There are many kinds of bullying today although it’s one of the hardest to cope where one person have been a victim and one person is a bully. In this topic, bullying is one that I have to discuss.


Bully means a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller of weaker people. (Reference: http://dictionary-reference.com)


I was once, or not only once that I was a victim before. My life was different from before to this present. Although there were times that I didn’t know about myself either. Many others in my school called me as sped. I was intimidated about them. But I came home and told my parents what was sped all about. Until it came in my high school years that I learned what was sped all about. It was also referring as retarded. Others called me as mongoloid. It wasn’t really not nice when people didn’t know the person was really being having with a special condition.


Oh, and I forgot one thing, I am a special adult. And I’m now in my early 30’s. Many people differed me as a different from them. They were right. But telling them to be a honest person, being having with special condition of Down syndrome really makes me special from the rest of the society. Being having with that doesn’t make concern with any person I am dealing to. I have best friends and I have a good community to remain good for them. Although in my school before really treated me like them as a normal person. They knew about me being having with my special condition.


Why I was being helpless before? It was that I didn’t know about myself. All I did was playing and horsing around the house. I played sounds. I rushed things whenever I was happy. And my favorite toy before was lego. Building piece by piece into the car, plane, truck or even a house if it can do. As I turned to become teenager and knew that I have Down syndrome. It kept me darkest years in my life before knowing that I was denying my condition. But now, I stood for correction and accepted the fact that I have Down syndrome. Being having with my condition really makes me stronger enough to stand on my own.


I was petrified when someone called me the ‘m’ word, ‘s’ word or ‘r’ word. But then I was horrified when I became helpless. But to tell you honestly when someone called the wrong word for the nobody, you shouldn’t to use the words. Or the law will catch you for having you to sentence in a community service. And I was too harmless when it comes to people.


Okay, let me give you a straight important lessons you should learn:

1. Don’t tell the special children / special adult the way they act of your wrong behavior. It means you’re having a hard to them.

2. Don’t use the inappropriate words towards to them. Or better yet, refrain to use the words.

3. Treat them with good guidance and give them importance that they are special people.

4. Love them unconditionally.

5. Feel them like you are a brother, a sister, a friend or even a parent whenever they have problems.

6. Treat them good whenever they are in a public.

7. Trust them with all you can do to them.

8. Focus on their strengths and you may find lessons when you really love them.

9. Special children are like any kind of people with disability. Treat them with good care.

10. If they are lost in their way, guide them in a good way.

11. When they are bully from someone, rescue them in a good way.


Other concerns of bullying may also occur in other people such as the cyber bullying. I remembered last year when the girl was accused as the word of “amalayer.” The guy behind from the video was none other than who lived near in Cainta. And I believed that girl was our distant relative in my father’s side. It was wrong between third party. The one who accused of “a” word and the guy who was behind the video. It was highly recommended not doing this anymore. Although uploading your video may cause the person’s pride and you may consider to drop your uploading video. So you might not get also into trouble.


One of the bullying issues that I’ve encountered was when there was the multi-level marketing companies or may call it, networking. They were all saying abnormal for themselves as if they were wanting to get rich. Bullying or being as a bully makes sense. We are all humans. And we make mistakes. So if we unite in ourselves, you will know each other as if you are treating as a friends.