Many times I’ve been falling

yet I never give up in times I see around because of you.


From when I feel anything

all it matters to me

love doesn’t give me so much in pain,

love don’t encounter me, but

every time I seek for the answers

nobody tells me that I’ve never be the same.


Awkward when I come for you to ask

never question my doubts of my feelings,

gain me with an attention of love and pain

each time I look for the answers,

love is lost when it breaks inside gently.


Is it really about you or is it just me

since we’ve never been told we’re the same.


So when you feel that you are blushed

only you can make me feel that I look crying,

my face sometimes looks red

even my cheeks aren’t the same before

where I can see your feelings, the same

how it feels inside of me.

Enter the world with full of mysteries

roaming angels where they can feel the ground

each time they step just like an angel.


It is either you or me

never feels the same like a saint.


Might consider my feelings to be like 

you but it really appreciate me that much.


Heart is where you can play

every tune in the rhythm

and it plays the sound of music of

reminiscing sound of joy and happiness,

then love is where I put my fallen angel inside of me.




Fallen Angel is a perfect catch for the day. I’ve been writing all day long and this is my second literary work I’ve been working for the day. My second thoughts was that I wanted to post this first, but it came second poem for the day.


My undying love in literature have once coming it back for me. This Fallen Angel is the story of a person’s one true love. It has something that you have been searching for your angel. Sometimes it points out at the back of my head thinking if it would be the angel looking for the right time and the right place. It is something you wanting to be longing to search for a perfect opportunity.


But of course, the blind item is still unknown. Unknown that you may searching for a long time. Sometimes it’s in front of you already waiting for your move. Or maybe when it’s something it can wait for someone falling in love with someone’s else. And yet you feel unchanged for this person you really want to express your feelings. I do have feelings. But everyone has also feelings. One common feeling we have is the doubt we feel inside. We feel we can’t do it alone. We can’t feel what we have inside just to express it loudly. Or maybe that it has really something worth to be bought. And the item is given to you someday.


Trivia: The first letters in each of the paragraph says, “my fallen angel is somewhere in my heart.”

Angelic image

Angelic image