Maybe I have had a girlfriend far from now. It wasn’t that good enough. My both parents didn’t like her. I might be leaving her soon also. What’s the big deal with not-a-good-relationship? In fact, this was first time I have had a girlfriend in my life. In fact, she was the only one who fell in love to me. And yes, I was still innocent and lack of experiences towards relationships.


I’ve had been watching numerous love stories in my life when I was still teenager. In fact, this relationship was not a healthy. I’ve been told in my relatives, my elementary friends, my high school teacher, my yaya (maid who used to taking care me when I was still a kid) and my so-called relationship status in my facebook.


There was no facebook in this universe when I came in the world. There was only a black disc moving music box that runs from the past. And of course, the introduction of the computer was drastically slowing improving from 1980’s. But in 1990’s, the whole wide world was still luring the way of a little improvements of the computer. But from this generation of nowadays, we have a computer addiction towards in facebook, twitter, youtube or anything that applies in the computer. I called it, “2000 computer era.”


When I was still in high school, I didn’t know how to use the computers until someone in the class taught me well how to operate the computer. In our home, my elder sister said that I don’t have to touch the computer unless she wanted to teach me. I was impatient that time when I was still a kid. In my innocence of my looks sometimes draw an attention towards my family. But the relationship have might ending so soon. Because my girlfriend was really in love to me. But I didn’t feel anything about her.


What’s the score? In fact, I lost everything. I lost my focus towards my career because of her. I lost my interests in my writings because of her. But what’s the meaning of this? Is this the end of my relationship of her?


Ho-hum, I am still not looking good for this relationship. I want to end this relationship so soon. Because in reality, when you don’t have money and no job, you’re endless creating a new family. Residing in a shanty homes with poor quality materials you are living, you are in the degraded world of full poor opportunities. But to tell you the truth, I wasn’t ready for creating my own family. I am still eyeing for my career, my hopeful dreams and my aspirations in my life.


When will I be falling in love again? The answers will reveal soon. Life sometimes exists with reality bites. In fact, you live in your world of happiness. But the truth behind, you are living without hopeful reasons why are living in a shanty homes.