When are you going if you’re still in heaven

how could steps to have going that will lead

every way of your dreams have to be hollow,

remember, my dear, don’t follow

even the little steps backwards could leave you dead.


Is it night time already, even

so everyone is sleeping, let me go and say please.


Tonight is your chance to cross

however we have time to follow and across

each of stairs have numbers allowing you to sell the lease.


Love is always not the perfect answer, it’s always a game

only one song has chosen to play and have to be hand

velocity meter to get you below and give you a band

even the might can’t give you a fame.


Then when you’re in the ground, you begin to numb

how will you follow your adviser never to see you again,

all it says that it’s always a thumb

then never to see the heaven again but leading you in the future to gain.


But along the way tomorrow

enters your world with full of surprises, you’ve been knockout by a punch

grieving your chin that has a scar, borrow

in each time you could eat the crunch

never see the world of heaven or leave no sting.


I’ll always taking care of myself or else I’ve been looking for a love fling

never see tomorrow again and I don’t want to hear anybody.


My scar leaves right there

yet no one will know in this place I could enter here.


How can I start my own world if I could look for my own heart

even myself can’t look for one thing to beat

and nothing I could to consider the lady I have to feat,

remember me, my lady, it is I who owns your love to have in greatest art

then it’s nothing as usual as the paint goes blurry.


Not a single item of number has to calculate

even I don’t like it but to hate,

vain in my heart could seize as a flurry,

every encounter I make or that I could been

remembering that I have to turn the wheel.


Each far I could see you or to feel

never underestimate me, I’ve always seen

dreams that never fades like a dream

so I could ask something I would like to stream.




Sunday Sonnet IX is a ninth installment series of Sunday Sonnets. This time, I would like to tell you something different from the past sonnets I’ve been writing about. This Sunday Sonnet IX is about the angel from the skies wanting to wander around below the heaven. So he could search from his hopes and dreams what to do feel like a human. It’s much like that I want to tell you the story. In this sonnet, it’s very wide knowledge that one angel always seek to discover his own assignment. And oh, by the way, this angel is not a female. It’s a male.


You have been fearing what to feel like a human. So he decided to go down from the stairs of heaven. But each time he passed from the gates, there was always a question and answer in each gate. He might be in trouble or he would go back again in heaven. He decided himself wanting to do what humans were doing in the land. So one night as he was already in the planet of humans. One girl he saw, he felt the agony inside the girl’s heart. But he realized he wasn’t ready going to be as a human. He was still an angel. But this magnificent angel have bright ideas. So he managed his own human form like God said in the book of Genesis. From the soil he made, he already looked like a human.


The more he seek for his own assignment is the less going back to the heaven’s gate. Because someone was already getting fume at the back of his head. Nobody left the heaven’s gates without knowing an answers from the questions he made. So the God locked and changed the questions. Thus the angel won’t back anymore because his angelic face begins to form like a human’s face. What he realized on his skin, he was already informed won’t going back anymore in heaven’s gates. But this angel has a mission. It was all along he saw the lady was in trouble. So he decided to help the girl’s problems. It was the lady’s heart broken she always wanted to get married with the man she always wanted. But the more fierce she gets, sometimes he also feels the same way she feels.


And at the end of the story, the lady won in man’s heart and so they were married. But the angel looked tired and sleepy. He didn’t feel sleepy and tired before. But now he realized that angels from heavens above always don’t get tired or sleepy. Because angels and saints were always awake whenever the humans were always have problems on their own. So he decided to go back to the heaven’s gate.


But the main problem in the story, he won’t going back to the heaven above anymore. So he asked from God if he could entered the heaven’s gates. But his mission was not over from the lady he resolved already. So the God firmly resolved that he will be going old in his age. As the time his age is old, it is the time he would return from the heaven. The lessons here in the story was, “don’t ever let yourself doubt to anyone to put yourself to the test. Always ask your conscience and let your decisions to make. And follow in your heart.”


Sunday Sonnet IX is about the angel’s mission from the human problems. It’s about frustration, depression or mixed emotions that you really fear about. Never let yourself to doubt anything to yourself. Always ask someone if you are been told not to do the decisions you are making. Thus, it makes to anyone as you know the terms of the rules in life already.