Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra

We all know Carmen Electra as the girl for men’s dreams. But sometimes I might also get dreaming about her. In the same time, Carmen was all men’s dreams. Tara Leigh Patrick was her real name, but we called her in her name as Carmen Electra.


It was my first time that I watched Baywatch series during 1990’s together with my siblings and my parents of course. I ran off from my room going inside of my parent’s room. But as long as it goes, it finally pave my way when I get dreaming of her and also Pamela Anderson. Both of them were in the Baywatch series. But we didn’t know about much about her. Carmen was born on April 20, 1972. Her birthday lies today. Her zodiac sign was also interchanging between Aries and Taurus. It was the same thoughts for me because my birthday lies between Pisces and Aquarius. Her chinese new year was the Year of the Rat.


Carmen was one of the chosen playmates in the Playboy magazines in the past. But she also appeared in some of the movies I knew. Her film appearances I only knew of her were Good Burger (1997), Starky & Hutch (2004), Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005), Scary Movie 4 (2006) and Epic Movie (2007). The only series I watched of her was the memorable Baywatch series that runs from 1989 to 1999 that she played as Lani McKenzie only from 1998-1999. Along side in the Baywatch series were David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Alexandra Paul and  Jeremy Jackson.


Carmen was not only as a model she was covering for the Playboy cover but she was also an actress, dancer, television personality, singer and entertainer. Did you know the she can sing? Of course not, as if you already know about her. That was why I put her in one of my article series of What I know about (Entertainment articles).


Carmen appeared four times already in Playboy magazines in June 1997, December 2000, April 2003 and the anniversary issue, January 2009. As all you may knew already, Carmen have married the basketball star Dennis Rodman who also known as the bad boy of Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls. She have married twice but both of them she called off the marriage and became single. She currently held as a status as a single lady.


Single Lady where Beyonce sang the parody song for the single ladies. And yet, Carmen is still remaining hot and single lady as of today. But what I know about her? Because she was the prettiest lady I have ever seen until now.