Soar the skies and sound the bell

all it matters you don’t have to be look like a prank

vain was not the answer you need to rank

even what you took sometimes you don’t need to fell.


Tear the skies when it shine

how the world will look to be striving

even where the couples are living.


Let my heart hear you to be fine

against one person who is almost forgotten

since the beginning will have to be please

the fate is to live but it’s not worth to be a lease.


Love is only the ending and not as a rotten

only one pair has chosen to open the gate,

vanish from where you have been and fate

enters the world where you can’t think but to read.


The last time I have time to eat

howling from my stomach that I finish to eat the steak

all it matters to me now is a bread

that I won’t getting an illness or I will be get to beat.


You may never know that I may turn like a freak

only you can change me and love me eternity

unless you will be going to my place to come.


When times you will come in a city

igniting the lights that you will be heading for home,

let the love sometimes to feel the fear

love won’t be disappearing or else you’ll be a hater.


Garden in a beautiful nights that you need to see to bear

only everlasting true love will come it later.




It happens in one night where you can see a thousands of candle lamps each and every night it counts. The way how it works, sometimes I feel like a crowning of sparking lights in the skies. Where you imagine your relationship becoming a morning from the evening glows in the night.”


Sunday Sonnet VIII is a powerful relationship sonnet you can imagine read of relationship growing each and every night. It tells you like a story where you can imagine one ordinary man looking for a right princess to get married. But it’s not obvious. Sometimes you have to make it feeling in a story, or you can’t imagine a little of bit imagination that can fly you everywhere you want.


This love story I will be telling you from Sunday Sonnet VIII is something you can make it feeling in a beautiful and enchanted place. Something you can’t dream one ordinary man you always wanted. But sometimes it ends with a bad feeling you won’t get. It won’t get a long relationship if you are not working your progress with your love interest. But in a same way, it felt me when I was in the story. But the story was too impossible to think. So it might a little of bit thinking at the back of your head, a wonderful quick love story you might be guess of. It happens a little dreams that I have in my dreams in my past. But it gives me more enchanting in this story whenever I feel like I am opening a fairy tale book. In the end, there are no more part two neither the sequel it will create another of story. It lacks of a precise story whenever it can predicts no matter how it comes.


Sunday Sonnet VIII is the eighth sonnet of Sunday Sonnets. And I believe it is really growing steadily each time I write each Sunday it comes. And to be honestly, when it comes to sonnets, sometimes I find it hard to write it down. Especially what words can be using in the end of the lines and form the perfect sonnet. It really excites me that much but sometimes it is eager to form a new sonnet. Well of course, not everyone can formally do this way the way I write. How many words can you use? Or maybe sometimes, how many it can performs a better one?


The trivia first letters for this Sunday Sonnet VIII is: Save the last love that you will go.


Sunday Sonnets are much more bolder to comprehend than it looks to become like in a poem structure. However, when it comes to have becoming a sonnet and not the poem structure. It’s entirely different from sonnet, song, quote, poem or whatever it makes you feel to make new one. But I suggest that you have to make more practicing in a good way. I’ve been writing since my high school days. But I am now in my early 30’s. The way I love making sonnets is how I feel about making them. It is how you can carry your emotional feelings or better to write it down the perfect way of a sonnet.