When there’s a wind, there’s a light

and nobody can teach me how

nobody knows me in times I am willing to fight

dreams are never been the same before

even the darkest hours have to say goodbye.

Remember, my lady

it’s not really about you

nobody can teach me how

grieving me in pain and I feel.


My heart is open wide and 

yet every time I tell you it’s whole wide world.


Heart can teach me how

every time I seek below to run ahead

all around in one corners.

Reach me one more time, or second time

then tell me now what you’re looking for.


Today it’s not the best to see you

only my heart can provide the unconditional love.


See this question, my lady

each and every kind have the same answers

each and every hope have the best it comes.


Dreams are real, my man,

only your heart can’t look but your pride is,

never doubt me with your questions

then answer me with all you have being as a man.


Leave my heart closed and tight

only you can tell it’s nothing

only you can’t achieve what’s inside my heart

keep me in the distance and tell me now.


Are you sure, my man of my life

remember this day for you have to know

only the open heart can arouse from above

unless you say something to me and

never underestimate my feelings for you,

dreams are real and it’s an open heart.


All things are open

since you are really been a lover to me.


If one heart can teach us to love

foolish love can tell we are not that close.


Tell me now, my darling

however you seems mesmerizing of my looks

even my prettiest eyes are existed to beauty you

remember me, my darling

even today is the last day you see me around.


If there’s only one hope

since you are my shining armor of my life.


Never, never ever tell me

only one heart proves for us to stay

then it has nothing to be with us

how can you say it’s real,

in times like this

never question my doubts for you, my darling

give me the last meaning of hope.


Since you are my lady of my life,

every girls are running after me

everyone of them that I’ve said no to them

keep my heart for you the longest time.


Marriage is my offer to have open with you

even my hands would reach for you.


Fine as it is, my lady,

only one heart can teach us

reaching for the last star to fall in the skies.


Then I wish that star

hopes for us to dream the

everlasting one heart for us.


Let me give one more time,

all I can ask is to marry you

so, my beautiful lady

today’s my luckiest day with you.


Then I will open my heart

in one palace we could live

my lady, you are my green of my life

each of my words is only for you.


Alright, my darling

since you ask me for a marriage

keep my heart only the best for you.


My man of my life that you

enter my world full of brightest colors.


All my living days would be always with you

gain me to touch you,

are you now the happiest man of my life

it will be raining so soon then

never see the clouds to open for the sun.


Only my heart will ask you

please open yours so

even whenever I see,

nobody could tell us to consider to stop.


How the worlds can look for us

even your family is ready for our happily marriage

all their happiest faces melts us to kiss each other

remember this day that I really love you

then we are ready for another chapter.


Is your father ready for us

since we are both happily getting to ready to see him.


My brothers are also happily

yet they are ready to be part of our families.


Let the heart reads their mind

all I can ask is something that I could give

so this wedding rings for us is perfect opportunity

to keep our one heart to be loved.


Only for you I am ready

never let someone ruin our days

let them to speak

yet our days are ready to be get happily each day it will pass.


Hope it’s the last thing I can ask for you, my lady

open heart is for us to keep relationship in private

please tell your heart

each time I would say this to you that I really love you eternally.




This poem is supposedly written in short story article. But it just turned me lately that I want it to be look like a poem. It’s not also a poem for me. But there’s two people are in this story. Well, the story is set in the place of romantic place that you have never been. I really love making of this kind poem. But it turns like a script writing poem. Oh yes, it’s definitely a script writing poem. It really sounds crazy for you and for me. To tell you honestly that I really don’t know how it will turn in a good way. In this poem of Open Heart is the story of one romantic couple. They are really questioning their faith, hope and their marriage. And they are questioning their doubts of false hopes. It seems a lack of misunderstanding could be the main ingredient of hate, but it turn out the important words to say that you really love the partner the way it is.


Okay for now, I tell you the secret ingredients how I perfectly combine the longest love poem I’ve ever made. It was, “wandering my heart to see, don’t look around as if there is nothing, seek me for the last time, ask me again, open heart is my last hope.” It was there really the encrypted words in each first letter of every paragraph. The first line wandering my heart to see is the man that he speaks for the first five paragraphs. Then for the second person is don’t look around as if there is nothing are all the words that the girl speaks for her heart. Then the next person is the man again for his words of, seek me for the last time. The fourth person is the girl again with the words of, ask me again. And the last person is the man again with the words of, open heart is my last only hope.


It was something like I wanted it to look like a script play poem. It seems there’s a lack of ingredient that I have use for this poem. But it seems going pretty well. Of course, there will be a time for me again to create another perfect opportunity of another poem. Hope it will turn out a good review of what I made it. Honestly at the back of my head something tells me it’s not really quite good for me. It is not really a precise poem for me. But it turns out like a script play. And it seems there’s a black cloud passing at the back of my head thinking if I have black mind again. There’s a good reason for that. And of course there’s every question at the back of our heads thinking if there’s really a good ending.


Oh and I forgot. The good ending for this poem turns out like a happily ending. The man have already married with his lady that he really courted the girl for their nine years of relationship. Then of one year going to have engaged is something you really want it to hear from the good story. And so, the good news was that they have four healthy children: three daughters and one son whose they are having problem with the boy. Because that boy has disability of being having with autism. And there’s nothing to have afraid for. Because their daughters are good example taking their brother pretty well. And they teach their children to be good. Which it’s the best ingredient in the story is unconditional love. Keeping the love so much in their family makes a beautiful family they can provide for. As the story goes on, the first person who have died in the story is their mother who have died of cancer who have experienced of pain. It was really a good story because the father stood the mistakes into learnings. And sometimes when we left the best person around the world was our mother.


Open Heart is not only the story of one romantic couple, but it’s also a story of having with someone with special condition. And there is something we can learn from our battles. We intended to hurt for sometimes, but we grew our love to be stronger relationship. And a stronger relationship is something we learn from our experiences. There will be a time of misfortunate events that happened in other places, but we also love the world we really love each other. Open Heart is about the relationship, hardship of denial stages, hard to cope our family keeping bond, learnings that we lose our loved ones and the stronger unconditional love we grow each other.




Open Heart is one of the hardest poems I’ve ever made. Although some of the days I was thinking about the short story article, I was clueless and completely drained. To tell you honestly, this one particular title have been a week already in one that I will suppose to create in short story. But it seems it has to be changed in one of my standards. Well of course, I am not a writer. I am not also a poet. It’s just that I really love to write for my passion in literature. Keeping this for myself something tells me that I can determine to be an actor someday. Because it’s one of my longest and only dreams to be dreaming for being as an actor. I was in high school before thinking if I could pass my own intelligence. Because of what I felt in my past years have changed me now and then. The year of 1997 have broke in my life when I have learned that I have being with Down syndrome. And in the same time, for the longest of 14 years I kept the silence, 2011 was the year of my acceptance stage. Well, I’ve even asked my parents what it was really difficult for me through the years was my frustration and depression.


It turn out looking a great year for me this year. Because I really believe of what I am capable for my actions and my responsible of what I can act for. And my biggest dreams is to becoming an actor. Right now, I am not spending too much of my money from my business. I would love to get interested to follow one of my dreams – to be an actor. It is keeping me how I love my life. And I am ready taking advantage of what I have. And I am ready to get happy endings.