What is occupied feelings all about?


Occupied feelings means a relationship within inside and outside of your partner where you really fall in love or to be with relationship. Some experts said it was a pseudo-relationship and others said it was a mutual understanding. And few of them may knew it as a short-relationship feelings.


Occupied feelings means also two partners were having in a messed up feelings or some what it called as complicated relationship as of the facebook status was.


Whenever you encounter in the society, some of many or some of few have already bygone relationships. It was not literally whatever you really wanted as if you were “on” relationship. Being someone you have relationship is not considering as a girlfriend or boyfriend as your partner. So I won’t talk about the love issues. I am talking about the long-term relationship.


Short-term relationship means two partners were having a love affair in a short while in about of one week or one month or even one day. It was something you will call as a fling. While the long-term relationship means two partners were having a serious love affair whether they were belonged each other in a long time. It could be one year or more. Some in the society I’ve had experienced, I have friends. Others were having already in 10 years relationship which they worked it out since high school. Others have met in college, so they were considering 8, 7 or 5 years relationship status.


And others were continuously engaged, eventually they were getting married so soon as they were finally accepted in both parties in a man and a woman’s family.


A big and messed relationship sometimes called as a complicated relationship. Thus everyone said it all, and nothing to worry about it because they were both working on their problems. I have relatives and sometimes I don’t want to be part of their problem. It was because their problem they were talking about.


A fling relationship sometimes occurred in two partners were a little less of the day relationship or a week relationship. I may never know it but it happens that I listen to the love problems of two partners. And some of the love doctors have nothing to do with the relationship. Or somewhat called as an astronomy studying about the zodiac signs and the chinese new year. It happens to everyone, including the so-called small world of planet earth.


And some in the society calls the two partners were not yet met, thus it called as a blind date. Blind dates were happen in two partners have didn’t know each other so they will call for their friends. Both of their friends seek and wanted them in a private way. And other in the society called up as a blind date system as they put a blind date program in any country. It was a familiar to me. Even in the movies, it could happen to this event.


Back to the subject of occupied feelings, two partners have the status of an “on relationship.” I may never have experience about the relationship because I still don’t girlfriend even at my age of early 30’s. To tell you the truth honestly, occupied feelings means a lot of people in the society. And people says it has nothing to worry about because it was already the relationship they are talking about.


Just let me clear about this situation, I happen to be a writer, a-not-so-good writer but I really love to write. When you feel the love inside your feelings, you occupy the space at the back of your mind thinking what to do next step you should allow your move to your partner. And maybe the reason you don’t allow to happen this because you are afraid to open your status to be have in relationship. And others in Filipino words have said it all, it was the “torpe.” Torpe means you don’t allow your feelings to shout if all from your lungs to say to express to the partner you really want to say it all. But to you the truth, Filipinos sometimes really don’t know how to admit their feelings about to their partner. Especially that I am a male and none other that I’ve express, because I am still slow to say it to my partner.


What do I do with my occupied feelings? Simple. I sometimes write it down in the note. In my past experiences when I was during in high school, I have had once to love a girl. Although I didn’t know how to express my feelings, other of my friends have said that I have to move on my own, or else someone will occupy the status of a partner’s feelings.


Well, not everything you will know about me. Except for one last experience I have had encountered during my college years. It was a pseudo-relationship. It means when we were having studying in the school, we were in the relationship. But whenever it went outside, we were not in the relationship. So I was keeping my feet to stand of my feelings to my partner. But later on my life when I was really hard to have relationship on that girl, I finally have to stop to fall for the girl’s heart. That was my experiences Maybe it wasn’t the right girl for me, or maybe I wasn’t to occupy my feelings towards to my partner.


Occupied feelings in your heart sometimes makes regrets. And regrets is hard to break in our body system. It all flows down to our nervous system as if they really want it to connect to our nerves. Nerves in our feelings sometimes generates our occupied feelings to the partner. And love sometimes takes the advantage of how you feel the partner’s hormones. Maybe some of you really didn’t get it. And some of you really understand me well.


I am not a good expert but I can tell what the occupied feelings in your heart and in your mind. Sometimes your heart wins over to your mind. But when it put to the test of mind over heart, it has something to do with your bad system in your body.




This may not the end of the article yet. Honestly, I say it all about the occupied feelings towards any kind of relationship. And sometimes I have to tell you what’s in my mind. This article have a long way to think what to do with this article. It really gave me a long time how I will end up a good article of Occupied Feelings. And this article was taken out from my brainstorming ideas three weeks ago. I guess it is taking too long to write about this. I may not to think clear, but sometimes brainstorming on your own makes the hardest you can receive and to achieve on your own.


I have no girlfriends to the date before until now. I am already on my early 30’s. And also that I have being having with mosaic Down syndrome. My intelligence is not yet finished as if I still don’t know how to computer. Maybe it is around an average of 81 to 90 out of 100 percentage. I am not intelligent as any of the honors and summa cum laude. To think clearly, I was being honored from my high school as an outstanding improved student throughout from elementary to high school because I have mosaic Down syndrome. Being as a part in the society, you may never know about me. I have been from experiences from bullying, flirting, into the relationship, college years and even up to the present where I finally learned how to accept my condition was. Keeping not accepting on your condition made you even worse as if you were keeping a sin in a long time.


As up to this date, I will tell you about anything I could tell from my studio name. And also what it really meant that I have to take as a writer. I love to write but I am not as a good writer.