have found that she have a cancer and it was already in 3rd stage. Nobody knew about her illness but Roxanne’s mother who have the same illness that have passed on her. As the cancer grew in Roxanne’s body, Bogs have found the illness to Roxanne and Apple didn’t know what to do with her best friend Roxanne.


Roxanne have no contacts from her family. With her father, brother or even to Roxanne’s niece, Ruth have didn’t know about where she could get Ruth’s number. Rodrigo on the other part knew Roxanne’s illness. He kept the secret. But Red was mumming about the illness wealth when Rodrigo didn’t know what Red was up to his company. When Apple have finally got Ruth’s number from Rodrigo’s office, Precious have a ways to contact Ruth just to inform Ruth that Roxanne was having illness all along.


Both families have seen each other again, but now they were seeing Roxanne was having pain in her stomach. Bogs have no way to run, but asked Rodrigo to take care Roxanne going to China. Rodrigo have accepted but he also wanted to go to the China with her daughter. But his attorney have said that he wasn’t ready to go to China because he have recently a mild stroke. Ruth was in exchange to come over and take care of her sister.


When the incident happened in the helicopter, they crashed in the ocean. Ruth survived from the crash and so Roxanne was. But Roxanne kept her life in secret when she was helped of Filipino friend Luisa. Luisa have practiced her medicines to cure Roxanne away from the Manrique and Dagohoy’s family. Bogs in the other hand was helpless and tried to search Roxanne in his extended trip. But when China dropped Bogs’ stay in China, they have decided Bogs to depart from China to the Philippines. Soon as Ruth recovered from her trauma and from the hospital, she took over to take care of Roxanne’s children. Ruth have decided not to go back in New York instead she took her father Rodrigo and Roxanne’s children, Precious and Cherish. Lola Esther have nothing to say to Ruth but she wanted Ruth to keep away from Roxanne’s children with her.


Rodrigo and his grandchildren Precious and Cherish have finally reunited and reconciled after years he wanted to see his grandchildren badly enough to see them. He became too tired to speak ill from his daughter that he didn’t know that Roxanne was still alive. As Cherish have struck with illness, Bogs have finally came home and wanted to see Cherish in his sight. He would never did it again after he searched Roxanne in his entire life just to look after her. But Bogs now claimed he wouldn’t leave his family on his back.


But then Rodrigo have found the acts of criminal when he saw records of Red who have been stealing guns from his company and and also stealing cash transactions from the company. Rodrigo have never felt bad of his own son. So he pulled his testimony and changed it to Cherish and Precious whenever it happened to him again. Soon Red was on his own thinking and blaming Roxanne was part of their own family. Roxanne was the only daughter Rodrigo wanted in his life. Although Rodrigo claimed Roxanne was the best daughter he could have and run the company smoothly. But the destiny have changed when Roxanne have married to Bogs and have own children. Bogs and Roxanne bought a new house a long time ago before their children came in their lives. Both of them have struggled from the financial problems just to help their own children Precious and Cherish.


Now Roxanne was gone, Roxanne have paid the remaining balance of the house expenses from her insurance money and Bogs didn’t know all along that Roxanne did it for the best for their daughters. Bogs didn’t want Roxanne to have pride of herself just to pay house’s remaining loan. Now Bogs have remaining days just to look after the justice he really wanted. He didn’t kill for a purpose with his back-up police. But instead he looked for a justice to look after clearing his father’s name.


All the months have gone by, Ruth have convinced herself giving a chance to prove her heart again with Bogs. But Precious didn’t know that her auntie have relationship with Bogs before. Roxanne returned to the Philippines with Luisa just to see Precious and Cherish in perfect condition and in their birthday party. Roxanne saw her daughters happily together with Bogs and Ruth. Rodrigo played as a king in the birthday party and Cherish and Precious played both as princesses in birthday party. Both Manrique family and Dagohoy family didn’t know Roxanne return and as if she was still alive. On the other hand, Red was kidnapped, beaten and kept away from Manrique family of what which Red claimed all the money for his own and for his daughter Ruth.


Rodrigo and Red have the same problems on their own in the family. Rodrigo have stolen 10 million pesos and claimed that he won the money from the sweepstakes office. And Red on the other hand, have stolen many of security equipment from their security owned company. Red have pulled many money from the company which he stolen from employees’ salary and transactions have made. When Red and Colonel Matias have decided to drop Rodrigo, Red have things to settled to Colonel Matias. He killed his own boss of the mafia group. And Red have escaped from his justice he could owned his money together with his daughter Ruth. When Ruth have put all the blame for the mess, Red went to Dagohoy’s house and told Ruth that he was a father to him. Ruth didn’t want to believe but she all wanted to hear from her father Rodrigo.


Of all the mess have made, Rodrigo have decided to tell Ruth the honest answer that Red was a father to Ruth. And Ruth believed when Rodrigo have started to cry. Red on the other hand walked away from the mansion. Rodrigo have put the security company with a help to Colonel Matias which it led to a mess.Then Precious have seen Ruth was crying together with Bogs. With a lot of problems have torn, Ruth have reconciled faster as she accepted Red as her father. Precious got in trouble when she got a car accident. As soon as Roxanne have heard, it was time that Apple and Pogi have discovered Roxanne was still alive in a bus terminal going away from her family.


And at the end, Roxanne didn’t know what to do with her reconciliation with her family after she saw Precious got in car accident. Ruth on other hand have saw Roxanne was fine actually from her illness before. Now the both families have considered Precious to look after. Their problems were between Roxanne, Ruth, Bogs and Red. Bogs and Roxanne’s problem was how to keep Precious in perfect condition. Red on the other hand was running away from the justice. And Roxanne and Ruth have different point of views in their family what to do. But Rodrigo was now telling if he could accepted Bogs in his whole heart before anything happens in the family.




In my opinion in this television series of Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw or You’re All I Need, this story was different no other stories it could happened. And I was right Roxanne would survived from the helicopter accident after Ruth was also survived. What I have seen the series from the beginning to the end, it was the inevitable events that could ever happened. It was Filipino favorite classy moves. From which where the character died comes alive in the next episodes. It was also I have been watching the series of Apoy sa Dagat where Rebecca thought could died. Anne Curtis and Kris Aquino were amazingly talented actresses playing their roles. When I saw Anne for the second time she could acting after she played in the series of Dyosa in 2008 to 2009. I already loved her at the start of her career.


With a good chemistry and good story of this television series, for me it was approved. The characters were highly recommended for the audience. Although I hate to admit whatever the rate for the television series is not considered to me, it is good for me. The chemistry between Kris and Robin have been partially fine for me that they have been together again for their acting. They were paired in the movie before. And now they were paired together again in the televisions series together with Anne Curtis.


Maybe I consider Anne Curtis as my top favorite actress in my list. If I have a good story and a good script story, I would consider Anne to play one of my main characters in my story of The Legendary of Fireice.