You are in my word that has thorn

only one have to be born

unless you want to be cast.


All memories have dreams and have to deal

remember one more thing, you have to be fast

even us can’t perform to heal.


My only child has only I have left to be one

yet you consider the world needs life.


For every time you seek and can’t cut from the knife

it’s only one memory that can’t call from the phone,

reconsider your son have to knight so he can cut

since he can’t look anyone but to shake

then nobody could replace a prince from the fake.


Love screams in the air but cannot be shut

only one loud noise sometimes can break a stash,

vain is not considering to be fear

even one look cannot have a tear.


Against from all odds that cash

never buys anything but the wind

gain momentarily so it can’t break the wall

even a highest jump of ball

leaps so high but cannot be bind.


Our love cannot be stir around or punch

for one blow but it cannot build.


Let your love speaks or you go to the guild

in times of living that cannot be crunch,

for mighty sword and shield, you must jump

even a knight cannot be lose or to bump.




This is a new series of sonnets which it’s harder than I could think about from the Sunday Sonnets. Summer Sonnets are considering the hottest sonnets you could read it about love, relationship, commitment and sometimes it can lead to any various shapes of emotional stages in your life.


The first series of Summer Sonnet is about the man’s pride. He could ever imagine what life can be borrow from anyone else. His mother is a queen. Both of them lost a family member which it’s their king of their life. A knight’s tale is like something about the Summer Sonnet but it something can be exchange from the good to evil. And the evil is lurching around the forest and their villain is not a witch. Their villains is a group of elves. And the group of elves lurk in the dark looking in their village and destroying they don’t really like about the humans. But when the queen conceived a baby. Their king restored peace from justice but the death called upon his life. So the elves killed the king and enjoyed their food which they ate king’s human flesh. And you know what? This sounds more like a fairy tale to me. It seems be.


So the elves ruled the forest and expanded their territory in five forests. When the prince was born and have trained in the kingdom. The elves were worrying too much of the powers from the prince. Because the prince was a gentle and kind of little things he can see. So the elves have eleven neighborhood forests. Apart they were building an army. The group of elves were also planning to attack the kingdom again and looking to eat and to destroy. But when they lurked again in the night, so the prince sensed the danger and protected the kingdom at night. The group of elves have didn’t chance from the prince’s powers. Because the prince all did was smiling to little creatures. So the group of elves never went to the kingdom again at night.


But after few months have passed, the new guests have arrived in the kingdom. The group of elves saw the beautiful princess. It might be the weakness of the prince’s powers. So they kidnapped the princess but the prince came to the rescue. The group of elves were frightened again in prince’s powers. So they decided to recruit one person from the mountains and that was the most evil in the country, the mighty Black Eye. The Black Eye was very huge from the rest of the group of elves. He stood seven feet tall and could stepped the little minions of elves.


As the Black Eye summoned the beast from the caves, he let the beast goes to the kingdom. But the mighty prince and his beloved princess who turned in a beautiful sorceress. The prince and the princess killed the beast in one hour. So the Black Eye summoned five more beasts from the caves. But the prince have weakness in numbers. So the beasts almost killed the prince but the princess summoned two angelic valkyries in the skies killing five beasts.


And in the night where the Black Eye and the group of elves have worked together as they spawned in the kingdom. The prince have never seen the madness of the evil from the forests and the mountains. The princess have called her friends from their neighbor country and arrived that night. Three sorceresses killed the group of elves and the beasts continuously but the evil grew and grew from the mountains. So the Black Eye recruited the Golden Eye. Thus the Golden Eye called sea creatures from the sea. In numerous of evil creatures from the sea, the mountains and the forests, the prince grew weaker and grew weaker. So the princess and her friends feared it would be the end of the prince’s kingdom.


But the queen was never been mad before. She turned to a light goddess when the prince never thought that his mother would come from the neighbor country. She killed the sea creatures with a summoning of sun-crypted creature. The Black Eye, the Golden Eye and the group of elves have turned into the fear as they stopped spawning in their kingdom. The evil’s weakness was the sun-crypted creature.


The queen was once called half-beast and half-human. Because the queen was conceived from being having evil and so the evil have stopped killing humans.