Rico Yan 2

Rico Yan 2

Rico Yan was an actor during his prime time days. He did a various roles already that included his last movie of Got 2 Believe. He gained as the best actor after he died in Los Palmas, Palawan on the day of Good Friday, March 29, 2002.


Eleven years after, we all have had missing him so much. For entire of his life, he touched and inspired many actors in his generation. That included AJ Perez who really inspired Rico Yan so much. But he also died. Antonello Joseph Perez or AJ Perez we all known him. His career made him the last taping of his life was the MMK or Maaalaala Mo Kaya episode of Tsinelas.


We all endured both actors that inspired us. But despite their deaths, their success maybe got a long way if they were still living up to the present times.


If Rico still lives amongst us, he will continue to live his legacy amongst us. He will be doing the projects that made the television series and movies a blockbuster. From the series of Walang Hanggan, he will portraying Daniel that could replace Coco Martin. But in return, Coco Martin did his all best to be the best actor in this generation already. Or maybe he could do some movies that some writers could relate into.


Or maybe Rico would play the role of being Sir Chief in the most successful daytime television series of Please Be Careful With My Heart. Jodi Santa Maria was once working with Gimik days along side with Dominic Ochoa, Giselle Toengi, Marvin Agustin and the rest of the Gimik cast. What if Rico would tell to Maya, “I love you” and Maya would answered back, “I love you too.”


Or maybe Rico would love to do some movie projects of many things we would like him to do the most he would like to portray. That makes sense.


What if Rico Yan still lives amongst us?


He would continue his business chains of Tequila Joe’s and some of his brightest ideas. I do too have many brainstorming ideas. But Rico and I have different ways of thinking the point of views in life.


He would considering to enter the politics just like his grandfather. I also do have politics bloodline. But the thing is that I really don’t consider entering politics. Politics are much like the battleground for me. And mostly all my relatives from my father’s side have politics side. That includes the Osmenas.


I would love to enter the entertainment industry as I always dream to be an actor just like Rico Yan. Being as a versatile actor would love to act in many ways. Despite his image was an angelic and very charm for the audience, every of avid fans of him followed him anywhere.


Rico Yan Foundation was released in 2002 as my friends told me about it. Because I was also a member of the group page of I will always remember Rico Yan in facebook groups. If you are not a member yet, better to join the group of I will always remember Rico Yan in facebook. Mostly admins would allow to post in the group as anything to form of Rico, photos for example or anything that relates to Rico. Anything that it didn’t fall in the rules and regulations, you were not allow to enter the group site and you will be ban immediately. As I’ve recalled one thing, there was a member who posted a networking post and it was banned from the group immediately. Oh, and more advice, you are not allowed to type negative feelings towards to other members. All of the members in the group respect to each other.


Rico stood 5’9″ tall and he was really a charming and amazing actor. You will be surprise that he will caught you for giving him a glimpse for his looks. And to tell you honestly, he will love to poke and joke around. Rico was a comedian and also a good actor.


As I remembered him very well, Rico was an amazing person inside and out. I met him once. But I never have had a chance to talk to him in a long conversation. We have met in one simulation before during I was a waiter during my culinary years. Half of the batch were in the kitchen and half of the batch were in the dining. All of us were having a good time when he have had time visiting in my culinary school.