When the sea crosses from a far

it always remind how two love birds have been humming,

never tell anyone what’s the true love means

then it has a meaning,

every new and old hearts have always

remembering what the endless love brings stronger.


Is it already over

so it seems there’s a little melodramatic.


Again when you say it all

let the love shout from your lungs

when it’s not over

always tell yourself that

you’re the strongest of them all.


Because you get what you want

each and every vein has been deserving

every time it grow the mutual understanding but

never underestimate the bond of love.


All you don’t know is the endlessly love.


So when the night is over

undying love is always the

mightiest bond of love,

maybe you can consider the true love means

each time you always have said,

remember the true love is always inside of your heart.


For the ending

only one of us have to stay and one of us has to work

remember the true meaning of friendship.


Unless something for the change gives the

sincerest gratitude of your love.




There’s always been a face of new love in this generation. No matter what it looks like, it always have been a love for everyone. What is love for you then? Love for is like an unconditional love you are giving to me. The undying and continuously love have always been told for everyone to understand. Well of course, there’s a purpose for finding a true and right time of love.


What is Endlessly love? Endlessly love is something you would continue to build your relationship and friendship to your partner or to your friends. Endlessly love is also bringing the same faith of level of confidence. What can you do?


1. Don’t let your relationship ruin over your friendship. Friendship is the most matters when you have trouble in relationship. 

Many in the society have troubles in relationship. Thus it always bringing the wrong relationship.

2. Don’t let your heart win over to your mind. There’s always a brain in the relationship. When you think that you are wrong, think about your relationship what it will go beyond over the years.

3. Don’t build relationship into twice or your relationship will go wrecked or busted it up. Sometimes I feel it that way too. Mostly of my friends have always encounter the same problems all the time. What matters most is your friendship between your friends and to your partner.


Since the Endlessly love is always been the talking about the relationship and friendship, it always encounter what your problems talk about. Sometimes of what you see always don’t count the way you can think. Think twice and talk about it. And come closer to your friend. Ask for the advises. Sometimes for the record, marriage is always be the winner between friendship and relationship.