How many ways have to educate

all the times I’ve been manage

remember the things have to rate

dreams are the last to go out in a cage

even three or four times of rapid

scores the last field of goal around

then it will go back to you in the ground.


To one and true love has to be a cupid

only have the best to beat the clock.


Maintain your life time and have not to be blast

all around in your life makes so fast,

keep your profile low and not lock

even the lowest score to beat the splash.


Dreams are sometimes not been made in cash

each and every way don’t loose to cut,

chasing like each turn of pain

it is hard to break in full of chain,

so it might like a dying zombie to shut

in terms of feeling to faint.

On life and death, I could be handsome

not to be someone to pretend having a chrome

since I really like one life just to paint.


In life and justice, there is no canine

since there is a mouse and a computer just to click.


If there is nothing to do or to kick

never underestimate the person just looking fine.


You are hoping to look invisible

only of inside but not as a visible

unless you are hiding from me to be bummer.


And since when you have to show

never look backwards just to flow,

dreams are just like winter and summer.


There was a time in the past when you were the best

how two partners were only what to play

even the things were working in a day.


Please don’t bear too much of being a bummer

all it is known for the love to do whatever

remembering in our lives to be like

ten times of love boat can’t be done to unlike,

never look down in yourself but to live forever

even myself won’t be like a metal

rather I look like a flower that falls of a petal.




This is the second Summer Sonnet. And yet it is more like an explosive ticking in a seconds. Well of course, I’ve been worrying too much of my work lately. Today is a Labor day here in the Philippines. But unlikely to someone I know, my role here is writing a sonnet that cannot be undone to do. I have so much to do with the Summer Sonnet series.


Summer Sonnet II is about the relationship between the man and the lady he always want to court for the lady’s heart. But the story down for this Summer Sonnet II is nothing to be compared in Sunday Sonnets. Summer Sonnet II shares a lot of misunderstanding, hatred, and sometimes a mistaken identity. There’s really a third party of this story.


A man, a lady and a third party – another lady who wants to play with the man. But it seemingly doesn’t do with the relationship. What the another lady does in the story is creating a mistaken identity towards to the man. She always wanted to give the man’s pleasure in sexuality. But this man have given a love potion where this another lady playing as a witch doctor. So when he was in deep love, sometimes he always look to the same girl he always want to win for a lady’s heart.


But next day, the love potion was gone and wore it off already. The man have sleeping with the wrong lady he was having with a sexual affair. So he have gone in a faraway place where he could not found by this wrong lady. He tried many things to kill himself for a suicidal things like electrocuting himself, tying his self in a wrong branch of tree or drowning in the sea. But the suicidal for him didn’t it work it all. Instead he was giving a chance to live for life.


He always wanted to hand a marriage for the lady he always wanted to ask. But he gave the wrong lady a sexual pleasure because the another lady was a stalker. In life, there was a mistaken identity, hatred and misunderstanding. Whenever you have troubles in misunderstanding, you are hoping to have strong bond with your partner.


There is always misunderstanding and hatred everywhere. But your problems didn’t stop there. Always seek for an advice or to consult in a doctor where you can find something you really like to solve it in your own. There are always problems everyday. And everyday sometimes have to solve on your own problems.


I do have my own problems too. I didn’t accept my condition before having being with Down syndrome on myself. With that curious case, I finally solved on my own and eventually, everything landed on its own the right place and right time. For 14 years I hoped to understand, there was no excuses where you can’t solved it on your own. But for the last two years, I’ve received many blessings on the right time and the right place. Everything will come in order accordingly to your dreams.


In this story of Summer Sonnet II have lessons to understand: to solve it in your right time, not to please to everybody, and be yourself what you really need for your own life. This man gave up his own life for his true love. Instead, he went as a single in his status. And in the end, there was always a good hope and a good ending.